Sunrise from Signal Knob, taken in the early miles of the 2014 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2020 Report

February 22, 2020  •  Fort Valley, VA

29 starters, 18 finishers


Final results for the 2020 running of the Reverse Ring, held in the Massanutten Mountains around the Fort Valley over the weekend of February 22-23.

Congrats to all the runners who toed that pre-dawn, 16 degree starting line at the south end of the Signal Knob parking lot. The first to make his way back to Signal Knob under his own power was Dan Fogg (Fellowship Class of 2018), who returned to defend his 2019 Reverse Ring title, and did so with this repeat victory in the race. First woman back to the finish under her own power was Adey Ntam (Class of 2016). 18 of the 29 starters made their way to the finish this year! Well done, all!

A huge, huge note of thanks to the wonderful contingent of VHTRC club members who came out to volunteer for the race!

1Dan Fogg201835MDC2:203:535:397:119:0211:5715:25:00
2Levi Mason201639MVA2:454:266:258:0010:0312:4715:56:00
3Aaron Ellison201543MMD2:344:146:067:419:3812:3716:44:00
4Justin Faul 1200939MVA2:464:266:268:0210:1113:5217:16:00
5Kevin Walker201940MVA2:454:386:478:4211:0314:4419:27:00
6Cam Baker201142MPA3:225:177:279:1611:3515:1719:52:00
7Raymond Rogers201939MVA3:115:167:269:2111:5815:5720:47:00
8Jack Kurisky201052MVA2:494:427:018:5811:2115:2221:06:00
9Adeline Ntam201640FMD3:135:147:289:2612:0516:0721:31:00
10Paul Valenzuela201853MVA3:115:177:419:5912:4917:1022:36:00
10Scott Lee201549MVA3:115:177:419:5912:4917:1022:36:00
12Ashley Carr201734FMD3:365:548:2910:3913:3318:0723:24:00
13Justin Peake201739MMD3:235:418:1910:3913:4318:2123:45:00
14Don Riley201656MMD3:546:209:1811:3614:1719:2625:11:00
15Steve Andrews201838MMD3:095:117:359:5112:4418:3325:19:00
16Greg Trapp201557MOH3:576:239:0511:2514:5720:0225:28:00
17Larry Tumblin201751MVA3:506:199:0511:3615:1320:4627:02:00
18Sirisha Golla201945FVA4:086:509:4112:1515:5322:1528:19:00
NopeJamie Greenawalt 2201752FPA3:325:508:3410:4314:10xxxDNF
NopeDan Aghdam201651MVA3:486:088:3810:4913:33xxxDNF
NopeRyan Brown201834MMD3:035:127:38xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeSamantha Neakrase201742FVA3:366:149:05xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeCharlene Howard201848FMD3:546:229:18xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeSteve Pero200368MNH4:016:439:43xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeDerek Fox 3201834MNC4:307:2710:33xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeChristie Taylor201934FVA3:095:33xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeMarty Fox 3201669MVA4:307:37xxxxxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeTony Escobar 4201356MVA4:057:4511:33xxxxxxxxxDNF
NopeJudith Weber 5201760FMDxxxxxx3:04xxxxxxxxxDNF
  1. Time bonus due to a drop bag mishap…
  2. Covered closer to 55 miles before having to drop
  3. Ask them about their 100 miler attempt…
  4. Covered 30 miles, after a vehicle pickup at the base of Short Mountain
  5. Ask her about the cat…

Last updated May 28, 2020