Sunrise from Signal Knob, taken in the early miles of the 2014 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2022 Report

February 26, 2022  •  Fort Valley, VA

17 starters, 11 finishers

The results from the 2022 edition of the Reverse Ring.


PlaceNameAgeSexFinish (71)
1Dan Fogg37M17:15:02
2Cam Baker44M20:55:00
3Raymond Rogers41M21:41:00
4Heather Dougherty35F22:30:00
5Daisy Weill33F23:59:00
6Luc Claessens56M24:18:00
7Jesse Parker42M25:34:00
8Marty Fox71M25:35:00
9Jeff Pence63M26:24:00
10John Calabrese42M26:46:00
10Tony Taylor51M26:46:00
NopeKathleen Cusick46FDNF
NopeChelsea Smith35FDNF
NopeKatie Keier51FDNF
NopeJohn Hord54MDNF
NopeCharlene Howard50FDNF
NopeSteven Andrews40MDNF


AS 1 - Woodstock Tower, 13.9 miles
AS 2 - Edinburg Gap, 22.1 miles
AS 3 - Moreland Gap, 30 miles
AS 4 - Crisman Hollow, 36.3 miles
AS 5 - Camp Roosevelt, 45.9 miles
AS 6 - Milford Gap, 57.5 miles
Finish - Signal Knob, 71.1 miles

PlaceNameAgeSexAS 1AS 2AS 3AS 4AS 5AS 6Finish
1Dan Fogg37M8:3010:0612:0013:3415:3918:4017:15:02
2Cam Baker44M9:1911:2013:4015:3518:0022:1120:55:00
3Heather Dougherty35F9:0611:1213:3015:3018:0022:2521:41:00
4Ray Rogers41M9:2711:2813:4815:5418:4622:5022:30:00
5Daisy Weill33F9:2611:4014:1816:2519:2323:4923:59:00
6Luc Claessens56M9:2411:2914:0216:2519:2724:15:0024:18:00
7Jesse Parker42M9:4512:0714:4517:0720:1925:22:0025:34:00
8Marty Fox71M9:4412:0814:4617:0720:1925:22:0025:35:00
9Jeff Pence63M9:4412:0514:4417:0620:1826:12:0026:24:00
10John Calabrese42M9:5012:1615:1017:4121:0827:07:0026:46:00
10Tony Taylor51M9:5012:1615:1017:4121:0827:07:0026:46:00
NopeKathleen Cusick46F9:0311:0413:3015:3018:07XDNF
NopeChelsea Smith35F9:2712:0214:4317:0720:18XDNF
NopeKatie Keier51F9:4912:2215:2518:0421:40XDNF
NopeJohn Hord54M9:5612:3515:4418:4222:30XDNF
NopeCharlene Howard50F9:5112:3515:4218:42XXDNF
NopeSteven Andrews40M10:0913:3018:05XXXDNF

Last updated February 27, 2023