Dancing on the rocks during the 2016 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2022 Report

September 3, 2022  •  Fort Valley, VA

45 starters, 15 finishers

The Ring, 2022: Orange Rhymes With Carnage

We once again held The Ring, with run playing out over the traditional Labor Day weekend in 2022 (September 2-3). Congratulations to the overall winner, Tristan Baxendale; and also to the first women (who tied), Michelle Rindos and Sue Heineman! Among the 15 official finishers of this year’s Ring were 9 new inductees into the Fellowship, so a special pat on the back to all 9 of them. And an official reminder here of what Bur would have told you in the Signal Knob parking lot on Sunday morning: we have you penciled in for the Reverse Ring, so add it to your calendar for that last weekend in February!

For the volunteers, it didn’t feel all that bad on run Saturday. No hint of rain. Comfortable temps, at times even cool, with a mix of some sun and clouds; the car thermometer seemed to live somewhere in the mid-70s all day and then down into the 60s as night rolled in. Yes, it was a good late summer day for a volunteer to spend some quality time in the mountains.

For the runners, it was very much a different story. 45 had toed that start line, and 15 were able to return to the finish on course and under their own power. Hence the report title. The word “carnage” emerged as the theme for what was happening late in the day on Saturday, and truly seized hold overnight, as car after car rolled into the Signal Knob parking lot to disgorge yet more runners who had pulled at the southern end of the Fort Valley.

There have been some rough years for runners of The Ring. 2009: we had 30 starters and 15 finishers; 2010: 38 starters yielded only 18 finishers (though four were DQ’d that year due to running off course); 2013: only 20 finishers among the 44 starters; 2014: half of the 50 starters completed the run. The worst was 2011: when only 12 of the 32 starters officially logged finishes. That is, 2011 was the worst until the Carnage Year of 2022.

Huge thanks to all the participants for coming out this weekend. It was a challenging weekend on those trails for the runners, so those who managed to finish the distance really overcame a lot on a hot and humid run day (and night). Our volunteers were once again stellar! A special note of appreciation to the crew who came out and so willingly and helpfully pitched in when the occasion called for it.



Aid station distances:
Camp Roosevelt: 24.9 miles
Crisman Hollow Rd: 34.4 miles
Moreland Gap: 40.7 miles
Edinburg Gap: 48.7 miles
Woodstock Tower: 56.9 miles
Powell’s Fort Camp: 62.4 miles

PlaceNameAgeSexStateCamp RoosCrismanMorelandEdinburgWoodstockPowellsFinishFellowship
1Tristan Baxendale32MNY5:257:509:3011:4113:5315:4318:172022!
2Rande Brown52MPA5:588:4210:3013:0115:3117:1519:352011
3Thomas Diehl25MMD5:398:2210:1512:5415:3617:2820:242022!
4Joe Schramka53MDC6:048:5611:0013:3216:1318:1421:082013
5Luc Claessens57MDE6:079:0711:1213:4716:3718:3121:202019
6Matt Burke34MMDxxx8:4211:1014:3517:3519:4522:292022!
7Jim Harris58MOH6:5110:1712:1514:5817:5119:5422:362007
8Eric Harris49MDC7:0710:4012:5815:4118:4720:4523:552016
9Chad Cato49MNC7:1810:4812:5815:5218:5521:0324:062022!
10Ali Mohammed44MMD7:0410:1512:3515:4118:3820:4524:072022!
11Sue Heineman56FDC7:2010:4213:0816:3220:0522:3025:522021
11Michelle Rindos47FVA7:3210:4413:1517:0320:4222:4225:522022!
13Alan Johnson58MNJ7:5211:1413:4016:5820:3422:5026:302022!
14Nick Schuster44MGA7:3711:3014:1017:4621:4423:5027:002022!
15Huanyuan Sheng46MVA8:0511:4214:2017:5621:4824:0427:322022!
**Alexander Schnoeller46MVA6:149:1511:2414:0116:3018:1121:03Next Year!
NopeBill Pelton44MDC6:329:3811:4615:0118:3821:30DNFNext Year!
NopeFitz Brown27MVA7:3711:2914:1017:5621:44xxxDNFNext year!
NopeVeronica Rudolphi41FVA6:269:0610:5713:42xxxxxxDNFNext year!
NopeKathleen Cusick47FFL6:068:5711:0513:55xxxxxxDNF2013
NopeMarty Fox71MVA7:0410:2813:0016:58xxxxxxDNF2016
NopeJill Diss55FMD7:3210:4313:1517:05xxxxxxDNF2010
NopeTony Taylor52MVA7:1110:4013:2017:05xxxxxxDNF2021
NopeIvory Lira35FVA7:5611:3014:1518:39xxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeChristopher Flint39MVA6:148:5610:15xxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeErin Altemos48MMD7:1310:1512:50xxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeKari Brown48FPA7:3911:0113:45xxxxxxxxxDNF2011
NopeGaynor Bourgeois53FMD7:3911:0113:45xxxxxxxxxDNF2014
NopeJeffery Wolfe58MPA7:2811:0613:45xxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeJohn Calabrese42MVA7:2811:2414:35xxxxxxxxxDNF2021
NopeBenjamin Nalette31MVA7:0511:0915:00xxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeTrevor Baien40MDC4:587:31xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year?!
NopeJustin Faul42MVA6:179:12xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF2009
NopeSamantha Neakrase44FVA7:5011:53xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF2017
NopeEd Leno55MVA8:02DropxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeAndrew Arbuckle47MDC7:53211 ExxxxxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeRobert Woodall44MNC7:29xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeStewart Jollymore38MVA7:48xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeKim Herring41FVA7:56xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeHelen MacDermott43FVA7:56xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFNext Year!
NopeCarolyn Wilson62FVA7:57xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF2010
NopeTravis Bertram49MVA8:36xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF2019
NopeRob Tidwell52MVA9:14xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF2017
NopeCharlene Howard50FMD9:27xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF2018
NopeJohn Hord54MMD9:27xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF2021

** - Alex finished the distance, but missed the last 1.5 miles of the orange trail, coming down the final part of Signal Knob on a social trail and then by the Fort Valley Road to the finish.

Ed Leno came in after the unofficial cut-off at Crisman Hollow Road A.S., and his arrival time was not noted.

Andrew Arbuckle missed the turn up Waterfall on his final approach to Crisman Hollow Road; as he was not going to continue beyond that point, he self-extracted along an access trail to the Route 211 East commuter park-and-ride lot, and he called for a ride from there.

Last updated September 6, 2022