Hashawha runners make their way across the rolling fields during the 2010 race.

Alan Gowen

2013 Report

February 23, 2013  •  Westminster, MD

108 starters, 93 finishers

Records Fall at Muddy Hashawha Hills 50 km

Winners and record breakers Michael Daigeaun and Kristin Bremer
Winners and record breakers Michael Daigeaun and Kristin Bremer.

Scheduling a trail ultra marathon for the last Saturday in February, year after year, is I guess, just asking for trouble. We’ve had the black ice of our inaugural year in 2008, the bitter cold ferocious winds of 2012, and of course the game stopper blizzards of 2010. And yet because ultra runners are a tough and resilient breed, the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run, has continued to gain popularity. Our little gem of a race has become so popular that in the interest of fairness to everyone, instituting an entry lottery became necessary. By doing so we brought a fair, transparent, and orderly process to dealing with the 182 applications for entry into our starting field of 120.

Hashawha Hills 2013 will be well remembered for several things, not the least of which was the icy roads which weren’t as bad as predicted, and the rain that never really happened. The muddy trails though, were another story. With a freezing mist falling, runners encountered icy trail conditions from the start, but as the day wore on, the mist stopped and many portions of the icy trails morphed into slick, sloppy, greasy, mud, bringing new challenges to the runners, many of whom seemed to quite literally, take the less than ideal conditions in stride.

Famous Aid Station volunteers
Famous Aid Station volunteers.

On a day of treacherous trail conditions, almost guaranteed for slow times, we were stunned when Michael Daigeaun, of Philadelphia, absolutely shattered the Hashawha Hills course record of 4:09 (set in 2011) by turning in a shocking 3:31:44. Running un-aided without even a water bottle, Michael led the race from the start and was never really challenged. Jonathan Baggett’s second place time of 3:41:45 also broke the old course record as did Jason Lantz’s time of 3:51:54. The women’s 2011 course record of 4:45 also fell when Kristin Bremer cruised to the finish in 4:35:13. Second female Jacqueline Palmer’s time of 4:43:05 was below the old course record as well.

On a day when the weather could have been a deal breaker, out stalwart volunteers once again turned out in force and saw to it that all the runners were pampered every slick and muddy step of the way. One hundred and one runners started the race and 93 completed the 50km challenge. As many have said over the years, the course is harder than it looks, and 31 miles of never ending hills totaling 4000 ft of elevation gain and loss, along with four stream crossings and more than enough mud, combine to present a worthy challenge for even the fastest runners.

All the runners seemed to enjoy the challenge of Hashawha, and were totally respectful of our venue. Runners also seemed to enjoy our famous hot chili as they lingered indoors after the race and everyone must have also liked the handmade finisher award mugs received upon crossing the finish line. We know this because we didn’t receive even one request for a crappy T shirt.

The 2013 running of the Hashawha Hills 50km Trail Run will probably be remembered by those who were there as “The Ice and Mud Year,” but everyone seemed to have a great time out there on those wonderful Hashawha Hills. The madness continues, and as per tradition, the 2014 entry will be lower than the previous year and once again we will look forward to seeing everyone on the last Saturday in February 2014.


Anstr Davidson’s photos on Flickr.

Video by Paula Carrigan


PlaceNameSexAgeCity1st LoopFinish
1Michael DaigeaunM33Philadelphia, PA1:45:453:31:44!
2Jonathan BaggettM32Falls Church, VA1:48:073:49:45
3Jason LantzM31Lancaster, PA1:50:333:51:54
4Daniel KaneM32Mechanicsburg, PA2:09:244:16:30
5Matt McDonaldM43Hagerstown, MD2:03:424:25:25
6Yosuke MuraseM40Bethesda, MD2:08:404:26:27
7Thomas HaineM46Towson, MD2:10:104:27:57
8Kristin BremerF41Timonium, MD2:16:524:35:13!
9Ryan FosterM32Bowie, MD2:11:244:36:14
10Quentin GlorieuxM29Canberra, Australia2:05:094:37:07
11Conrad FernandesM45Silver Spring, MD2:14:424:37:52
12Brenden LinggM29Braddock Heights, MD2:13:364:39:56
13Saul DuarteM52Abingdon, MD2:16:434:41:14
14Jacqueline PalmerF25Newark, DE2:18:504:43:05
15Chris GrayM36Woodbridge, VA2:17:334:49:48
16Henry PeckM55Lutherville, MD2:25:305:01:14
17Patrick BrownM45Towson, MD2:25:095:01:48
18Pat GilbertM49Baltimore, MD2:25:045:05:37
19Jack AndersonM30Lutherville, MD2:36:505:06:08
20Kenneth KellerM44Gloucester, VA2:16:595:06:26
21Joshua MeyersM39Sykesville, MD2:27:305:06:36
22Lori JohnsonF49Red Hill, PA2:34:285:09:03
23Thomas DeHaanM50Kingston, NY2:19:185:11:24
24Marcus JonesM52Summit, NJ2:36:555:17:08
25Bart ReinM47Forest Hill, MD2:37:055:20:16
26Ronald GreenM45Bel Air, MD2:28:585:20:39
27Maria BellumoriF27Newark, DE2:38:345:21:49
28Hai NguyenM30Laurel, MD2:34:365:23:37
29Conan MowbrayM39Sterling, VA2:30:015:27:27
30Jimm OuelletteM40Burke, VA2:37:015:27:48
31Rik KeenerM39Yoe, PA2:25:195:30:02
32Bernard PesjakM43Falls Church, VA2:38:415:30:50
33Alisa SpringmanF38Front Royal, VA2:34:295:31:04
34Joseph CristaldiM29Baltimore, MD2:28:565:32:46
35Elizabeth NickleF28Washington, DC2:28:585:37:11
36Peter BrandtM25Arlington, VA2:20:495:37:15
37Ron EshlemanM44Catonsville, MD2:37:065:37:35
38Jamie BowardM35Fayetteville, PA2:34:245:37:47
39Rick ThompsonM48Bel Air, MD2:34:345:38:44
40Dirk HelfrickM42Waynesboro, PA2:34:265:39:56
41Chris McIntoshM39Montclair, VA2:24:235:39:59
42Mike FrankM44Bel Air, MD2:38:595:46:05
43Paul HeadlandM44Frederick, MD2:41:205:48:40
44Courtney NesterF36Washington, DC2:43:585:48:44
45Jeff GuraM54Potomac, MD2:44:255:54:40
46Siobhan LeonardisF30Charles Town, WV2:50:095:55:42
47Christopher SayM19Odenton, MD2:52:455:57:04
48Gary KniplingM69Mason Neck, VA2:44:555:57:05
49Jose QuinchuelaM39Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD2:47:405:57:06
50Tim GavinM45Jarrettsville, MD2:47:065:58:32
51Peter McLaughlinM50Newark, DE2:50:376:00:45
52Eric McCartyM47Columbia, MD2:53:046:03:21
53John NelsonM62Ashburn, VA2:48:076:03:24
54Bob DombrowskiM51Bel Air, MD2:48:246:07:50
55Danny McDonnellM55Fallston, MD2:48:226:08:04
56Alan LagonM43Baltimore, MD3:01:366:09:49
57Gerald MeyerM50Baltimore, MD2:52:556:11:01
58Steve BoutilierM53Bel Air, MD2:46:206:18:09
59Kevin HeiseM33Richmond, VA2:49:026:18:22
60Amanda AnF25Ellicott City, MD2:57:426:21:44
61Paula CarriganF47Annapolis, MD2:57:586:21:45
62Seth McElroyM44Bel Air, MD2:56:076:25:17
63Brigitte SheehanF52Newark, DE3:06:186:26:42
64Sean LawlerM41Westminster, MD2:57:506:26:53
65Doug CamannM45Clarksboro, NJ2:51:126:29:03
66Dora Adon De ElmoreF38Sterling, VA3:02:586:39:27
67Michiel Van ZadelM37Sterling, VA3:03:016:39:27
68Shelly CableF43Ruckersville, VA3:12:546:41:18
69Diane BehmF36Woodbridge, VA3:12:586:41:26
70Mark KahlerM53Waqshington, DC3:14:096:41:42
71Jimmy HesslerM44Scaggsville, MD3:13:006:44:44
72Rhonda StricklettF38Westminster, MD3:26:536:50:12
73David WollM47Woodbridge, VA3:01:026:53:46
74Edward NilgesM45Frederick, MD3:06:586:55:21
75Eva BasehartF45Amherst, NY3:12:036:57:01
76Sima TamaddonF34Alexandria, VA3:09:497:00:13
77Carole WilliamsonF51Eldersburg, MD3:22:497:05:02
78Stacey KeenerF40Yoe, PA3:22:197:06:10
79Mark CableM41Ruckersville, VA3:09:557:08:30
80Judith WeberF53Ellicott City, MD3:27:287:17:52
81Bob GaylordM64Burke, VA3:26:507:18:53
82Kirstin CorrisF42Washington, DC3:26:557:18:54
83Cherry GrassiF40Sterling, VA3:26:587:18:54
84Katie KeierF42Alexandria, VA3:26:517:18:55
85Shawn FerryM36Leesburg, VA3:27:007:19:39
86Michael LudwigM41Falls Church, VA3:28:237:22:41
87Charlie MiracleM59McLean, VA3:26:187:28:17
88Francesco SmithM58Scaggsville, MD3:20:497:28:22
89Thomas GreenM62Columbia, MD3:31:507:28:22
90Gerard PrilutskiM56Kennett Square, PA3:40:227:51:58
91Michelle PriceF46Bethesda, MD3:44:017:56:44
92Megan CarrollF49Bethesda, MD3:44:037:56:45
93Alan ZwartM42Washington, DC3:59:588:19:27

! = Course record

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