Anstr Davidson

Five Share Bowl Contest Win

John Guendelsberger, Bunny Runyan, Jack Evans, Frank Probst, and Kathleen Cusick shared the victory in the VHTRC College Bowl Contest. Each picked 25 of the 39 games correctly. Larry Ryan and Jeff Wilbur were one back with 24 correct. These seven people beat all the “professional” pickers we added for interest. Most contestants beat anyone who made all the picks based upon the Las Vegas point spreads.

Frank Probst had an amazing run at the beginning of the contest. At one point he had something like 17 correct picks with only one wrong. But he sagged and allowed others to catch up.

We don’t have many ladies in the contest, but two of them — Bunny Runyan and Kathleen Cusick— were among the winners. They repeated their winning tie in week eight.

In the tradition of this contest, the winners don’t get squat, but they have our respect.

Our congratulations to the Buckeyes and to the only team to have beaten them this year, the Hokies!

Thanks to all who played. As many are saying now, “Wait till next year!” Maybe the Michigan/Ohio State game will be better.

College Bowl Contest Results