Dancing on the rocks during the 2016 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2016 Report

September 3, 2016  •  Fort Valley, VA

53 starters, 31 finishers

Preliminary results for the 2016 running of The Ring. Congratulations to all the participants for taking on this challenging event. 31 of 53 starters finished the run, and 24 of them are new members of the Fellowship of The Ring! First overall finisher was Kathleen Cusick, who pulled away late from Grace Fisher to win with a time of 17:22. Third female was Gaynor Bourgeois, who ran a strong run while finishing 10th overall. First male finisher was Jake Rankinen, followed by a late-closing Jeff Garstecki. Jeff overtook 5th place finisher and 3rd male Andrew Thomas late in the run. 18 of the finishers completed The Ring in under 24 hours.


1Kathleen CusickF41VA17:22
2Grace FisherF35MD17:50
3Jake RankinenM31VA18:27
4Jeffrey GarsteckiM47MD18:40
5Andrew ThomasM33VA18:52
6Eric HarrisM43MD19:12
6Levi MasonM35VA19:12
8Patrick VaughanM39VA19:21
9Danny RogersM40MD20:26
10Gaynor BourgeoisF47DC20:31
11Rick BennettM36VA20:38
12Larry Watson IIM50MD20:56
13Michal KaweckiM37PA22:58
14Lara ZoellerF32VA23:43
14Casey FisherM33MD23:43
16Adeline NtamF36MD23:47
16Philip YeagerM36VA23:47
18David WollM51VA23:56
19Alvin LeeM41MD24:03
20John FitzM42MD24:06
21Rob KolbM48VA24:25
22Dan AghdamM48VA24:32
23Carolyn WilsonF56VA24:40
23Larry HuffmanM55VA24:40
23Ed RangelM39MD24:40
26Marty FoxM65VA24:41
27Guy TowlerM47MD26:09
28Don RileyM53MD26:13
29Ed WalshM67VA26:16
30Jayme DubinskyF33VA26:30
31Chris MillerM37MD27:48
DNFMax AlvaradoM32VADNF
DNFShelly CableF46PADNF
DNFErnesto CasarezM60MDDNF
DNFStephen CooperM62MDDNF
DNFPaul EncarnacionM55MDDNF
DNFJoyce FendleyF50VADNF
DNFJeff FiolekM49WVDNF
DNFJulius GarciaM56VADNF
DNFJamie GreenawaltF48PADNF
DNFLisa JohnstonF51MDDNF
DNFHelen MacDermottF37VADNF
DNFChris PabianM40PADNF
DNFJustin PeakeM36MDDNF
DNFDavid RobertsonM64VADNF
DNFBryan SlotterbachM42PADNF
DNFSarah StarlingF46TNDNF
DNFRob TidwellM46VADNF
DNFDaisy WeillF28DCDNF

Last updated December 16, 2019