Group shot before the 2018 MGM.

Quatro Hubbard

2022 Report

December 10, 2022  •  Clifton, VA

99 starters, 43 finishers

Particularly joyful Wolfpack of 5.5 runners at the Marina

Results from the 2022 Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50k (ish) run, held on Saturday December 10th are posted below, as well as the link to an entertaining runner’s report submitted by Denise Freeman. Scroll down for the goods!

Congrats to all of our 99 participants for this year’s VHTRC Xmas run! But of particular note, a hearty “Well done!” goes out to Dan Fogg, who returned for a second go at the MGM course, and replicated his 2016 results exactly: Dan was first to the finish among the 50k runners, and his time was a tasty 4 hours and 37 minutes. And an equally hardy “Well done!” to the first woman to the finish, Kate Dettlebach.

Of the 98 runners who reported their time and distance covered at the finish, 42 ran the whole shebang, which various Garmin-like devices put at somewhere in the 29-31 mile range or so. In other words, 50k! The other 56 runners seemingly ran about 40 or so different distances. Likely many, if not all, of the runners in the 20-24 mile range ran to the second aid station near the trailhead to the Do Loop section of the course and then hustled directly back. The others reversed course sooner - the 10-12 milers are likely Marina aid station out-n-back runners.

The Trail Wizard, Tim Stanley

This event begins the 30th year of the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club. The Ancients who created the club in the early 1990’s were represented at this year’s MGM by one of the handful of original Magnus Gluteus Maximus runners, Tim Stanley. Tim is one of the nicer people you could ever hope to encounter on the trails, and he has his own tradition, which he continues to uphold at every MGM and every Bull Run Run 50 mile run, which is to wear his signature purple running shirt.

Several other “of notes’ here:
A newcomer to our area, Tudor Novac, was celebrating his 34th birthday, and he picked MGM to do so in fine, ultrarunning style. Tudor was approaching the Popes Head Creek crossing and what is then the final big climb up a the yellow-blazed hill back to Hemlock from the blue-blazed Bull Run-Occoquan Trail, at the end of his 50k. But as he had just turned 34, he, of course, needed to run 34 miles. So over the concrete pillars in the creek he went, and the bonus miles were secured prior to his safe arrival back at the Cardinal shelter at Hemlock Overlook that serves as MGM HQ.

Josie Krughoff completed her first ever 25 kilometer run, dragging along her dogged mother, Tracy Cooley, and both being dragged along by the enthusiastic Freja Cooley, one of a handful of Canine-American participants in the run.

Knute eager to get started, and flanked by delighted parents Tracy Dahl and Keith Knipling

An even younger participant than Josie was Knute Knipling, who led his father, Keith, around a section of the course on MGM morning. Keith - resplendent in his seasonally-appropriate new green VHTRC club shirt - was fresh off his sixth straight finish the previous weekend at the Devil Dog 100 miler, where he is now the only DD Streaker, having completed all of the 100 milers held at that event.

The Nash Rambler in the Do Loop

There were a wonderful number of new runners out, which is fairly common at MGM, but this year seemed to be punctuated by so many who were making their introduction to the ultra distance at this event. All seemed to be delighted with their accomplishment and their experience on the MGM course. No doubt this joy was enhanced by the ease with which virtually all of the runners were able to navigate the often challenging Do Loop lollipop section at the far southern end of the course. Big kudos to VHTRC Trail Buddha Bob Gaylord, who not only marked those horse trail sections with blue ribbons, but also may have had a hand in leaf blowing (or possibly raking?) the trails to make it almost impossible to get off course.

With any luck, we will regather on the traditional second Saturday in December at Hemlock for the 31st annual MGM 50k. Mark your calendars to join us now! And plan to break out your seasonally-appropriate attire as well … .

The starting 99 (or so) gathered on the slope adjoining the “start line” for the MGM 50k
A festive group at the finish

Other reports


1Dan FoggM4:3750
2Bruce MartinM4:53:3050
3Luke EvansM4:55:2050
4Matt BurkeM5:07:4550
5Jeffrey FairmanM5:15:2650
6Kate DettelbachF5:3350
7Andy GingrichM5:44:1950
8Ali MohammedM5:5650
9Aaron ShapiroM6:0050
10Justin FaulM6:1450
11Matthew ErbM6:3450
11Erika FryF6:3450
13Gael GregoireM6:4350
14Meg RoqueF6:5250
15Anna EndrizziF7:00:2650
16Tudor NovacM7:0350
17Amelia KeganF7:06:4050
18Nathan HoslerM7:0750
19Jaret SeibergM7:11:3250
20Jim AshworthM7:14:5250
21Zach EdwardsM7:1850
22Ali EverhartF7:1950
23Emma DixonF7:19:4450
24Gaetano CallaM7:3550
25Wayne KlineM7:3550
26Scott BoggessM7:41:3650
27Trisch AustF7:5250
28John CalabreseM7:5350
28Carol CohenF7:5350
28Denise FreemanF7:5350
28Charlie PoffenbergerM7:5350
32James MillerM7:5550
32Karen WilleF7:5550
34Alexander SchnoellerM7:5850
34Robert GrolemundM7:5850
36Tracey ThibodeauF7:58:5350
37Angie HuangF8:0950
38Genice RillF8:3150
39Kelly ViandsF8:5850
40Jeffrey KlemmM9:12:0050
41Randi LombardozziF10:0450
41Quinn McCann-LattigF10:0450
41Shaojun WenM10:0450
 Alternate MGM Course   
 Tim BuganskyM5:25:5825
 Paul AumayrM6:00:1825
 Jeremy GrayM6:43:2425
 Jared ByrdM4:0124
 Christina WendelF6:0324
 Andrew ArbuckleM6:1524
 Jeff ReedM6:3324
 Bryan ZelleyM7:14:3024
 May TanF7:2524
 Dave CaveyM4:1820
 Matt MerzM4:24:5620
 Tom SimondsM4:4020
 Rachel RosenblattF6:1020
 Daisy WeillF6:2320
 Caroline LeeanF6:3020
 Maureen RohrsF6:3020
 Michael CampbellM4:5018
 Jana BravoF4:1517.7
 Denise CollF4:3517.5
 Sirisha GollaF7:5417.2
 Ramesh GollaM7:5417.2
 Rob TidwellM4:3017
 Michael ConnerM4:4325k
 Tracy CooleyF5:28:1625k
 Josephine KrughoffF5:28:1625k
 Veronic PetrosianF3:4616.5
 Laura ChipkinF3:4516-ish
 Patrick VaughanM3:3716
 Larry ThibodeauM4:2316
 Laura FalsoneF5:04:2615.25
 Addie WelchF5:04:2615.25
 John GrimesM3:3615.2
 Sarah LugoF3:3615.2
 Karen KnightF3:2515
 Will KuperM2:2814
 Eric ThorntonM2:4314
 Kari AndersonF4:0514
 Kat TepasF4:0514
 Shannon AndesF4:0514
 Elizabeth WiseF4:0514
 Scott WeinholdM3:2713.15
 Michael JuryM8:2713
 Ashley CarrF3:1012
 Brian CarrM3:1012
 Hompeng KomthirathM3:1212
 Brett MartinM3:1212
 Stephen CooperM3:0211
 Stan SpenceM3:0211
 Dan AghdamM3:1011
 William RohrsM3:4511
 Tim StanleyM2:4310
 Sheila VibertF3:1210
 Ram OrugantiM3:3010
 Allison HolkoF1:558
 Josh HoweM2:106.67
 Steve GouldMUnrecorded 

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