Dancing on the rocks during the 2016 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2009 Report

September 5, 2009  •  Fort Valley, VA

30 starters, 15 finishers


Sean Andrish and Keith Knipling tied for first place overall at the 2009 running of The Ring. Zsuzsanna Carlson and Marti Kovener tied for first amongst the women in the field. Saturday was a beautiful, sunny, dry day in the Fort Valley, and a great day to be in the Massanuttens for a volunteer or crew member. But it turned out to be fairly hot for most of the 30 runners who started this year’s run, with daytime highs in the 80s and no cloud cover. The evening yielded “weather bliss” with temperatures dipping in to the 50s and a nearly full moon to light up the clear sky. By the time the runners rounded the southern end of the course and began working their way over the rocky trails on the western ridge towards the finish, the heat and other factors had knocked out half of the field.

Twelve runners were added to the Fellowship of The Ring with a first time finish, and a number of them clearly were racing this weekend in order to become eligible to run the Reverse Ring over these same trails in February. The other three runners who made it the full 71.1 miles were two-time finishers Carolyn Gernand and Keith Knipling, and now three-time finisher David Snipes.

BIG thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help at the run this year. We also want to thank the many crew members who pitched in to help where needed. The VHTRC would not be able to successfully put on this free run without so many offering up their time and effort to man the aid stations and shuttle drop bags forward for the runners.

Thanks also to the runners for making this year’s running of The Ring so much fun - seemed as though the heckling opportunities were even more numerous than usual for those of us fortunate enough to be out there to witness your efforts. And there were a number of inspiring runs by old and new friends that made the 2009 Ring one for the books.

For all new and previous members of the Fellowship of The Ring, the next running of the Reverse Ring will be on February 27, 2010. Registration through the VHTRC website for this free club event will open on January 21. Next year’s running of The Ring will be over Labor Day weekend, with the start at 7 am on September 4, 2010. Registration will open on July 12.


Carl Camp | Wendy Marszalek | Quatro Hubbard | Kirstin Corris


Doug Sullivan (there are three)


1-TSean AndrishMale39DC18:03:03
1-TKeith KniplingMale33VA18:03:03
3Dan RoseMale32DC18:33:50
4Justin FaulMale29VA19:38:00
5Mason ParkerMale38NY20:11:45
6-TRyan FulwiderMale34VA20:41:15
6-TDavid SnipesMale41VA20:41:15
8Karsten BrownMale35VA21:02:10
9-TZsuzsanna CarlsonFemale36NJ23:16:15
9-TPaul CrickardMale55MD23:16:15
9-TMarti KovenerFemale45MD23:16:15
12Gary LukacsMale52PA24:32:07
13Robert AndrulisMale41AZ25:46:20
14Carolyn GernandFemale61VA30:13:00
15Caroline WilliamsFemale47VA31:59:00
Jen JacobsFemale32DCDNF
David FlemingMale33VADNF
John CassillyMale42VADNF
Mitchell GoodmanMale32DCDNF
Joe ClapperMale50MDDNF
Michele HarmonFemale43MDDNF
Andy AndersonMale27VADNF
Keith MooreMale40DCDNF
David QuiveyMale46VADNF
Tom CorrisMale56VADNF
Bill WandelMale66MDDNF
Mike BaileyMale28VADNF
Kate AbbottFemale44VADNF
Mark ZimmermannMale56MDDNF
Amy SprostonFemale35DCDNF


Times are time of day on a 24 hour clock for all aid stations. Start was at 7:00 AM. All data came from Quatro to whom questions or comments should be directed.

Check PointVeechMilfordCamp RoosCrismanMorelandEdinburgWoodstockPowellsFinishTotal Time
Previous best (2008)08:459:3511:4613:4515:1317:0218:4819:5821:4614:46
Previous slowest (2008)09:2910:5015:4019:1520:5701:2005:5008:0511:4728:47
Sean Andrish08:4109:2611:5614:2316:1518:3521:0522:451:03:0318:03:03
Keith Knipling08:4109:2611:5614:2316:1518:3521:0522:451:03:3018:03:03
Dan Rose08:5409:4212:1514:4216:5919:1721:3723:201:33:5018:33:50
Justin Faul09:0109:4512:1614:4516:4019:1521:5823:462:38:0019:38:00
Mason Parker08:5709:4012:1514:5316:5819:3122:1500:113:11:4520:11:45
Ryan Fulwider09:0109:4612:3515:2317:3520:0622:5500:443:41:1520:41:15
David Snipes09:0009:5112:5815:4717:3820:0622:5500:443:41:1520:41:15
Karsten Brown08:4409:3012:0414:4917:1319:5022:4500:434:02:1021:02:10
Zsuzsanna Carlson09:1810:2013:3316:3518:4821:4000:3502:486:16:1523:16:15
Paul Crickard09:1810:2013:3316:3518:4821:4000:3502:486:16:1523:16:15
Marti Kovener09:1810:1713:3716:3518:4821:4300:3502:486:16:1523:16:15
Gary Lukacs09:0109:5212:5315:5618:1422:2902:1204:387:32:0724:32:07
Robert Andrulis09:2210:2013:3416:5219:2123:0102:1204:538:46:2025:46:20
Carolyn Gernand10:0011:3015:3019:3522:4502:4507:3509:3513:13:0030:13:00
Caroline Williams09:3910:5014:4618:3021:5002:4507:3509:5014:59:0031:59:00
Jen Jacobs09:3610:4414:0017:0419:1722:1601:42XXDNF †
David Fleming09:3110:4414:1518:1320:1001:15XXXDNF
John Cassilly08:5909:4612:1614:5217:09XXXXDNF
Mitchell Goodman09:0109:5212:4515:4918:51XXXXDNF
Joe Clapper09:1810:1713:2416:32XXXXXDNF
Michele Harmon09:1810:1713:2416:32XXXXXDNF
Andy Anderson09:1210:1613:2216:42XXXXXDNF
Keith Moore09:1810:1713:3717:13XXXXXDNF
David Quivey09:2210:2914:0718:23XXXXXDNF
Tom Corris09:0810:0313:05XXXXXXDNF ††
Mike Bailey08:4709:3513:09XXXXXXDNF
Bill Wandel09:3910:5014:45SKIPSKIP21:38DXXDNF †††
Kate Abbott09:5711:17DXXXXXXDNF ††††
Mark Zimmermann09:5711:17DXXXXXXDNF ††††
Amy Sproston08:5409:42XXXXXXXDNF †††††

Run started at 7am - times shown are time of day on Saturday (and Sunday, where applicable)
† Talked in to dropping by aid station captain
†† Self-extracted on MMT connector trail to Route 211 and hitched ride to aid station due to injury
††† “Skipped ahead” to Moreland, took 3 hour break, then ran two more sections (time in to Woodstock not noted)
†††† Dropped at Camp Roosevelt - time in to that aid station not noted
††††† Dropped after 23+ miles at Edith Gap/Rt 675 road crossing, and hitched ride to aid station due to injury

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