Quatro Hubbard

Massanutten Training Academy Run #1 Postponed

Run director Larry Huffman has made the tough call of postponing the Massanuten Training Academy Run #1 due to the very uncertain weather forecast for Saturday January 19th. The possiblity of some combination of a lot of snow, sleet and freezing rain occuring over the course of the day while the runners and volunteers would be out on the western ridge of the Massanuttens finally led to a decision to put the run off for a week. Hopefully the Weather Gods will be more cooperative on Saturday January 26, when the training academy runners will take another shot at running that opening 50k stretch of the MMT 100 mile course. So everyone cross your fingers, rub your lucky amulets, and do your No Snow, No Ice Dance ahead of the run on the 26th.

There may be some slots that will open up in the entrants list, due to this rescheduling of the run. Check the website to see if the entrants list dips below 60 and the entry link becomes live. Everyone on the original entrants list have been carried over to the 26th and have that “right of first refusal” for this new event date.