Dancing on the rocks during the 2016 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2014 Report

August 30, 2014  •  Fort Valley, VA

50 starters, 25 finishers


The Ring was held over its traditional Labor Day weekend time period, starting on Saturday August 30, 2014, and ending for all but the top two runners on Sunday August 31. While occasional rumbles of thunder could be heard at times along portions of the course, this year’s run remained dry. In fact, word from the runners was that the course itself was drier than normal. A lack of truly significant “Ring Rash” on the legs of most runners also indicated that the course was more benign than usual, with fewer stands of sawbriers than has come to be expected.

The biggest story at the run this year was Robin Watkins. Robin was the first female finisher, and fourth overall. In the process, she broke the women’s run record by 40 minutes, finishing in 18:31. Sue Johnston had held the record for 10 years, having run a 19:11 while finishing in a tie for first overall in 2004.

Chris McIntosh was the overall winner of The Ring. Chris completed the 71 mile circuit of the Massanutten Trail in a time of 16 hours and 10 minutes. Brad Hinton took second in 16:41. Chris took the lead from Brad near the halfway point in the run, without being aware of it. Brad got off course for a period of what he estimated to be about a half hour. Chris only learned that he was in the lead two aid stations later. Brad closed to within a handful of minutes of Chris late in the run, only to see Chris pull away over the last section from Powellls Fort Camp over Signal Knob to the finish.

The record starting field of 50 runners yielded a record number of finishers this year. Of the 25 who completed The Ring, 14 are new members of The Fellowship. As a result, there are now 135 runners who are eligible to enter the Reverse Ring in 2015. Mike Bur and I are likely to cap the field at a number on the other side of 100, however.


Mike Bur’s | Quatro Hubbard’s


Results from the 12th running of The Ring, held over the Labor Day weekend. A record 50 starters filtered down to a record 25 finishers. 14 new members were welcomed into the Fellowship of The Ring, and there are now 135 runners eligible to run the Reverse Ring.

PlaceNameStateAgeSexMilford GapCamp RoseyCrismanMorelandEdinburgWoodstockPowells FortFinish
1Chris McIntoshVA41Male2:234:397:088:5810:5313:0114:1716:10
2Brad HintonVA38Male2:274:447:269:0211:0813:0614:2416:41
3Evan FisherVA33Male2:445:097:339:1811:2913:3515:1217:52
4Robin WatkinsDC31Female2:395:098:0110:0312:1614:4316:2018:31
5Danny MowersPA36Male2:345:187:569:5212:1614:4616:2818:55
6Gavin WatsonMD53Male3:046:018:4910:5813:5816:2818:1920:55
7Joe SchramkaDC45Male3:146:159:2111:3814:2617:1719:0821:40
8Mike SutherlandVA38Male3:126:189:3311:5314:3317:2719:2322:22
9Jim HarrisOH49Male3:046:079:1611:3914:2617:1719:0822:43
10Heath HarrisOH23Male3:046:189:1611:3914:2617:1819:0822:43
11Dave HerringVA43Male3:096:149:1211:4515:1218:2420:3223:47
12Ed RangelMD37Male3:497:1910:2512:3915:5118:4920:5724:02
13Charlie JoyceMD44Male3:346:469:5812:1215:3918:5020:5724:02
14Irawan BalcetVA38Male3:326:449:5212:1115:2519:2221:4725:11
15Ernesto CasarezMD58Male3:336:439:5212:1115:2519:2221:4725:11
16Jeff BestVA52Male3:326:4810:2212:4515:5619:4022:1025:42
17Steve BoutilierMD55Male3:477:2011:0613:2216:4320:0922:3925:51
18Gaynor BourgeoisDC45Female3:447:0010:1612:5016:1420:2322:5026:16
19Carolyn WilsonVA54Female3:346:5810:2413:0516:4320:2522:5026:16
20Tom HendellVA38Male3:457:0610:3913:2517:0321:0823:2626:18
21Kim Love-OttobreOH48Female3:457:1911:0613:4317:1821:0323:4927:35
22Shelly CablePA44Female3:337:1510:5513:3417:1821:0323:5027:35
23Leonard MartinTN61Male4:068:1011:3814:1317:5021:5324:1727:42
24Rachel DuBoisNC47Female4:027:5111:3414:1217:5321:4224:1827:51
25Katie RaezerPA45Female3:437:1510:5513:2617:2221:4124:5328:03
DNFPaul CrickardMD60Male3:246:3910:1412:4016:1419:49xxxDNF
DNFHelen MacDermottVA35Female3:306:5210:4113:3617:1922:05xxxDNF
DNFDan WinkleOH32Male3:417:1810:5013:2917:53xxxxxxDNF
DNFBill FoulksVA38Male3:337:0310:3613:22xxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFMichael HannonMD50Male3:347:0011:0313:42xxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFMark ZimmermannMD61Male4:007:5811:3714:47xxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFJackie OngVA53Female3:467:3611:43xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFJeff GuraMD55Male4:007:5811:54xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFJustin ContoisVA34Male2:304:54xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFSean AndrishVA44Male2:244:58xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFEnrique RubioDC32Male2:455:32xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFAngela RussellMD38Female3:146:27xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFLarry HuffmanVA53Male3:306:47xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFTony EscobarVA50Male3:337:03xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFDan AghdamVA46Male3:347:03xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFKatie KeierVA44Female3:337:20xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFBruce TweedieVA52Male3:387:20xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFKerry OwensDC51Female3:497:28xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFDebbie ShafferVA49Female3:497:28xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFDavid QuiveyVA51Male3:577:42xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFBob AndersonVA67Male3:487:50xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFSean LawlerMD42Male3:438:08xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFTim GavinMD46Male3:398:13xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFHillary PeabodyDC27Female3:498:18xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
DNFDavid SnipesVA46MaledropxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF

The race started at 7:02 AM. Dave Quivey started at 6:15 and Bill Foulks started at 7:25. Dave Snipes left the course at Veach Gap, roughly 8 miles into the race, and returned to the start via the Fort Valley Road. Hillary Peabody and Jeff Gura both ran as far as Moreland Gap, but they arrived after the cut-off and their times were not taken down.

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