Dancing on the rocks during the 2016 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2015 Report

September 5, 2015  •  Fort Valley, VA

48 starters, 27 finishers

The 2015 running of The Ring saw generally good weather conditions for the 48 runners who toed the line, with high temps in the 70s and a low of around 60. Early in the run, high humidity caused issues for virtually all of the runners, while yellow jackets on the eastern ridge caused issues for the women in the run. For some reason, the yellow jackets were only stinging the women this year.

Ring veterans Danny Mowers and Brad Hinton dueled throughout this year’s run. Danny ultimately prevailed for his third Ring win in three tries, and just missed tying Keith Knipling’s 2008 course record by about one minute. Brad finished in second for the third year in a row, once again improving on his time from the previous year. Joey Cohen settled into third place early in the run, and ran comfortably all day and into the night to hold his podium spot in his first running of not only The Ring, but of any run of this length.

The women’s run would have been more compelling but for the knowledge that early leader Kathleen Cusick was planning to cut her Ring run short to save her legs for a 100 miler next weekend. Angela Russell was the first woman to finish, and also finished fifth overall, in her first attempt at The Ring. Gaynor Bourgeois ran a very strong run and improved on her previous finishing time at The Ring to take second among the women. Stephanie Dempsey, also new to the Fellowship, completed the podium with her finish in just over 24 hours.

27 of 48 starters finished the run this year. This is a high percentage for The Ring, and we were glad to see so many persevere this year. Of particular note was the very high number of first time finishers. Of the 27 who completed the full 71 miles, 21 were adding their names to the Fellowship of The Ring — this included the final 16 finishers. All of these new Fellowship members are now eligible to run the Reverse Ring in February 2016. There are now 157 members of the Fellowship, so entry into the winter gem that is the Reverse Ring may soon also require a lottery!

This run is so blessed to have the incredible cadre of volunteers from the VHTRC that come out to support their fellow trail runners each year. From the hiked-in supplies at the first checkpoint at Milford Gap to the extraordinary breakfast at the Signal Knob Cafe at the finish line, and then at every aid station along the way, the volunteers went above and beyond the call to allow the runners to complete this challenging run. Thank you, volunteers, for being so generous with your time over the Labor Day weekend. And thanks to all the runners who came out to take on The Ring this year. It was another great day and night to run around the Fort Valley, and lets all do it again next Labor Day weekend!


PlaceNameAgeSexStateMilford GapCamp RoseyCrismanMorelandEdinburgWoodstockPowells FortFinishNew?
1Danny Mowers37MPA2:284:406:468:0910:0211:5112:5914:47 
2Brad Hinton39MVA2:284:406:468:1610:0912:0513:2015:28 
3Joey Cohen32MDC2:485:077:208:5010:5512:4914:0216:20Yes
4Justin Faul35MNC2:495:287:579:4612:0114:2115:5018:19 
5Angela Russell39FMD2:545:508:2010:1412:3915:0616:3219:07Yes
6Erik Price32MVA3:105:558:2810:1812:4215:4417:2419:33Yes
7Andrew Simpson45MVA3:105:558:2410:1512:3915:0616:5219:36Yes
8Gavin Watson54MMD3:126:098:5610:5413:1015:3417:0719:37 
8Joe Schramka46MTX3:126:098:5610:5413:1015:3417:0719:37 
10Chris Pabian39MPA3:136:279:0811:1714:0216:5118:5522:22Yes
11Gaynor Bourgeois46FDC3:266:359:2611:3614:2917:2319:1022:34 
11Aaron Ellison39MMD3:236:209:1911:3614:3617:2219:1722:34Yes
13Eric McGlinchey41MVA3:377:0010:1712:4415:4318:3120:1423:10Yes
14Scott Lee44MVA3:266:389:5112:3115:4018:3720:2723:12Yes
15Daniel Winkle33MOH3:236:229:2611:3614:3617:5419:5923:19Yes
16Bruce Tweedie53MVA3:366:369:2611:3614:3017:3119:4023:36Yes
17Greg Trapp52MOH3:377:009:5912:1815:3518:3720:4324:09Yes
18Stephanie Dempsey38FVA3:236:369:4912:0415:1018:3220:5924:12Yes
19Betsy Nickle31FDC3:377:0010:2113:0216:0319:0421:1224:40Yes
20Carol Cohen38FVA3:377:0210:2612:4716:0320:1622:3925:53Yes
20Todd Lewis40MPA3:377:0910:4213:2116:4420:1622:3925:53Yes
20Gilbert Gray53MMD4:017:3010:5013:2516:4420:1622:3925:53Yes
23Katie Keier45FVA4:148:0511:3814:0817:5121:2923:3827:04Yes
23Jen Page43FVA4:148:0511:3814:0817:5121:2923:3727:04Yes
23Bob Gaylord67MVA4:148:0511:3814:0817:5121:2523:3727:04Yes
26Andrew Thomas IV32MVA3:547:0211:0913:5017:5121:2924:0227:26Yes
27Sarah Curtis34FVA3:447:2511:1613:5417:5121:4924:1228:02Yes
NopeKathleen Cusick40FVA2:545:277:589:3911:5014:14xxxDNF 
NopeJoyce Fendley49FVA3:557:0810:1312:2915:5519:24xxxDNF 
NopeAlice Loughran48FDC3:527:5911:1113:4217:1422:00xxxDNF 
NopeMarvin Leventer51MMD3:316:5110:5313:4417:1422:00xxxDNF 
NopeWilliam Weidman32MVA2:415:448:169:5612:13xxxxxxDNF 
NopeMatt Banning36MVA2:495:438:2110:2912:59xxxxxxDNF 
NopeTodd Ellick32MVA3:236:199:5912:2115:35xxxxxxDNF 
NopeThomas McNulty38MDC3:366:369:5613:0116:02xxxxxxDNF 
NopeJim Harris51MOH3:266:479:4912:0817:14xxxxxxDNF 
NopeIrawan Balcet39MVA3:377:0910:4213:25xxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeTammie Wonning43FMD4:218:2911:5414:54xxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeJeffrey Garstecki46MMD4:218:2911:5414:54xxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeTom Hendell39MVA3:547:5311:3814:59xxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeMarshall Porterfield47MMD4:408:4112:48TOxxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeFred Fialco41MMD3:387:0910:48xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeGary Maier62MNY3:447:3011:16xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeKim Love-Ottobre49FOH4:128:2112:12xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeChris McIntosh42MVA2:295:53xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeMichael Hannon51MMD3:377:23xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeJayme Dubinsky32FVA4:148:04xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF 
NopeJon Jester56MVA4:149:14xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF 

New members of The Fellowship of The Ring are noted with “Yes” in the New? column.
TO indicates Timed Out (arrival time not noted).

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