Group shot before the 2018 MGM.

Quatro Hubbard

2019 Report

December 14, 2019  •  Clifton, VA

130 starters, 66 finishers

Updated results for the 28th running of the Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50k, held on a damp and chilly Saturday December 14, 2019. Just over half of the 130 starters found their way through the occasional rain and the very persistent mud on this year’s MGM course to obtain their finish.

First to the finish was Michael Wardian, who blazed to a 4:37 and a comfortable 20 minute cushion over the only other runner to come in under 5 hours, Jared Byrd. On the women’s side of the field, the winner was BJ Shannon, who rolled into the Hemlock Lodge finish 8th overall in 5:42. Emily Warner also broke 6 hours, finishing second in 5:55. First senior among the men was Robert Cawood, with his 6:19 finish, and Kate Moga took this title among the women with her 7:42.

There were several first-time ultra distance finishers in the field. They and the usual slew of new visitors to the trails used for this run (the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail and the infamous Horse Trail and Do Loop) were aided in their navigation of the course by the bright and persistent orange spray chalk markings on the ground and tree trunks that were applied by course marshal Bob Gaylord. The chalk markings held up well in the rainy conditions. Those markings led the runners from the Fountainhead end of the blue-blazed BROT to the horse trail and on to the Do Loop and back. This year, the runners were additionally pampered by an unknown benefactor who had cleared the horse trail and the Do Loop with a leaf blower, providing a veritable highway for the lucky MGM runners. This does not mean that there were some runners who got off course. This would not be the MGM with lost runners! But the number who reported bonus time and miles were fairly small compared to years past.

One other runner of note is included in the Fun Run Finishers grouping, below the 66 50k finishers. It was great to see Ed Walsh back on the trails, where he so belongs, after an 18 month hiatus while he battled cancer and other health issues. Welcome back, Ed!

The 29th running of this event is scheduled for its standard slot on the second weekend of December, so mark your run calendar now to join the VHTRC and MGM run director Katie Keier for this festive run on December 12, 2020!


2019 MGM Pics - Multiple Photographers


1Michael Wardian4:3750km45MVA
2Jared Byrd4:5750km36MMD
3Ty Matsdorf5:1250km38MVA
4Erik Price5:1750km36MVA
5Andrew Miller5:2850km27MMD
5Dirk Schulze5:2850km46MVA
7Kyle Lawrence5:4050km35MVA
8Marvin Benjamin5:4150km35MVA
9BJ Shannon5:42:5450km42FDC
10Aaron Clark-Ginsberg5:4350km34MVA
11Aaron Hastings5:4750km48MMD
12Shawn Cissel5:5150km34MMD
12John Oplinger5:5150km42MVA
14Brian Compagnone5:5350km46MVA
15Emily Warner5:5550km35FVA
15Jesse Fuller5:5550km35MVA
15Greg Jackson5:5550km40MVA
18Kevin Walker6:0650km40MVA
18Cody Stueve6:0650km27MDC
20Taylor Black6:0750km26FVA
21Cody Earles6:1050km25MVA
22Robert Cawood6:1950km51MMD
23Mikhail Petrovskikh6:2050km48MMD
23Travis Smith6:2050km38MKY
25Sara Davidson6:3850km36FMD
26Willie Lorenc6:3950km39MVA
26Dmitriy Valekha6:3950km41MMD
28Christopher Black6:5150km26MVA
29Kendra Barber6:5250km39FVA
30Christiana Fogg6:5350km41FMD
31Dan Aghdam6:5850km51MVA
32John Anderson7:1350km57MVA
33David Cavey7:1950km45MVA
34John Fitz7:1950km45MMD
35Jaret Seiberg7:2450km50MMD
36Laura Bergmann7:3050km +37FVA
36Charlie Poffenberger7:3050km45MVA
38Kate Moga7:4250km51FVA
38Chris Walsh7:4250km33MDC
40Tom Simonds7:4350km65MVA
41Jeremy Gray7:4950km46MVA
42Ben Tidwell *7:5050km13MVA
43Eliot Gonzalez7:5150km37MVA
44Rob Tidwell7:5550km49MVA
45Sergio Flores Espinoza8:0050km26MVA
45Marty Fox8:0050km69MVA
47Maureen Rohrs8:1750km64FMD
48Robert Grolemund8:1850km51MVA
49Tracey Thibodeau8:2150km49FVA
50Susan Kolbay8:2550km40FVA
51Gabriella Morra8:2950km51FVA
51Kristin Tidwell8:2950km47FVA
53Marvin Benjamin8:3050km48MVA
53Jon Hintze8:3050km44MVA
55Beth Foster8:4050km41FTN
56Greg Smith8:4350km64MVA
57Jeff Pence9:0550km60MVA
57Andy Peterson9:0550km63MVA
59Gaynor Bourgeois9:0850km51FDC
59Laurel Lundstrom9:0850km39FDC
61Ben Brucker9:2750km +42MPA
62Larry Thibodeau9:2950km51MVA
63Geoffrey Hoehn9:4350km35MVA
63Jason Ferrufino *9:4350km28MVA
65Laura Davis *9:5850km49FVA
65Jennifer Withrow *9:5850km50FVA
 Fun Run FinishersTimeDistanceAgeSexState
DNFAndrew Arbuckle7:392944MDC
DNFTim Skoczen4:4425.540MPA
DNFFrank Volny6:222540MMD
DNFFaye Weaver6:222546FMD
DNFMichael Hannon6:302455MMD
DNFJulie Robinson6:302448FVA
DNFElaina Stanton6:3423.549FVA
DNFKelley Peard5:302339FVA
DNFPaul Crickard6:432366MMD
DNFEric Miller6:3220.443MVA
DNFBob Greenberg5:1120.254MVA
DNFMichael Stefanon5:1120.251MVA
DNFRyan Quinnelly3:322037MVA
DNFSamuel Doud3:482024MDC
DNFKaren Knight4:352046FVA
DNFLarry Ferguson5:022044MVA
DNFMichael Jury5:022044MVA
DNFFrancesco Smith6:302065MMD
DNFVictor Lin5:301939MMD
DNFClaire Lorentzen4:0518.6231FDC
DNFMatthew Wardian3:131843MVA
DNFJohn Guendelsberger4:371868MVA
DNFJen Norris4:371848FVA
DNFJason Jugar3:5417.544MVA
DNFMichelle Reday4:1216.748FVA
DNFCheryl Goodwin6:5316.640FVA
DNFDenise Coll4:3516.559FVA
DNFSteve Grassi4:3516.551MVA
DNFToni Aurilio3:381645FVA
DNFKc Orgeron3:381643FVA
DNFNeisa Condemaita3:4915.5645FDC
DNFShalini McAdams5:2715.333FVA
DNFScott Allender3:451545MCO
DNFKaren Wille3:451548FVA
DNFMeg Wiegand4:001534FDC
DNFLauren Gabler4:071535FVA
DNFRichard Sisson3:5614.3149MVA
DNFTracy Sisson3:5614.3145FVA
DNFCatherine Williams3:5614.3142FVA
DNFSteve Barge3:071454MVA
DNFDaisy Weill3:071431FDC
DNFEd Walsh4:101470MVA
DNFCherry Grassi4:0413.2247FVA
DNFBob Gaylord3:5712.771MVA
DNFKari Anderson4:1012.758FVA
DNFChristine Straub4:0012.640FVA
DNFBrian Maday2:401243MVA
DNFWendy Valdes2:401240FDC
DNFStephen Yurek2:401257MVA
DNFChelsea Smith4:001233FVA
DNFChristopher Moore2:011134MVA
DNFJames Brennan2:021140MVA
DNFThomas Buell2:141145MVA
DNFJim Bapst2:201151MVA
DNFBlair Petrilli2:311133FMD
DNFBruce Tweedie2:351158MVA
DNFThomas McNulty3:0710.542MDC
DNFJosh Howe2:1610.2640MVA
DNFJulie Guy1:578.256FVA
DNFGeran Legue2:02832MVA
DNFHeather Moldofsky2:02825FVA
DNFWill Rohrs3:217.9366MMD
DNFJim Nagle2:167.562MVA
DNFTracy Dahl1:50740FVA
  • Also participating were Keith and Knute Knipling, who took the alternate MGM Baby Jogger Route
  • 50k+ runners reported running the ‘Double Do Loop’ or otherwise enjoying some bonus miles
  • † runners were noted as being first-time ultra finishers!

Last updated December 27, 2019