Dancing on the rocks during the 2016 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2011 Report

September 3, 2011  •  Fort Valley, VA

32 starters, 12 finishers

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Quatro’s Photos


Times are time of day on a 24 hour clock for all aid stations. Start was at 7:00 AM. All data came from Quatro to whom questions or comments should be directed.

PlaceNameSexAgeStateCheck PointMilfordCamp RoosCrismanMorelandEdinburgWoodstockPowellsFinishTotal TimeComment
     Previous best (2009)9:2611:4613:4515:1317:0218:4819:5821:4614:46 
     Previous slowest (2009)10:3015:4019:3520:5701:2005:5008:0511:4728:47 
1Rande BrownM41PA 10:1813:0115:4117:4020:0022:3500:0202:3019:30overcame jinx that knocked other leaders out of race
2Cam BakerM34PA 10:2813:3416:2918:3020:5323:1500:4203:2620:26removed asterisk of Reservoir re-route in 2010
3Kari BrownF37PA 10:1813:2116:1018:1020:5323:4501:4103:5920:59used race as Womens Half Marathon training run
4Jeff BestM49VA 10:0613:1216:2518:3921:3101:1503:1606:2123:21shiny white VHTRC shirt made ash grey by The Ring
5Kim Love-OttobreF45OH 10:5614:3117:5020:1423:2402:4904:4808:0125:01great time, despite dragging Harris over course
6Jim HarrisM47OH 10:2414:3117:3120:1323:2002:2504:4808:0125:01spent night section socializing on trail
7Rhonda StricklettF37MD 10:3514:0617:1919:4323:0002:3504:4208:2125:21great time, despite dragging Gowen over course
8Alan GowenM61MD 10:3514:0617:1919:4323:0002:3504:4208:2125:21still looking for his Ring belt buckle
9Yukiko NishideF49NY 10:3213:5517:0619:1922:3002:4204:4808:2825:28good heat runner refused ice at all aid stations
10Hiroyuki NishideM50NY 10:3213:5517:0619:1922:3002:4204:4808:2825:28only led Yukiko off course once
11Brian BeduhnM40NC 11:0215:1019:0220:4400:5004:2706:4510:2927:29very steady all day and through the night
12Jeff GuraM52MD 10:5614:4417:5620:0200:3504:4607:3811:3928:39again showed toughness & stamina, as with CAT 100 finish
David PloskonkaM29MD 10:0412:4215:1516:5719:3002:56xxxxxxDNF1st runner to be Sniped from the front
Doug SullivanM49DC 10:2913:3917:1519:4223:2403:00xxxxxxDNFride back to Portobello and sleep too tempting
Jonathan Loewus-DeitchM24DC 09:5212:1415:0316:5819:30xxxxxxxxxDNFminimal shoes plus maximum rocks = DNF
Brennen WysongM41NY 10:2013:1216:0118:2521:03xxxxxxxxxDNFno socks plus Massanutten rocks = DNF
Vicki KendallF58VA 10:2913:3416:2918:3721:03xxxxxxxxxDNFcontinues to accumulate more valuable DNF mileage
Stephen CooperM57MD 10:3013:1216:3018:3721:03xxxxxxxxxDNFfinally allowed to drop at first Gary-free AS
Bill BreidenstineM46PA 10:2413:3417:1020:0200:50xxxxxxxxxDNFfirst runner to lose breakfast on the trail
Matt SmytheM30VA 10:2013:4117:0419:19xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFpurple East Carolina race shirt not heat reflective
Kerry OwensF48DC 11:1514:2917:3519:41xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFGun times shown - subtract 30 minutes for chip time
Mark ZimmermannM58MD 11:1115:1118:5322:02xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFSoy products + poor processing = DNF
Marina BrownF45VA 10:5114:5218:5122:13xxxxxxxxxxxxDNFrunning poles not effective as hoped on rocky trails
Jim DanielsM38VA 10:4014:1417:37xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFdropped so he wouldn't miss college football night
Alisa SpringmanF36VA 10:4014:1417:37xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFvictim of Rick Kerby's beer cooler, but did better than ND
Gary MaierM58NY 10:3214:1317:46xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFmissing his running buddy Rick this year
Tim KnappM42OH 10:5614:4518:00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFtook a sprained ankle to induce the only Ohio DNF
David WollM46VA 10:3814:4518:40xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFwife Cindy set up impromptu aid at Veech Gap
Lawrence BartlettM57MD 10:5614:45droppedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFpulled the anti-Bailey; caught on Stephens Trail loop
David QuiveyM48VA 10:5614:47droppedxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNFfell at base of Waterfall, and couldn’t get back up
Jason LantzM30PA 09:5113:26xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF1st victim of using hand-helds instead of hyrdation pack
Bob AndersonM64VA 10:5014:54xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDNF1st victim of the day's humidity

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