2019 Report

March 30, 2019  •  Luray, VA

56 starters, 47 finishers


Below are the compiled times for the third Massanutten Training Academy run for the 2019 winter training season for the MMT 100 Miler. It was an exceptional day for trail running. We had a dry start at 0600, followed by a small amount of rain, then warm temperatures for the rest of the day (it reached 72 degrees). The runners did a great job dealing with the heat and for the most part managed their hydration well.

56 runners lined up at dawn in the Camp Roosevelt Horse Lot to take on the run. 47 finished, no injuries and only a few people got off trail. All the runners finished by 18:30. Of note: Andy Petersen and Jeff Pence went out the night before and ran over 20 miles, then ran up to the start location at Camp Roosevelt, and continued running. Jeff ran to the first aid station (the Visitors Center) then had to go for the day, but Andy finished the run and logged 60 miles. Awesome, Andy!

Listed are the running times for everyone, with a note on who cut it short. Most did so by taking the ‘party route’ and heading directly from the Visitors Center to the Route 211 East aid station instead of heading up Bird Knob. The 35-mile training run route generally mirrors the final third of the MMT 100 run course. Time of day is shown for the two aid stations along the way, and for the check-in at the finish of the run. Elapsed time is shown in the final column. Of note: this was the new layout for the Training Academy course, with only the first climb up Jawbone in the morning. The finish was running down Crisman Hollow Road, then right up Route 675 back to the Horse lot. As an FYI, MMT runners would instead cross at the intersection and run on Route 675 north and back to the entrance of Carolines Furnace Camp.

Bear in mind: this is NOT a run. No one treated this as a run. These should not be considered run results, as in no way was this event a run. It is strictly a supported training run. The times are provided for informational purposes only. This can help others who pull the route from the event site and run the course self-supported, so that those runners can approximate times. It can assist those considering this training run in future years to estimate their own run times. And it is helpful for volunteers to see the range of times that runners take to cover certain sections.

Big thanks to Dave Woll for the job he did organizing this run. Thanks also to the 2019 volunteer crew: Quatro, Tom Corris, Larry Tumblin, Ed Walsh and Tim Rohlf.

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Training Academy #3 RunnerVisitor Center (13.6)211 East (24.5)Finish (35)TimeNote
Justin Faul8:5811:2713:287:28 
Christopher Flint8:5611:1813:317:31 
Dirk Schulze8:5611:1813:367:36Late Start
Levi Mason8:5811:2713:487:48 
Russell Holland9:0911:3813:557:55 
Jason Jugar9:1311:4814:008:00 
Jose Cardenas9:0711:3814:038:03 
Jim Daniels9:1611:5314:038:03 
Josh Jones9:1311:4814:108:10 
Ryan Brown9:0211:4314:248:24 
Casey Fisher9:1812:0114:278:27 
Bruce Tweedie9:2312:0114:308:30 
Don Riley9:1812:0014:468:46 
Daniel Gracias9:0712:1914:558:55 
Dan Aghdam9:2312:1815:089:08 
Dan Hawk10:1114:2515:149:14 
Brett Martin9:2212:2415:249:24 
Jason Counsman9:2512:4215:279:27 
Marty Fox9:3312:3815:289:28 
Jesse Parker9:2612:4215:299:29 
Jamie Greenawalt9:3112:4215:329:32 
Rob Tidwell9:3912:4915:329:32 
Barbara Brown9:4412:5015:369:36 
Challen Edwards10:0013:0215:389:38 
James Miller9:4812:5815:409:40 
Bill Breidenstine9:4412:5615:569:56 
Charlie Joyce9:4612:5715:569:56 
Homer Komthirath9:2612:3515:569:56 
Chris Beers-Arthur9:5913:1215:589:58 
Crista Horn9:5913:1215:589:58 
Eric McGlinchey10:0913:2316:0310:03 
Lisa Bandiera-Woetzel9:4513:1216:0510:05 
Cassandra Lizza10:0713:1216:0510:05 
Mandy Pierce10:0713:1216:0510:05 
Ken Furman9:4813:1716:0610:06 
Lisa Johnston9:4513:1216:0610:06 
John Peabody9:4513:1216:0610:06 
Mike Carlson10:3013:3716:3510:35Very Late Start
Shelly Cable10:1013:5316:3810:38 
Elsa Araujo10:1113:5317:0311:03 
Sirisha Golla10:1413:5417:0311:03 
Kathy Adams10:0013:4417:0811:08 
Laura Hillier10:0013:4417:0811:08 
Jill Stolins10:0013:4417:0811:08 
Brady Haycock10:0514:1018:3112:31 
Serhot Ozturk10:0614:1018:3112:31 
Andy Peterson10:0413:3916:3910:39Ran 60 miles
Tom Simonds9:16xxx12:336:33Short
Mark Cable10:1111:1814:468:46Short
John Hord10:3011:1514:518:51Short
Tony Escobar10:1711:1815:069:06Short
Trevor Elliott10:5011:4715:209:20Short
Ram Oruganti10:2415:05xxx9:05Short
Sherry Ruffner-Slack10:2415:05xxx9:05Short
Richard Sisson10:1115:05xxx9:05Short
Keith VanGraafeiland9:08xxxxxx3:08Short

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