Sunrise from Signal Knob, taken in the early miles of the 2014 Reverse Ring.

Keith Knipling

2015 Report

February 21, 2015  •  Fort Valley, VA

13 starters, 0 finishers


There were no finishers in the 2015 Reverse Ring. The orange trail, with a healthy assist from the weather gods, was the winner this year. 4 degrees at the start, and 35 degrees nearly 19 hours later when Cam Baker was the last runner to call it a day after completing the Reverse Fishhook. In between several inches of snow and an increasingly howling wind made this the most challenging Reverse Ring since the Great Postholing Run in 2010. Technically, virtually all of the runners missed or were on track to miss the hard cut-off times at either Moreland Gap or Camp Roosevelt. Congratulations to all of this year’s Reverse Ring runners for putting in strong efforts on an incredibly challenging day. And thanks to an amazing cast of volunteers for coming out to support the runners in a fashion that drew raves from all of the participants.


Allison Holko’s photos


PlaceNameClassSexAgeStateWoodstockEdinburgMorelandCamp RoseyMilfordFinish
DNFCam Baker2011M37PA3:205:529:1018:50Still Waiting46.1
DNFEvan Fisher2014M34VA3:455:529:4014:00Still Waiting40+
DNFChris McIntosh2014M41VA3:455:529:4014:00Still Waiting40+
DNFJim Harris2007M50OH3:205:529:40Still WaitingStill Waiting30.4
DNFHeath Harris2014M23OH3:205:529:40Still WaitingStill Waiting30.4
DNFKathleen Cusick2013F39VA3:255:5210:00Still WaitingStill Waiting30.4
DNFGavin Watson2014M54MD3:145:52Still WaitingStill WaitingStill Waiting22.4
DNFDave Herring2014M44VA3:205:52Still WaitingStill WaitingStill Waiting22.4
DNFLarry Huffman2012M54VA4:408:20Still WaitingStill WaitingStill Waiting22.4
DNFDiane Behm2013F38VA4:428:20Still WaitingStill WaitingStill Waiting22.4
DNFEd Rangel2012M38MD4:428:20Still WaitingStill WaitingStill Waiting22.4
DNFKimba Love*Ottobre2010F49OH4:438:31Still WaitingStill WaitingStill Waiting22.4
DNFPaul Lefelhocz2013M46OH4:588:50Still WaitingStill WaitingStill Waiting22.4

The distance cited for both Evan Fisher and Chris McIntosh is a very conservative estimate. Together they started the section leading to Camp Roosevelt. And they jointly decided to self-extract rather than continue after encountering high snow drifts over an extended section of the trail on Jawbone and Kerns Mountain. So they retraced their steps to the previous aid station, and then ran the Moreland Gap Road to Camp Roosevelt.

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