2023 Report

January 14, 2023  •  Fort Valley, VA

42 starters, 36 finishers

An interesting tree ring pattern was captured by Charlene Howard during her crossing of Short Mountain.

The 2023 edition of the first MMT training run saw a return to the traditional first third of the MMT 100 course after two years of running a shorter, 26-mile loop of the northern Massanuttens due to COVID-19. Forty-two runners started on Moreland Gap Road behind Caroline Furnace Lutheran Camp at 6:43 am, in an unexpected light snowfall at temperatures in the upper 20s. Runners reported that the winds were rather fierce on the western ridge all day as they made their way north, with the snow ending by mid-morning with only a dusting left behind as a result.

A surprise dusting of snow added to the charms on the Massanutten Trail during the early morning hours of the MMT Training Academy Run #1

Runners were treated to pancakes and various other goodies in addition to their own aid at both aid stations; Dave Woll, Justin Faul, Larry Tumblin, and John Nelson served at Edinburg Gap (mile 11), while Dan Aghdam, Carl Bligan, and Kevin Bligan served at Woodstock Tower (mile 19). Alison Holko, along with your RD, served soup and bread after welcoming runners back to the Signal Knob parking lot.

Massanutten Training Academy Run #1 organizer Larry Huffman dispensing a hot treat to happy participant (and good club rep) Jana Fridrichová at the Signal Knob parking lot finish.

This year’s field was a hardy bunch! Thirty-seven ran the entire 32-mile course, while three put in shorter, but still admirable, efforts on a cold and windy day. Two runners accidentally chose to take the forest service road to Edinburg Gap rather than experience the joys of Short Mountain, cutting their miles to 30 but still getting in a fine workout.

And these runners have goals! Twenty-three are signed up for MMT, which for 15 will be their first attempt at the run. And for six runners, it will be their first 100. Good luck to all!

Snow really helps to define the orange trail

Entry is still open for the second Massanutten Training Academy run on February 11th, 2023. The climbs up Veach and Habron Gaps await! And see you next year at 05:30 am at the Signal Knob parking lot on the Saturday of MLK weekend!

It is hard not to photograph the western view into the Shenandoah Valley from the Woodstock Tower hang gliding launch point, near the Woodstock aid station.


Time of day entered into splits
Total running time noted in “Time” column
Aid was provided at the following locations:
Aid 1, Edinburg Gap - 12 miles
Aid 2, Woodstock Tower - 19 miles
Finish, Signal Knob - 32 miles

And here is our usual admonition regarding the “results” below… Bear in mind: this is not a race. No one treated this as a race. These should not be considered “race results.” The times are provided for informational purposes only. This can help others who pull the route from the event site and run the course self-supported, so that those runners can approximate times. It can assist those considering this training run in future years to estimate their own run times. And it is helpful for volunteers to see the range of times that runners take to cover certain sections.

Runner NameStart TimeAid 1Aid 2FinishTotal TimeDistance
Paul Aumayr6:439:4912:3216:379:5432
Joshua Binder6:439:5312:1516:089:2532
Michael Bonfatto6:439:2811:3215:018:1832
Stuart Brown6:4310:0312:5016:5010:0732
Deb Cawthorn6:4310:0012:3416:219:3832
Sean Cook6:439:4512:1515:529:0932
Kathleen Cusick6:439:2411:3414:448:0132
Jill Diss6:4310:0712:5516:4310:0032
Tony Escobar6:4311:00----DNF12**
Jana Fridrichova6:438:5510:3813:036:2032
Devon Girouard5:058:2710:5815:5610:5132
Jamie Greenawalt6:4310:0712:5416:379:5432
Claudia Guerrero Barrera6:439:4512:0815:238:4032
James Haas6:439:4012:0115:529:0932
John Hord6:4310:1513:11--DNF19
Charlene Howard6:4310:0712:54--DNF19
Nora Jodrey6:438:1510:2513:196:3630 *
Stewart Jollymore6:438:1510:2513:366:5330 *
Steve Knox6:439:3811:5715:218:3832
Scott Lee6:439:4512:1015:529:0932
Tin Luu6:4310:0312:5316:4510:0232
Eric McGlinchey6:4310:0112:4516:409:5732
James Miller6:439:5212:2816:319:4832
Dung (Jack) Nguyen6:439:4512:0615:248:4132
Mordy Osina6:438:5510:3013:016:1832
Jeff Pence5:058:2711:2015:5610:5132
Robert Perry6:439:5712:5217:0910:2632
Mark Peyton6:439:5312:1516:089:2532
Charlie Poffenberger6:4310:0312:5016:4310:0032
Michelle Rindos6:4310:0712:5516:4310:0032
Elizabeth Rivera6:439:2411:4115:158:3232
Huanyuan Sheng6:439:4912:4216:5310:1032
Costi Sifri6:4310:0312:5016:4310:0032
Barret Stanton6:438:5510:3713:036:2032
Amy Stulman6:439:4812:0815:218:3832
Tony Taylor6:439:4012:0115:529:0932
Gavin Thorpe6:439:2411:2915:118:2832
Patrick Vaughan6:439:4812:1515:428:5932
Tonnie Warfield6:439:4512:0815:308:4732
Karen Wille6:4310:0012:3416:219:3832
Anthony Wolosik6:439:1610:5813:426:5932
  • — Nora and Stewart missed the charms that are Short Mountain by taking the parallel forest service road to Edinburg Gap.
    ** — Tony was forced to cut his run short by injury.


Volunteer's NameTraining Academy 1 Assignment
Dave WollEdinburg Gap
Larry TumblinEdinburg Gap
Justin FaulEdinburg Gap
Dan AghdamWoodstock Tower
Carl BliganWoodstock Tower
Kevin BliganWoodstock Tower
Alison HolkoSignal Knob Finish
Larry HuffmanSignal Knob Finish/RD

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