Quatro Hubbard

Women’s Half Marathon

The VHTRC’s 23rd annual Women’s Half Marathon was held on a beautiful, sunny morning on Saturday September 19th. Congratulations to Robin Watkins for taking the win with a time of 1:43:21. Complete results, with the official race report and lots and lots of event photographs can be found on the Results Page.

Congratulations also must go out to race director Tracy Dahl for once again putting on a top-notch event. The WHM just keeps improving year after year under her care and feeding. In fact, as a guy, it’s becoming a little hard to take that she ONLY puts on a half marathon for women, and hasn’t taken pity on the poor, underserved guys in the club by hosting a similar event for the VHTRC’s dude class. C’mon, Tracy - think of all the fun you could have putting on the Mens Half Marathon! One obvious tweak: instead of handing out stuffed animals mid-race for the women to run to the finish with for valuable bonus prizes, you can have your friendly volunteers hand out sharp scissors or machetes for the guys to to carry for those last few hilly and occasionally technical miles on the Bull Run Trail. What could possibly go wrong? Then change the finish line fare from the WHM’s fruit and smoothies to the MHM’s IPA kegs and roasted beast. One thing that should remain the same: the Team Gaylord aid station late in the race, which can continue passing out their special beverages to the runners. Though you may need to send designated drivers out to Wolf Run Shoals with some busses to bring some of the runners back to the finish.

While Tracy mulls this idea over, all of us can be reassured that in mid-September 2016, the Women’s Half Marathon will be back with its 24th edition. Ladies, be sure to save space on your racing calendar to come play on these great trails with the VHTRC then!