2023 Report

March 18, 2023  •  Luray, VA

42 starters, 38 finishers

MMT Training Academy 3 RD Rigley building the finish line fire, with a little help from volunteer Christian Stanton

A great day was had by all at the MMT 3rd training run. The skies were clear and we had a perfect running temperature.

Aid stations were stocked with everything from bacon and tater tots to perogies, broth, and fruit. Thank you to our volunteers Larry and Tracey Thibodeau, Jose Cardenas, and Charlene Howard. We had a great range of runners from VHTRC legends to our newest and younger folks that joined the rock kicking fun.

The run started promptly at 6:02 (and yes, 2 minutes late is prompt for us). We started the fire and got the food cooking as we patiently waited for the runners.

The first in this year was Paul Jacobs rolling in at 11:56 (5:54) followed by Dan Fogg at 12:21 (6:19) and our 3rd place this year was newbie Sam Lundry who “has never run on rocks like these” (Who is this guy??) with a finish at 1:13 (7:11)

First female was Rhea Loney coming in at 2:47 (8:45) with second close behind at 2:52 (8:50) Llewelyn Engel. Third place female was Tonnie Warfield at 3:10 (9:08).

“Rocks? What rocks?!” Volunteer Charlene Howard showing off the buttery smooth trails of the Massanuttens.

We had a few people just doing party routes but all of those people set out to do a shorter distance. Everyone that set out to do 35 miles got those done. But lets not forget our bonus milers…because you know, 35 isn’t far enough and who has time to look at that turn sheet anyway? Claire, Amy, Kate, and Tony are in good company because who actually hasn’t done bonus miles?

The finish line was filled with a warm fire, Frito Pie, Chile Mac, great stories, laughter, doggies, runners, volunteers, and good beer.

We can’t wait to host again next year! Elaina and Christian

Link to the photos taken at the Route 211 Commuter Lot aid station by Tracey Thibodeau.

Photos below by Charlene Howard, John Hord, Tony Escobar and Elaina Stanton.



And here is our usual admonition regarding the “results” below… Bear in mind: this is not a race. No one treated this as a race. These should not be considered “race results.” The times are provided for informational purposes only. This can help others who pull the route from the event site and run the course self-supported, so that those runners can approximate times. It can assist those considering this training run in future years to estimate their own run times. And it is helpful for volunteers to see the range of times that runners take to cover certain sections.

NameSexAgeVC Aid211 AidFinishTimeComments
Barushi AmarasingheM479:2712:022:198:17 
Joshua BinderM249:1112:483:349:32 
Tracy CooleyF5010:202:155:1011:08 
Mark DomanskiM4210:1510:48xxxxxxshort route/DNF
Randy DietzM 10:031:334:3110:29 
Llewelyn EngelF339:3112:272:528:50 
Tony EscobarM5910:3511:393:40xxxshort route/DNF
Kate FletcherF4810:151:203:579:55bonus miles
Christopher FlintM409:2111:502:078:05 
Dan FoggM388:2910:2812:216:19 
Tommy GasterM399:2112:273:179:15 
Jamie GreenawaltF559:4412:543:489:46 
James HaasM439:1012:083:018:59 
John HawkM429:3112:222:528:50 
Doug HochstetlerM579:2112:213:179:15 
John HordM5510:202:15xxxxxxshort route/DNF
Paul JacobsM448:2810:1811:565:54 
Stewart JollymoreM389:0811:542:538:51 
Josh JonesM419:3112:293:109:08 
Scott LeeM529:1012:082:558:53 
Rhea LoneyF399:2912:202:278:251st female
Claire LorentzenF3410:451:494:4810:46bonus miles
Sam LundryM248:2810:561:137:11 
Tin LuuM4210:041:404:4310:41 
James MillerM58xxx12:333:189:16 
Al MurrayM379:2112:213:179:15 
Thomas NoonanM499:4412:543:489:46 
Jeff PenceM649:441:214:3110:29 
Steve PeroM7010:031:334:3110:29 
Robert PerryM6010:192:045:1011:08 
Mark PeytonM499:4112:483:349:32 
Charlie PoffenbergerM499:4912:543:489:46 
Erik PriceM3910:1510:48xxxxxxshort route/DNF
David RodriguezM359:2512:002:208:18 
Huanuyuan ShengM479:4912:544:1410:12 
Kevin SpruellM459:2412:202:478:45 
Barret StantonM248:5511:191:317:29 
Amy StulmanF3710:451:494:4810:46bonus miles
Tony TaylorM5210:191:535:0010:58bonus miles
Tonnie WarfieldF449:3312:293:109:08 
Anthony WolosikM308:5511:191:317:29 
Andrew ZiminskiM299:1111:331:447:42 

Event started at 6:02 AM
Aid stations on the MMT Training Academy #3 route:
Visitor Center (13.6 miles)
Route 211 (24.5 miles)
Camp Roosevelt Horse Parking Lot (35 miles)
Time of Day noted in each of those fields, with total elapsed time on the course shown in the final Time field.


Christian StantonCo-RD/Camp Roosevelt Finish
Elaina StantonCo-RD/Camp Roosevelt Finish
Jose CardenasA.S. 1 - Visitor's Center
Charlene HowardA.S. 1 - Visitor's Center
Larry ThibodeauA.S. 2 - Route 211 Lot
Tracey ThibodeauA.S. 2 - Route 211 Lot

Thank you, volunteers!!

Last updated March 23, 2023