Quatro Hubbard

The Alabama of the VHTRC… actually, The Clemson of the VHTRC!!

Congratulations to Paul Blackman for winning the 2018-2019 VHTRC college football bowl game picking contest! And like Alabama, Paul has become the contest’s dominant power. This is Paul’s second bowl season win in a row, as in the 2017-2018 bowl season, he split the title with John Fitz. Paul makes the bulk of the selections of the 20 games included in each week’s contest during the regular season. Well done, Paul!

As usual, it is interesting to note how poorly some of the “guest experts” did with their picks. These are folks who are paid by sports networks or sites to analyze college football. So you would think that they would do better in their predictions — perhaps similar to how we expect weather forecasters to know what they are talking about …

2018-2019 Bowl Contest Page

Post-championshlp update: Clearly this author jumped the gun by comparing Paul’s dominance in the bowl contest to the Alabama Crimson Tide. My apologies to Paul! And congratulations to Clemson for their dominance over said Crimson Tide in the 2018 season’s championship game, 44-16. Clemson has now won the national championship two out of the last three years, creating a tasty Alabama sandwich in the process.

And congratulations to the VHTRC contest participants. Anstr created the “VHTRC Consensus” as a contestant, and of the “special contestants” it was the VHTRC that performed the best. Better than any of the “expert” contestants, much better than the Las Vegas Favorites, and much better than the very last place performer, the Sports Illustrated expert picker, who got exactly 17 out of the 40 games right. And these were straight up picks - in other words, it wasn’t even necessary to figure out any point spreads.

See you all after Labor Day for another season of the VHTRC Football Contest, and then a bowl contest that, hopefully, will not end in yet another take of the Alabama-Clemson show… anyone else, please, but ‘Bama and Clemson.