Mario Raymond takes in the view from Reddish Knob at the 2013 Martha Moats Baker.

Mike Bur

2017 Report

August 12, 2017  •  Stokesville, VA

51 starters, 38 finishers


On the whole, it was a good weather day for MMB. Particularly for the volunteers, as the temps ranged from 60 degrees mid-morning on Reddish Knob to the low 70s in the afternoon along the Tilghman Road. Threatened thunderstorms finally revealed themselves mid-afternoon, and after another dry spell, more drizzle made way for more rain to finish the run off. The conditions had been quite humid for the runners, and most still on the course when the rains came were grateful for its cooling effect.

Congrats to Matt Thompson on his overall win, and to Daisy Weill, first to the finish among the women. Matt had opened up a solid lead by the first aid station at 12.5 miles over Leif Van Acker and Adam Watkins. Adam cut into the lead in during the downhill miles to aid station #2, but by the time he reached the final aid station, with 8 miles to go, Matt had once again opened up a 15+ minute gap. His finish in 5:26 was just 8 minutes off the event record, set by Dave Frazier in 2013 and then again in 2014. Daisy Weill held off Amy Brockey-Rogers by a minute to take the women’s win, with the run splits, and on-course photographic and video evidence, indicates that they were running in the vicinity of each other much of the day. Amy Sproston’s course record of 6:15, set in 2013, remains intact.

Other little factoids … The finishing percentage this year was over 75%. This stands in stark contrast to many of the MMB finishing rates in years’ past. For example, 2016 was just over 50%; and 2012 was just over 33%. The starting field of 51 runners set a new record for MMB. And a big congrats to all the runners for dodging the Sand Springs Trail Rattler(s). Most runners commented on seeing one or two during the final stages of their big descent from Reddish Knob to Tilghman Road in the middle of the run. There were no reported bear encounters during the run (two were seen on Grooms Ridge during Friday afternoon trail marking), but plenty of bear dogs, as per usual in this area. Sadly, yellow jackets impacted one runner’s run: Jayme Dubinsky had to skip the final section of the run after experiencing five stings during the Narrowback Trail section of the course.

Once again, a number of runners took advantage of being in the area of these trails to package a Sunday run with their Saturday run. Several groups staged TWOT loops, while others hit other trails in the Massanuttens. MMB weekend provides not only an outstanding run experience on some very underutilized trails, but also a valuable chance to get in a double, particularly for those gearing for fall 100s.

Big thanks to Run Founder and RD Emeritus Dennis Herr for all his work helping to pull this run off. Also thanks to the other volunteers: Mundy Hackett, Natalie Escobar, Mike Hannon, Robin Watkins and Josh Howe. Good times, as always, on these fantastic trails - see you all Saturday August 11, 2018, and we will do it all again. Only this time with more timber rattlers!


Below are the results of the 10th annual running of the Martha Moats Baker 50k, held on the trails in the George Washington National Forest west of Staunton and southwest of Harrisonburg, on the Virginia/West Virginia border.

PlaceMMB Entrant - 2017AgeSexStateReddish Knob (12.2)SLAB (19.3)Grooms Ridge (24.4)FinishTotal Distance
1Matthew Thompson37MaleVA1:593:113:555:2650k
2Adam Watkins37MaleDC2:193:244:126:0250k
3Leif Van Acker22MaleVA2:173:394:366:2450k
4Vivien Deparday33MaleDC2:554:185:287:5050k
5Marc Griffin41MaleVA2:564:245:387:5850k
5Jack Anderson34MaleDC2:564:265:387:5850k
5Matt Christovich38MaleVA2:564:275:387:5850k
8Christian Dahlhausen37MaleVA2:564:255:388:0050k
9Jack Kurisky50MaleVA2:313:465:318:0350k
10Daisy Weill29FemaleDC3:044:375:458:0850k
11Scott Berkley23MaleVT3:044:355:498:0950k
11Jason Farr39MaleVA3:044:385:498:0950k
11Jesse Fuller33MaleVA3:044:365:528:0950k
11Amy Brockey-Rogers36FemaleMD3:044:405:528:0950k
15Eric Harris44MaleMD2:404:506:008:2550k
16Steve Barge50MaleVA3:044:405:548:3150k
16Brett Martin36MaleVA3:044:405:568:3150k
18Todd Ellick34MaleVA3:125:026:118:4450k
19Dan Aghdam49MaleVA3:395:296:528:4650k
20Andy Peterson60MaleVA3:215:116:259:2750k
20Helen MacDermott38FemaleVA3:295:206:469:2950k
20Larry Huffman56MaleVA3:325:206:469:2950k
23Adeline Ntam37FemaleMD3:325:296:469:2950k
24Samantha Pitts-Kiefer39FemaleVA3:295:286:479:3050k
25Sarah Smith45FemaleMD3:325:326:579:4550k
26Judith Weber57FemaleMD3:475:336:569:5050k
26Dani Seiss47FemaleMD3:475:346:569:5050k
28Mundy Hackett47MaleVA3:295:276:569:5550k
29Shawn Cisson31MaleMD3:295:207:029:5850k
29Jared Byrd33MaleMD3:295:217:029:5850k
29Sara Davidson34FemaleMD3:465:247:029:5850k
32Bill Gentry56MaleVA3:295:197:0210:0450k
32Cherry Grassi45FemaleVA3:465:357:0210:0450k
34Julius Garcia57MaleVA3:485:397:1010:0750k
34Jacqueline Ong56FemaleVA3:495:387:1210:0750k
36Diane Behm40FemaleVA4:036:068:0611:0350k
36Joyce Fendley51FemaleVA4:066:078:0611:0350k
38Marwa Elsayed43FemaleVA4:196:478:4811:5550k
NopeDanny Rogers41MaleMD3:084:385:526:12Party Loop
NopeStephen Yurek55MaleVA3:084:415:576:12Party Loop
NopeJayme Dubinsky34FemaleVA4:036:068:128:38Party Loop
NopeJon Jester58MaleVA4:196:478:409:12Party Loop
NopeChristopher Moore31MaleVA3:044:315:185:26Big Party Loop
NopeRick Bennett37MaleVA3:044:395:185:26Big Party Loop
NopeJim Smucker56MaleVA3:125:125:455:58Big Party Loop
NopeChris Pabian41MalePA3:395:42xxxxDNF
NopeSophie Speidel54FemaleVA2:494:195:26xxxDNF
NopeTony Escobar53MaleCO3:546:058:08xxxDNF
NopeRick Amernick46MaleVA3:325:39xxxxxxDNF

Dan Aghdam’s time is a “chip” time, allowed on this occasion as he flew in from Stockholm, Sweden and then drove to the start, spotting the field about 35 minutes.

Two other starters got out of the TWOT lot late, and then rather swiftly left the official course. They had a great time exploring the southern portion of the Wild Oak Trail, and made some nice lemonade out of that navigational lemon; hence the “51” starters noted here, with only 49 names on The List above.

Party Loop - ran to final aid station, then jogged down the Tilghman Road back to the start/finish for about 25+ miles.
Big Party Loop - ran from the 2nd aid station down Tilghman Road, past the 3rd aid station to the start/finish, for about 23 miles.
Special Note: Jayme’s Party Loop was anything but a party - her run was cut short after she was stung five times by yellow jackets in the section between the SLAB and Grooms Ridge aid station.

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