Mario Raymond takes in the view from Reddish Knob at the 2013 Martha Moats Baker.

Mike Bur

2023 Report

August 12, 2023  •  Stokesville, VA

39 starters, 25 finishers

Tentative initial results - please contact Q with your corrections, edits, commentary, stories and photos!


Place60K FinisherAS 1 (13.4)AS 2 (22.7)AS 3 (30.2)Done (38.7/31.1)Comments
1Bradley Hawley2:364:055:187:09 
2Anthony Wolosik2:324:025:187:14 
3Brennan Henning2:273:525:137:46Bear Dog Finish
4Jared Byrd2:374:175:427:56 
5Christopher Moore2:374:175:427:56 
6Josh Edmonds2:52xxx5:288:01Grooms 50k
7Eric Gainer2:484:336:088:40 
8Zach Weinberger2:544:476:359:01 
9Heather Dougherty2:534:586:359:01 
10Jade Graham3:335:477:3810:56 
11Travis Graham3:335:477:3810:56 
12Jesse Meadows3:195:427:5811:18 
13Bill Breidenstine3:456:108:2411:43 
14Nick Neakrase3:316:108:1111:48 
15Chelsea Smith3:406:078:2211:48Ultrabrain 60k+
16Rob Tidwell3:406:118:4312:12Ultrabrain 60k+
17Sandip Mukherjee3:506:238:2612:26Rally Cap 60k
$Place50K FinisherAS 1 (13.4)AS 2 (22.7)AS 3 (30.2)Done (38.7/31.1)Comments
1Caleb Fowler2:424:205:486:30Contractions 50k
2Joe Schramka2:564:476:236:38 
3David Rodriguez3:025:096:46 TBD
4Kathleen Cusick3:005:036:386:58 
5Doug Hochstetler3:315:387:397:52 
6Kevin Caran3:265:587:578:09 
7Scott Cole3:265:587:578:09 
8Luke Gore3:195:397:588:16 
9Jimmy Mauger3:245:498:158:37 
10Joshua Binder3:446:168:228:42 
11Mark Peyton3:446:168:228:42 
12Don Dobbs3:456:188:278:42 
13Jeffrey Klemm3:576:508:378:55 
14Dan Aghdam3:406:078:229:00 
15Jeff Wilbur3:526:308:579:13 
16Tom Calla4:107:149:119:28 
17Christiann Rogers4:107:149:119:28 
18Edward Leno3:576:529:179:39 
 23 MilesAS 1 (13.4)AS 2 (22.7)AS 3 (30.2)Done (38.7/31.1)Comments
 Ashley Garman2:544:58xxxxxxKnee Gash 23 miler
 Kris Strope3:466:18xxxxxxBeer 23 Miler
 Ram Oruganti4:107:21xxxxxxYellow Jacket 23 Miler
 Kate Moga4:16Droppedxxxxxx23 Miler

Last updated August 13, 2023