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2005 Report

December 10, 2005  •  Clifton, VA

100 starters, 54 finishers

Report: Potchari Hippu 50 km

Car in Do Loop
Harry Smith and Marcia Peters at the Nash Rambler in the Do Loop.

On December 10, 2005, the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club held its annual fat ass run, this year, the Potchari Hippu 50 km (that’s polite Japanese for “fat ass” more or less).

The day started out very cold, but clear and calm. There were a couple of inches of snow on the ground but that snow was, for the most part, easy and pleasant to run on. As the day wore on, the snow softened, but did not get slushy. It was a perfect winter day for running.

Exactly 100 people started the event. Ok, there was nothing exact about the record keeping process, but that’s a pretty good number. Also, several people were still warming themselves in the dining hall when the gun went off. As usual, VHTRC insiders led the way down the hill.

The starting field was certainly more than the first few Bull Run Runs. The club has come a long way. But some things stay the same. Joe and Anstr, for example, were wearing some of the same clothes they wore at the very first VHTRC fat ass, le Grande Dierriere, in 1992. The big question was whether they had laundered those clothes in the intervening years. Most didn’t want to get close enough to find out.

Sustenance in the Do Loop
Sustenance in the Do Loop.

As usual, the official fat ass promise of “no aid” was broken. There was plenty of sustenance at the Marina and the Do Loop aid stations as well as hot pizza at the end. The Do Loop aid station also had its usual “special treat” put out by a person whom we will identify only by his initials, “Gary Knipling.”

Some people ran pretty fast, but since this was not really a race and because this reporter was too far back to even see the winners at the finish festivities, we will not report on that. The back of the pack, however, had a lot of fun and performed admirably. There were even two back-of-the-packers who did the Do Loop twice.

The results this year set a new low for reliability. Why? Because many of you have horrible handwriting. If you think there is a problem with your time, place, or number of miles, take a penmanship class. Don’t complain to us.

While this is a “hang loose” deal, it still requires a lot of work. Joe Clapper organized the whole thing including the dining hall and the pizza. Derrick Carr, Gary Knipling, and Bob Phillips set out the aid and marked the Do Loop. Most importantly, Carolyn Gernand helped clean up while others found excuses not to help her as they wound the party down. Thanks for all you folks did.

To all who participated, thanks again for coming and, from the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club, “Happy Trails!”

Group at Start
Group at Start (except for those still in the dining hall) — RD Joe Clapper just said “GO!”


Photos on Flickr

Bull Run below Hemlock Overlook
Bull Run below Hemlock Overlook.


1Mike MasonM35VA4:49
2Derrick CarrM44VA5:12
3John AndersonM43VA5:29
4Frank ProbstM62VA5:32
5Joe ClapperM47VA5:33
6Mike CampbellM55VA5:45
7Mitchel GoodmanM27NY5:46
8Jeff HoldawayM47VA5:47
9Ronald ElyM34MD5:48
10Bob HuberM47MD5:52
11Prasaud GerradM47MD5:54
12Joe MonM28MD6:00
13Mark PrescottM46VA6:00
14Greg LoomisM31VA6:02
15Laura DeWaldF48MD6:02
16Todd GreenM34VA6:04
17Russ EvansM46VA6:14
18Ed CacciaoagliaM51VA6:17
19Alex PapadopoulosM31VA6:20
20Jaret SeibergM36MD6:21
21Diana WiddowsonF39PA6:23
23John OrganekM61VA6:33
24Dave YeakelM41VA6:33
25Gary KniplingM62VA6:37
26Barry KreisaM51VA6:42
27Ganor BourgeoisF37DC6:45
28John NelsinM55VA6:48
29Kevin O'ConnorM58VA6:52
30Danny McDonaldM47MD6:56
31Paul StinsonM41MD6:56
32Barb IsomF58MD6:57
33Greg McCarthyM47VA7:02
34Harry SmithM57PA7:08
35Marsha PetersF49PA7:08
36Charlie MiracleM52VA7:12
37Liz SchmidtF38VA7:15
38Hunt BantnteM53DE7:15
39John SondermannM52VA7:15
40Joe HigginsM47VA7:18
41Jay HousmanM59VA7:18
43Jim CavanaughM63VA7:24
44Andrew MooreM37PA7:30
45Dana McBrideF36PA7:30
46Jack HeelyM41PA7:35
47Anstr DavidsonM60VA7:40
48Davie BraultM54MD7:47
49Carrie SauterF31MD8:00
50Harry E. GoodM55MD8:00
51Farouk ElkasseulM56VA8:50
52Caroline WilliamsF43VA8:50
53Dionisio de LeonM54VA8:55
54Carolyn GernandF29VA9:05
Michelle PriceF39MD14
Lorrin HarveyF32MD14
Bill SublettM48VA19
Michelle KaneF42VA19
Bill VicheM46VA 
Carol HousamanF45VA10
Julia HigginsF42VA10
Dave QuiveyM43VA11
Suzette ButtoamF46VA12
Melania SaranieroF32VA12
Darrel SchapperM36VA12
Heather TrainnumF34VA12
Jessica ZippinF34DC12
Sydney ShepherdF42VA12
Cathy BlessingF33VA13
Mical HonigfortF29MD14
Jeff ReedM46VA14
Shaibre DesfsirF41MD14
Ed Sr. BennettM51VA14
Beverly BennettF41VA15
Kirstin WalcottF34DC15
Tom CorrisM52VA15
Tim McDonoughM49VA15
Marty LindemannF29VA15
James MooreM61MD16
Scott CrabbM34VA16
Launne TurrentineF55VA18
Valarie MeyerF47VA18
Lucia DavidsonF60VA18
Greg PowerM54CA19
Hillay SchaefflerF37VA19
Jill QuiveyF40VA19
Matt MerrillM34VA19
Chris AndersM41VA20
John HaywardM42MD20
Francesco SmithM51MD20
Robby SaranieroM31VA21
Pete PontzerM41VA21.5
Mike BredulM49MD22
Phil SilasM52VA23
Bob PhillipsM50VA24
Rob MarraM38MD24
Keith MooreM36DC24 m
David GaudetteM48VA28
Linda GaudetteF42VA28
Liz RuskinF40DC

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