Dancing on the rocks during the 2016 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2002 Report

September 6, 2002  •  Fort Valley, VA

8 starters, 6 finishers


John Dodds and Gary Knipling finish
John Dodds and Gary Knipling finish 71 miles of rocks.

Harry Bruell, of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, won the first “organized” running of the Massanutten Trail, a 71 mile ring around Fort Valley, Virginia. Scott Mills, remembering why he will never run MMT again, was second. As he said, “It only hurts my feet when I step on a rock.” Third and fourth were “Beauty and the Beast,” Bethany Hunter and David Horton. Obviously having the most fun of any other entrants, each was in control and positive all day. Finally, the Odd Couple, John Dodds and Gary Knipling easily finished within 24 hours, as Gary talked his way around the course with John in tow. Gary was particularly noted for his advice on how to avoid hyperthermia.

Speaking of hyperthermia, there was little problem of that. The weather was beautiful, though a little warm. Only toward daybreak did it finally get cold.

Run Co-Coordinator Chris Scott had said, “Anstr and I, as ‘hosts,’ will probably just drive around the course, drink beer, eat grilled cheese sandwiches, and laugh at you.” Well, in between goofing off, Chris went for a little run. The result? A broken wrist. Chris will be a little slow for awhile! The best blood of an entrant was easily that of David who had a long gash on his shin.

The Blue Ridge from top of Waterfall Mountain.
The Blue Ridge from top of Waterfall Mountain.

There are more stories to tell, volunteers to thank, and photos to display. This page will be updated soon. In the meantime, consider this. One of the sayings that this Web site’s News Page displays is a quotation from Will Rogers: “There are three kinds of men. The ones that learn by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.” Chris and I said that the rocks on Signal Knob suck. Did anyone believe us? No. Six people didn’t learn by reading. They had to pee on the fence themselves.


NameCp Roos
25 mi
34.3 mi
40.7 mi
48.7 mi
56.9 mi
62.7 mi
71.1 mi
Elapsed Time
Harry Bruell12:112:243:546:007:489:1511:1516:45
Scott Mills12:202:454:306:549:4010:451:3319:03
David Horton12:133:125:027:3110:3011:502:2119:51
Bethany Hunter12:133:125:027:3110:3011:502:2119:51
John Dodds12:453:255:368:2711:301:254:3622:06
Gary Knipling12:453:255:368:2711:301:254:3622:06
Barry Lewis12:202:454:306:319:00DNF  
Joe Clapper12:13DNF      

Aid stations list time-of-day arrival. Start time was 6:30 am.

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