Group shot before the 2018 MGM.

Quatro Hubbard

2017 Report

December 9, 2017  •  Clifton, VA

138 starters, 43 finishers


It was Joe’s Last Year. Maximum Gluteus Maximus 50k 2017 was the the 26th and last hurrah for the run’s founder and director, Joe Clapper. And he went out with a bang!

207 runners signed up for the 2017 MGM, but by the time run day rolled around on Saturday December 9, “Winter Storm Benji” decided to come calling as well. This was enough to scare away nearly a third of the field; 138 runners ultimately toed the chilly line. Early Fearcasting promised up to 6 inches of snow, and the forecast eased to 1-3 inches as the run started. Ultimately the Bull Run trails saw a solid dusting, at best, of snow and sleet. The No Shows forfeited their $10 “entry fee” (which the Shows received during check-in on run morning). As all the pizza and beer was covered by the No Shows, the rest of us salute all the DNS’s!

The cold and wet conditions did take a toll on many of those who did run. Ultimately just over 30% of the starters completed the full course. First to the finish was Will Weidman, in just under 5 hours. Will was paced by Brian Schmidt for the first few miles, but Brian planned an abbreviated out-and-back. So Will spent much of the run on his own - including his trip through the Do Loop. He might have been happier by getting around the Do Loop without getting lost than he was by his win. Might have been, had there not been great swag at stake! Will ended up taking home a handcrafted VHTRC-themed Xmas ornament, courtesy of Master Craftsman (and 4th place finisher) Erik Price.

First woman (and 8th overall) to the finish was Sheila Vibert. Sheila capped off a spectacular debut year of ultra trail racing with yet another win. She cruised in to the finish in 5:46. Sheila brought her own swag to the post-run party: a Furbutt Shot Glass. Truly a bear with a bite. (see pics link photos of the winners and their swag, as well as starters, other finishers, and many of the volunteers)

The youngest finisher was Tristan Epler. He finished his first 50k in 7:37; Tristan is just 15 years old. The oldest finisher was the indefatigable Ed Walsh, who ran a 7:27 one week after finishing a 100k, and all this at the ripe young age of 68. Ed was among 6 finishers over the age of 60. But the oldest Ed in the starting field was Ed Demoney. Ed logged some MGM miles at age 83. It was good to see Ed back on the trails.

The rest of the results can be viewed below. Thanks to all the runners, and to a strong group of volunteers, for coming out in the middle of Winter Storm Benji. See you back at Hemlock Overlook Park next December for the 27th MGM, and the first year under new RD Katie Keier. Katie will no doubt maintain this event’s impeccable reputation. And hopefully she will be able to convince Joe to pull on his patented green tights and return in his new role as a random irresponsible participant in 2018 — well, maybe not such a new role for Joe, come to think of it…


Quatro’s photos on Flickr.


1Will Weidman34M314:57
2Jesse Tubb41M315:26
3Sean Brown29M315:27
4Erik Price34M315:29
5Jesse Fuller32M315:36
5Adam Stolzberg41M315:36
7Chris Looney29M315:37
8Sheila Vibert36F315:46
9Julian Jamison44M316:11
10Ryan Quinnelly35M316:22
10Samantha Strong22F316:22
12Willie Lorenc37M316:23
13Elizabeth Farry27F316:30
13Geoff Patterson34M316:30
15Allison Rosenberg27F316:32
16Geoffrey Hemgen42M316:35
17Jennifer Ragone47F316:39
18Tad Asbury56M316:42
19Dave Goodwin52M316:53
20Jim Bapst49M316:56
21Dan Aghdam49M316:59
21Scott Crabb46M316:59
21Rob Tidwell47M316:59
24Paul Ammann56M317:01
25Andrew Burnette47M317:02
26Lillian Chreky26F317:17
26Hompeng Komthirath43M317:17
28Michael Campbell67M317:21
29Al Campos44M317:26
30Julie Kimmel37F317:27
30Sarah Smith45F317:27
30Ed Walsh68M317:27
33Marty Fox67M317:32
34Michele Harmon51F317:35
35Mikhail Petrovskikh46M317:36
35Tonnie Warfield38F317:36
37Tristan Epler15M317:37
38Maureen Rohrs62F317:40
39David Wood55M317:56
40John Stacy61M317:58
41Danny Pimienta42M318:34
42Rob Kolb49M318:35
43Jeffrey Klemm66M318:58
DNFYancy Padilla39F277:39
DNFLisa Vasquez46F277:39
DNFChristine Schauerman52F267:28
DNFFrank Volny38M267:28
DNFFaye Weaver44F267:28
DNFEric Schumm30M254:00
DNFPeter Diak39M254:25
DNFJustin Hersh42M254:39
DNFTom Buell43M255:00
DNFJared Byrd34M255:30
DNFRob Colenso43M255:30
DNFSara Davidson34F255:30
DNFRichard Sisson47M255:30
DNFDaisy Weill29F255:30
DNFGaynor Bourgeois49F255:53
DNFCarol Cohen41F255:53
DNFCaroline Williams55F256:37
DNFJohn Guendelsberger66M256:38
DNFStephanie Danahy60F256:59
DNFDebbie Daughtry60F256:59
DNFDawn Gray43F24.745:35
DNFQuatro Hubbard57M245:52
DNFGail Jones57F247:00
DNFTim Weems52M247:03
DNFBill Turrentine69M247:22
DNFBruce Tweedie56M23.65:16
DNFChris Batten66M236:17
DNFBob Greenberg99M21.225:26
DNFMichael Stefanon49M21.225:26
DNFKate Spiering27F215:24
DNFJohn Love34M203:48
DNFAndrew Arbuckle42M204:21
DNFMatthew Smith38M204:36
DNFEmily Warner33F204:36
DNFTobin Krieg27M204:50
DNFSara Fanous37F204:52
DNFTom Simonds63M204:52
DNFLoel Romeo53F205:06
DNFBob Coyne70M205:35
DNFBrian O'Connor52M205:35
DNFAmy Gibson41F194:38
DNFAlisa Springman43F18.015:24
DNFLinda Wack61F184:30
DNFJim Daniels44M185:25
DNFFrancesco Smith63M185:51
DNFAlan Zwart47M185:51
DNFBrian Schmidt49M172:43
DNFSheila Van Cuyk48F173:33
DNFBrett Martin37M174:12
DNFMarwa Elsayed43F174:21
DNFJeff Reed58M174:21
DNFJenny Roberts37F174:21
DNFGina DeGaetano30F163:05
DNFJeff Holdaway59M163:10
DNFKrista Kelly24F153:05
DNFOmar Hernandez39M153:40
DNFThomas McNulty40M154:00
DNFToni Aurilio43F14.254:00
DNFKC Orgeron41F14.254:00
DNFWilliam Rohrs64M14.254:41
DNFMary Bowman52F14.13:35
DNFBrienne Thomson39F142:25
DNFMichael Schumm27M143:15
DNFWindy Aziz41F122:20
DNFLauren Gabler35F123:05
DNFWendy Valdes38F123:05
DNFJoe Clapper59M123:14
DNFBob Anderson71M124:08
DNFKari Anderson56F124:08
DNFPamela Gowen65F124:08
DNFCarole Williamson56F124:08
DNFLaura Turbe50F11.52:42
DNFSimon Crisp52M114:00
DNFChad Epler44M114:00
DNFPhyllis Tsang35F10.51:55
DNFBarry Smith65M10.53:24
DNFMark Zimmermann65M10.53:24
DNFSirisha Golla35F10.53:26
DNFTracy Dahl38F102:30
DNFEd Cacciapaglia63M102:49
DNFDenise Coll57F102:55
DNFCherry Grassi45F102:55
DNFJeffrey Davis48M9.62:37
DNFPatty Edleblute44F9.62:37
DNFNeisa Condemaita43F9.22:31
DNFBob Gaylord69M92:30
DNFKatie Keier47F92:30
DNFGary Knipling74M92:30
DNFJen Norris46F8.51:36
DNFBarry Nobles51M82:02
DNFJulie Guy54F82:04
DNFCathy Hovis48F82:04
DNFJosh Howe38M51:15
DNFEd Demoney83M2.60:44
DNFAnstr Davidson72M2.61:02

Times and distances are all self-reported.

Last updated December 12, 2021