Mario Raymond takes in the view from Reddish Knob at the 2013 Martha Moats Baker.

Mike Bur

2022 Report

August 13, 2022  •  Stokesville, VA

39 starters, 39 finishers

As a picture is worth a thousand words, in lieu of a report … MMB 2022 Photos

Charlene Howard and John Hord

Our first year with the new course! A ground-truthing run earlier this summer had indicated that the old Martha Moats Baker 50k course was now the new Martha Moats Baker 60k course. So many PRs were there to be had! The old Party Route Marathon course, from the final aid station directly back to the TWOT lot on Tilghman Road, was now the new Party Route 50k. Not nearly so many 50k PRs, however.

The first woman at the MMB 60k, Dani Sevel

Huge congratulations to all the runners who made their way to MMB and the start, as all 39 who started finished (either the 60k or the 50k). Overall winner was Samuel Layding, who was running his very first ultra! He made an interesting choice for his debut in taking on the MMB 60k. It just happened to fall in the right place in his racing calendar; Martha Moats Baker hopes that he was pleased with his decision. Sam did indicate at the finish that the final 8 mile stretch up and over the Grooms Ridge trail and down Little Bald on the TWOT trail was the hardest running accomplishment he had ever taken on. Many other runners who have tackled that final jackknife section of the course have expressed the same thoughts.

MMB 50k runners at the finisher’s rock. Robert Grolemund, Sam Neakrase, Larry Thibodeau and Tracey Thibodeau

The 60k run was very competitive, as the top four men were generally within shouting range of each other, finishing between 7:10 and 7:35. A number of very talented runners completed the 60k behind them having a range of goals for this day; MMB is a popular training run for those signed up to take on the Grindstone 100 miler a month or so later. The first woman was Dani Sevel, who now holds the course record with her time of 9:40. 22 runners ultimately made that turn up Grooms Ridge at the final aid station and all finished the 60k (though at least a handful had some bonus trail distance to add to their 60k totals).

That left 17 runners who opted for the Party Route. The first two to do were Matt Erb and Erika Fry, who ran together much of the day, and who tied for first among the 50k finishers in 6:38.

Let’s do it all over again on the second Saturday in August in 2023!


Reddish Knob Aid Station: 13.4 miles
Wolf Ridge Aid Station: 22.7 miles
Grooms Ridge Aid Station: 30.2 miles

Place60k FinisherBib #SexAgeStateAS 1 (13.4)AS 2 (22.7)AS 3 (30.2)Done (38.7/31.1)Comments
1Samuel Layding260M25PA2:173:505:137:1060k
2Anthony Wolosik454M29DC2:213:565:157:1660k
3Nathan Wick453M37VA2:364:085:317:2860k
4Aaron Shapiro273M38MD2:484:275:467:3560k
5Shawn Baker241M36VA2:504:326:068:1560k
5Barret Stanton275M24VA2:504:326:068:1560k
7Trent Hale253M28VA2:364:205:528:2760k
8Pat Early244M43VA2:504:426:138:4160k
8Bradley Hawley256M42VA2:504:426:138:4160k
10Erin Altemos240M48MD3:064:556:309:2460k
11Eric Eldridge245M54VA3:175:126:459:3960k
12Dani Sevel272F33VA3:245:257:039:4060k
13Ali Mohammed266M44MD2:505:067:019:5660k
14Eric Harris255M49DC3:065:187:1510:0060k
15Jesse Meadows262M41VA3:175:217:1610:0460k
16Marty Fox248M71VA3:386:138:0410:3960k
17Jamie Greenawalt251F54PA3:366:058:0410:5560k
17Andy Peterson269M65VA3:386:138:0410:5560k
19James Miller264M57VA3:245:567:5611:0460k
20Larry Huffman258M61VA3:386:118:1011:0860k
21Chris Miller263M43MD3:386:138:1211:1060k
22Kate Moga265F54VA3:506:308:4012:0860k
Place50k FinisherBib #SexAgeState13.4 Miles22.7 Miles30.2 Miles31.1 Miles 
1Erika Fry249F32VA3:084:576:266:3850km
1Matthew Erb247M44VA3:084:576:266:3850km
3Daryl Brubaker242M41VA3:175:287:147:2250km
4Brent Russell270M44VA3:175:347:297:3950km
5Michael Hannon254M57MD3:245:407:277:4250km
5Joe Schramka271M53DC3:285:407:277:4250km
5Todd Ellick246M39VA3:195:287:297:4250km
8Christian Stanton449M48VA3:275:517:568:2750km
9Dave Goodwin250M57VA3:316:068:108:3950km
10Robert Grolemund252M53VA3:586:508:579:1250km
11Tracey Thibodeau451F52VA3:586:508:579:1350km
11Samantha Neakrase267F44VA4:106:418:539:1350km
11Larry Thibodeau450M53VA3:586:518:579:1350km
11Rob Tidwell452M52VA3:366:319:029:1350km
15John Hord257M54MD4:156:499:129:3350km
16Jeffrey Klemm259M71VA4:007:109:379:4750k
17Robert Perry268M59MD4:157:239:5710:1750km

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