Group shot before the 2018 MGM.

Quatro Hubbard

2003 Report

December 14, 2003  •  Clifton, VA

54 starters, 23 finishers

Report: Tai Aon Yaon 50 km

The trail with mud and snow
The trail with mud and snow.

50 km (more or less) single track trail with snow, mud, and cold.

Well the so-called “tough” people got clear, dry weather for David Horton’s latest craziness, Hellgate, while those doing the Tai Aon Yaon 50k got cold, wet snow that turned to cold, wet mud. Who had it tougher?

Actually, the toughest thing was getting to the start. Twenty minutes before the scheduled starting time there were fewer than 10 runners at Hemlock Overlook. But by the time of the delayed start there were almost 50 people who had braved the snowy roads. As the group took off down the trail, it looked like one of those wonderful winter days, gliding through squeaky snow. But that ended quickly as the tread became mushy, muddy, and very wet. As the temperature rose above freezing (but not much above) the snow underfoot melted while the snow next to it damned in the water to make a thin but very long lake of slush. Dry feet were not an option.

From the Washington Post Express.

As usual, some ran the entire way, some went shorter. The cold, wet run was rewarded by a hot fire and warm pizza at the finish. Oh, it was so good to have dry, warm feet!

The VHTRC has continued to name its Fat Ass event in another foreign language. Tai Aon Yaon is Thai for “Big Flabby Buttocks.” (See story at right.) The term “Fat Ass” started as a franchise for a 50 miler held just after the holidays with no entry fee. “Fat Ass” has become an adjective that only means a low key run without an entry fee. Language changes.

Thanks again to Joe Clapper for all the work he does on this event. Despite his pitifully late results, everything else went pretty well. There were other helpers of whom, Joe said, “I would like to thank all folks that helped, some risking life, limb, and their cars.”

Collage of photos from the 2003 MGM 50 km
Collage of photos from the 2003 MGM 50 km.


Results appear below. They are certified by Enron’s auditors. As Joe said, “Folks that can’t write clearly get what they got.”

1Sean Andrish34VA05:33Ran on top of water
1Tim Skoczen24VA05:33Who?
3John Anderson41VA05:38darn good
4Douglas Kelly38VA05:59Wow
5Derrick Carr42VA06:13Training for W$ '09
5Scott Mills152VA06:13Aged his toes
5Tom Nielsen44VA06:13Just like So Cal
8Paul Rapavi46VA06:22Passed RD w/ mile to go
8.5Joe Clapper45VA06:24Humbled but not broken
10Billy Lese35VA06:32not bad
11Todd Whitman35VA06:43never got wet
12Don Gabrielson(2dg)37VA06:502dg?
13Mike Gaffney50VA07:10not bad for old guy
14David Gaudett46VA07:27frost bite
15Greg Power52VA07:35looked good
16John Fletcher25MD07:48Just a kid
16Dave Kriegibaum23MD07:48baby
18Charlie Miracle50VA08:02Where's the kid?
19Ed Cacciapaglia49VA08:16Slogged
20Jeff Reed43VA08:261,237th run (ask him)
21Kirk Paulson40VA08:30At least beat Bob
22Bob Phillips48VA09:00Heard Carolyn coming
23Carolyn Gernand55VA10:14First Women
 Randy Dietz53PA28 milesloopless
 Ronald Elz32MD28 milesdrank most of tequila
 Karen Kruely31VA28 milesDon't eat the yellow snow
 Chris Andres39VA24 milesdid it
 Russ Evans44VA24 mileswarming up
 Bill Ladieu54PA24 milesGo Orange!
 Ira Marcus32VA24 milesLost clothes
 Ian McDougal51VA24 milesBest Accent
 Piers Newbery38VA24 mileswhy to go
 Kevin O'Connor56VA24 milesnot as fat as Rob
 Rob Saraniero29VA24 milesFAT
 Anstr Davidson58VA23 milesdid not run with Woman
 Amy Walker-Casey42MD20.5 milesSo she says
 O' Hunt Bartine51DE/PA20 mileslives on border?
 Maria Bertacchi39VA20 milesfirst Woman?
 James Moore59MD20 milesNo Mo (for this day)
 John Nelson53VA20 milesgreat
 Chis Rivard30VA20 milesYou two related?
 Sally Rivard28VA20 milesgo Sally
 Phil Silas50VA20 milesFun
 Loren Thomas51NJ20 MilesLong way to get pizza
 Bill Van Antwerp50VA20 milesdrove truck
 Mike Wedemeyer28VA19 mileswhere'd he go?
 Joyce Fendly37VA12 milesgood time
 Katy Kravets29MA12 milesHiker
 Keith Whited51VA11 milesnot last
 Tom Corris50VA6 milesWimp
 Gary Knipling60VA6 milesWhat's he done lately?
 Keith Knipling28VA6 milesOn a bike
 Kirstin Walcott   Pizza Monster
 Eric Ivy31VA?Still out there

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