Anstr Davidson

Angeles Crest 100 Cancelled Due to Fire

The Angeles Crest 100 miler that is held in Southern California each September, has been cancelled for 2009 due to the fires in the mountains.

In my opinion, AC is one of the best 100 mile trail runs. Not for silly reasons like the management or “swag.” It’s the course that matters. It’s beautiful, hard, and runnable.

Just as the bluebells come out each spring in Virginia, the fires come out in Southern California. It is quite amazing that they have been able to have Angeles Crest as often as they have. It has only been cancelled one or two times before.

My grandparents and my father used to ride horses from Chatsworth to Wrightwood. Then I was able to retrace about half that route on foot at AC. If I were ever to try another 100 miler, it would be AC. Angeles Crest Web Site