Panoramic view from Duncan Knob during the 2021 Waterfall 50K. The entire course is visible, including the antennas on Bird Knob off in the distance to the left.

Keith Knipling

2018 Report

January 14, 2018  •  Luray, VA

59 starters, 34 finishers

It was a cold day on the trails for the 3rd Annual Waterfall 50km, held on Sunday January 14, 2018. This was the second day of the VHTRC’s traditional Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Weekend mountain training double. Temps on this MLK Sunday stayed in the teens (around 14 at the start, 10 at Waterfall #1). The good news for the runners was that it was sunny, and there was not much wind. The course was dry and in good condition, making for a great winter’s day on the trails.

The overall winners of this year’s WTF50k were Lance Dockery and Kelly MacDonald. Both were also the King and the Queen of Waterfall, as they were first male and female to the “finish” of the Waterfall 5k - the initial stretch of the run that tops out at the crossing of the Massanutten Trail over the Crisman Hollow Road. Lance’s 5k time was a new record for the King; Dave Frazier was hot on his heels at this point in the run (just three seconds back). Lance then went on to set a new record for the WTF 50k; his 5:04 took a solid half hour off of Danny Mowers’ record from 2017.

Kelly MacDonald successfully and seemingly effortlessly defended her Queen of Waterfall and her WTF 50k crowns from 2017, and in the process she broke her records in both cases. She took 23 minutes off of her winning time from 2017, becoming the first WTF woman to come in under 7 hours.


PlaceNameAgeSexHomeCrisman 5kGap - 9 milesVC- 19.7 milesFinishDistance
1Lance Dockery26MMD0:30:261:273:085:0450k
2David Frazier30MVA0:30:291:293:175:2550k
3James Fogg39MMD0:34:081:393:315:4150k
4Kyle Lawrence33MVA0:32:541:363:526:1450k
5Chris Pabian41MPA0:40:221:584:166:3950k
6Justin Faul37MVA0:40:202:054:216:4450k
7Jeffrey Garstecki48MMD0:42:302:004:166:4550k
8Kelly MacDonald28FVA0:41:052:004:216:4850k
8Erik Price34MVA0:43:212:064:236:4850k
10Ryan Quinnelly35MVA0:39:141:524:036:5150k
11Eric Harris45MMD0:39:471:564:297:1750k
12Andy Jones-Wilkins50MVA0:42:452:134:447:3350k
13Emily Clay28FMD0:44:592:164:537:4650k
13Gavin Watson56MMD0:44:182:044:427:4650k
15Andy Peterson61MVA0:47:502:255:098:0050k
16Jim Daniels44MVA0:50:002:255:158:0350k
17Emily Warner34FVA0:44:022:225:098:0950k
18Doug Massengale42MMD0:43:302:054:498:1150k
19Travis Bertram44MVA0:48:102:215:198:2250k
20Tom Simonds63MVAX2:245:228:2450k
21Lisa Bandiera-Woetzel49FVA0:51:002:455:358:3750k
21Marty Fox67MVA0:52:002:325:318:3750k
21Robert Tidwell47MVA0:51:002:395:338:3750k
21Jim Treece48MMD0:51:002:455:358:3750k
25Jamey Brumsey33MVA0:50:002:265:228:3850k
26Art Perraud59MMD0:57:002:395:328:4750k
27Sarah Capostagno26FMD0:50:002:425:338:5350k
28Ed Walsh68MVA0:52:002:245:359:0450k
29Jen Jacobs41FDC0:56:002:375:379:1250k
30Bruce Tweedie56MVA0:54:002:485:529:2250k
31Sam Coyner51MVA0:50:002:325:539:3850k
32Adeline Ntam38FMD0:58:002:536:219:5750k
32Larry Huffman57MVA0:58:002:536:219:5750k
34Joyce Fendley51FVA0:56:002:436:1410:0550k
Party Routes         
NopeAlisa Springman43FVA0:50:00X3:516:39Roadie
NopeMario Raymond45MMD0:39:301:524:034:4022 miles
NopeDave Herring46MVA0:41:282:044:475:1622 miles
NopePeter Diak39MMD0:42:192:064:475:1622 miles
NopeJustin Hersh42MMD0:42:192:064:475:1622 miles
NopeJesse Parker38MVA0:51:002:365:336:0822 miles
NopeStephen Cooper63MMD0:53:002:265:446:2922 miles
NopeBill Wandel73MMD1:05:003:186:287:1922 miles
NopeMandy Pierce43FPA0:58:003:106:557:4022 miles
NopeJacqueline Ong56FVA0:58:003:106:557:4022 miles
NopeGary Bowman51MPA0:58:003:106:557:4022 miles
NopeJon Jester58MVA0:59:003:106:557:4022 miles
NopeBob Gaylord69MVA0:58:003:106:557:4022 miles
NopeDawn Gray43FVA1:05:003:156:557:4022 miles
NopeTammie Garstecki46FMD0:51:002:478:068:5722 miles
NopeNick Yeates37MMD0:52:002:478:068:5722 miles
NopeMichael Gildea53MVA0:50:002:488:068:5722 miles
NopeSarah Curtis36FVA0:59:002:576:39X19.7 miles
NopeK Mike Edwards55MMD0:59:003:247:27X19.7 miles
NopeCaroline Williams55FVA0:58:003:10X6:131 Waterfall
NopeJayme Dubinsky34FVA1:05:003:16X6:331 Waterfall
NopeFrancesco Smith63MMD1:20:003:39XX1 Waterfall
NopeLisa Johnston52FMD0:51:002:47XX9 miles
NopeGary Knipling74MVA0:56:002:48XX9 miles
NopeShannon Ford38FTX0:59:003:24XX9 miles

approximately 22 mile finish = ran course to VC Aid, then took direct route back to the finish line
19.7 mile finish = ran course to VC Aid, then caught a ride back to the finish
1 Waterfall finish = ran course to the base of Waterfall #2, then ran back to the finish on original white trail
9 mile finish = ran to Gap Creek Aid, then caught a ride back to the finish
Roadie = ran up Waterfall, Crisman Hollow Road to Fort Valley, then back to VC Aid before continuing on course to finish

Last updated January 20, 2020