Alan Gowen

Time to Volunteer

Now is the time! You can be a part of the VHTRC magic that makes our events famous for unsurpassed quality and seamless execution.

April 11 will be here before you know it, and The Bull Run Run 50 Mile still has many volunteer positions to fill. Be a part of this historic run that reflects the very essence of what we are all about. The VHTRC was created to put this run on, and it is the club members who continue to make this our premier event. Go to the Volunteer Page and get in on the fun. This is where everyone will be.

May 16 isn’t too far away, but you can still have your pick of the many and varied volunteer opportunities at the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run. This is when the club members come together to help each other find success on that pile of rocks we lovingly call Massanutten Mountain. Now is the time to step up and be a part of this historic run, one of the oldest 100 milers in the east. Go to the Volunteer Page and commit to be a part of that Massanutten Mountain Magic.

The little party called MMT that the VHTRC throws every May covers many miles of rugged trails, and so every year the club holds a Trail Work Party, when we try try to cover many trail miles in the Massanuttens, including the MMT course, clipping vegetation, clearing blow downs, fixing erosion, and maybe even tossing a couple of rocks off of Kern’s Mountain. This is how we do our part to be sure the trails are in good shape, not only for MMT, but for all our other trail brethren. This year the Trail work Party is on May 2. Go here to sign up and get more information for what is always a fun and rewarding day in those mountains we hold so dear.

In a time when more and more races require entrants perform some sort of volunteer service as a prerequisite for entry, the VHTRC does not. We don’t require applicants to our runs to do anything but sign up. We also don’t require anything from our members. Membership should be all about being part of our special club, and the reward of shared experiences.

Happy Trails!