Mario Raymond takes in the view from Reddish Knob at the 2013 Martha Moats Baker.

Mike Bur

2021 Report

August 14, 2021  •  Stokesville, VA

51 starters, 38 finishers

The third time was the charm for the Martha Moats Baker 50k! After a lengthy hiatus (the last MMB was held in 2018), we were back in the racing business in 2021. Dam reconstruction closed the vital Tilghman Road in 2019, leading to the cancelation of that year’s run, and of course 2020 was the Year of Everything Being Canceled.

Paul Jacobs led pretty much wire-to-wire to grab the overall win, in a “let’s get this damned thing done” time of 6:22. Second into the finish was Derek Brown, in from Missouri to visit parents in Harrisonburg and to get in some Grindstone training at MMB (a very common phenomenon in any year for this run, but seemingly more so this year). Third overall and among the men was Brad Hawley, who ran the first three sections of the course with his brother, Nate, but then dropped the hammer over Grooms Ridge. Nate was fifth overall, and the Hawleys were sandwiched around fourth place finisher Michael Harms.

First woman to the finish was Grace Fisher, in a “damn that RD and his lousy course directions” time of 7:56. This impressive time by Grace was despite having covered about 3.5 bonus miles. Unfortunately, those bonus miles were off the correct trail down to Tilghman Road, and as a result, she did not complete the MMB course. The first female to the finish who completed the entire course was Chelsea Smith in 8:38. The others on the podium with Chelsea were Jamie Greenawalt in second and a tie for third between Charlene Howard and Emily Clay. Fifth woman Elsa Araujo finished in the TWOT Lot minutes behind Charlene and Emily.

Grace wasn’t the only runner who got off course in what should have been the easiest of the four sections of the course, unfortunately. Only two of the four sections were marked this year. There did not appear to be any runners who experienced issues in those two sections. which were the final two sections of the run (the five mile eastern ridge section between AS 2 and 3; and the Grooms Ridge hellscape that constitutes the final eight mile climb and descent to the finish). Runners without GPS aid and/or turnsheets were generally victimized on the second section as a result of heeding directions offered up by the RD at the first aid station atop Reddish Knob. Two lessons were learned: go to extra lengths to ensure that all the sections are marked in future years, and warn the runners at the pre-race briefing not to heed course navigational advice provided during any briefings by the RD.


The usual note here about these being prelim results. Contact Q if there is an error that needs to be corrected. And if you took pics and want to add them to the historic record at the link below, share them with Quatro


FinishNameBib #SexAgeStateReddishThe SLABGroomsFinish Comments
1Paul Jacobs294M43DC2:143:284:326:2250k
2Derek Brown268M46MO2:263:434:456:4950k
3Bradley Hawley287M41VA3:004:195:217:0850k
4Michael Harms285M38VA2:353:555:077:1950k
5Nate Hawley288M50WV3:004:195:217:5550k
6Grace Fisher !276F40MD2:504:585:587:5650k
7Ryan Minar415M25VA3:074:455:588:2150k
8Marty Fox279M70VA3:164:596:148:3450k
9Timothy Hipp290M46VA3:084:455:588:3650k
10Chelsea Smith300F34VA3:014:295:468:3850k
10Tyler FitzGerald277M35VA2:544:235:318:3850k
12Michael Salsgiver440M41VA3:114:496:138:5150k
13James Wilson482M59MD3:235:146:479:0050k
14Jamie Greenawalt282F53PA3:235:026:219:1350k
14Dan Aghdam264M52VA3:335:166:449:1350k
16Emily Clay269F32MD3:175:026:209:2050k
16Charlene Howard292F49MD3:235:046:279:2050k
18Elsa Araujo265F43VA3:305:146:379:2250k
18Larry Huffman293M60VA3:335:166:379:2250k
20Chad Godfrey280M34VA3:114:476:119:2350k
21Regan Seydler457M28VA3:255:146:419:2950k
22Chris Miller414M42MD3:355:256:529:3350k
23Kathleen Cusick273F46FL3:155:076:349:3650k
24Bruce Tweedie !470M59VA3:115:176:429:3850k
25Trent Hale284M27VA3:145:066:389:4350k
26Tom Simonds460M64VA3:315:166:449:4550k
27Matthew Erb275M43VA4:076:107:489:4750k
28Nathaniel Mauger299M32DC3:255:276:579:5750k
29Samantha Neakrase426F43VA3:455:347:059:5950k
30Karly Knechtel297F27VA3:235:176:4910:0550k
31Christian Stanton463M47VA4:076:077:3410:0750k
32Peter Diak274M42MD3:455:567:2910:0950k
33Amy Zbikowski486F42MD3:255:146:4710:4450k
33Paul Aumayr266M50MD3:245:146:4710:4450k
33Joseph Nah425M49MD3:456:017:2910:4450k
36Sam Coyner272M54VA3:385:377:1410:4550k
37Jeffrey Klemm296M70VA3:576:178:0411:2850k
38Tracey Thibodeau469F51VA4:256:408:2411:4050k
38Elaina Stanton466F51VA4:256:438:2511:4050k
38Ram Oruganti429M51VA4:187:048:4311:4050k
DNFEric Harris !286M48DC2:42XXXEpic Circumnavigation
DNFBrian Compagnone271M48VA3:124:576:306:47Party Route
DNFJohn Hord291M53MD3:556:107:488:11Party Route
DNFCarol Cohen270F44VA4:086:117:488:11Party Route
DNFKarl Barrus267M52MD4:187:118:589:24Party Route
DNFSirisha Golla281F47VA4:207:118:589:24Party Route
DNFJudith Weber *481F61MD4:467:048:589:47Party Route
DNFDan Fogg !278M36DC2:244:094:51xWolf Ridge/Road Finish
DNFRobert Grolemund283M52VA4:256:39XXRide back
DNFCharles Salsgiver434M44MDXXXXLittle Bald Out-n-Back
DNFLarry Thibodeau468M52VAXXXXLittle Bald Out-n-Back

Party Route: 27 miles (finish on road from last aid station)
! — Ran down wrong trail to Tilghman Rd from Reddish

  • — Ran Party Route (with Bonus Mileage on road)

Last updated August 16, 2021