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Debbie Morrin-Nordlund 1962-2014

Debbie Morrin-Nordlund has always been the captain of MMT’s aid station two, Shawl Gap on the original course, Edinburg Gap now. Ed Demoney is pretty sure she was at the first MMT. She has definitely been there to help ever since. At first, it was just Debbie. But then she got married and Eric came along.

Debbie at her aid station at the 2007 MMT
Debbie at her aid station at the 2007 MMT.

Sadly we have learned that Debbie died on April 28. We send our deepest condolances to Eric, her family, and her many friends.

Debbie and Eric always arrived at MMT early on Friday to set up for the weekend. They were pros at their aid station. They assisted elsewhere too. Debbie would often get up with the runners on race morning to assist at check in and watch the start.

Debbie and Eric were always happy. After their weekend’s work at MMT, they would make a point of catching a beer fest on the way home. They were regulars at the VHTRC summer/volunteer parties.

Most MMT runners probably didn’t know Debbie well. But they were in her debt. We all were. We will miss her smile at MMT this year.

Debbie was very active in the Maryland master swimming scene. She was not a runner. But we felt she was one of ours. She was always there. And now she is not.

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University of Maryland, Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences Program memorial for Debbie

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