Club Information

Membership Renewal - Important

Many memberships will expire in the next month. If yours is expiring, and you want to continue as a member of the club, be sure to renew. To renew, go to My account and click on the Memberships tab. Information on how to renew

The process to renew your membership has had some hiccups lately, but we think it is working now. If you have a problem, please contact Anstr. We want to help you, and we want to know if there is a problem.

There are two issues you may run across that are important:

But I paid! - Multiple Memberships: You are just one person and one “member,” but the system is designed to sell “memberships” and you can end up with two memberships. The system was not properly configured recently and some people bought new memberships rather than extending old ones. We think we fixed that, but we can’t delete the extra memberships before they expire.

If you have two memberships, you are fine as long as one has been extended. How do you check? Go to the Memberships tab on the My account page. Look at the expiration dates of your memberships. If one is in 2015 or 2016, you are fine. Unfortunately, the system will still send you warnings about the other membership that is expiring and will let you know when it is canceled. You can ignore all of that assuming your other membership is good.

Volunteers: The coupon code for volunteers is now working. If you believe that you are eligible for free renewal because you were a volunteer, please do two things:

  1. Be sure you qualify. The rules for renewal by volunteers are here.

  2. Go through the regular membership process. When you get to the screen with the coupon code box it, enter “VOLUNTEER”. When you hit “Apply,” your dues should drop to zero. You can then complete the process free. (This is all contingent on you extending a one year membership. Free renewal does not apply to two year memberships.)

If the coupon code does not work when you hit Apply, don’t go further. Contact Anstr. If you complete the process and pay, we are not giving refunds. Also, note that if your membership has expired or you have already renewed, you are not eligible for free renewal.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Anstr if you have any question about or problem with the renewal process.