Group shot before the 2018 MGM.

Quatro Hubbard

2002 Report

December 14, 2002  •  Clifton, VA

87 starters, 51 finishers

Report: Fat Taffy Kiss 50 km

Group shot before the 2002 Fat Taffy Kiss 50 km
Group shot before the 2002 Fat Taffy Kiss 50 km.

50 km (or or less) single track trail with “some” mud—cold, wet, windy.

The trail is under there somewhere!
The trail is under there somewhere!

It was wet, it was cold, it was muddy, it was fun. The VHTRC’s annual Fat Ass run was held on December 14. Despite the crappy weather, 87 people stood on the starting line. (Ok, there really isn’t a starting “line,” but you know what I mean.) As the happy crew ran down to the river and started on the Bull Run Trail, it suddenly met reality in the form of a trail under two feet of water. As runners were being signed up for the class action law suit against Joe for this outrage, the field found a way around the water. The rest of the trail was above water, more or less.

There were certainly some disappointments this year. Jose, again, manned the Do Loop aid station, but there was no mischief reported in the Do Loop. Additionally, several contributors to SONRAP complained that there was no visible evidence that their major contributions to refurbishing the Nash Rambler had been well spent. Unfortunately, they were ignoring the significant administrative expenses that SONRAP staff are required to make. The management retreat was a significant drain on expenses.

As usual, Gary Knipling performed his selfless role of guide to woman runners. Several women, who didn’t know any better, were seen running with him. It was Gary, however, who noted that ever since John Dodds wrote that piece about woman trail runners, you always see lots of women around him. Is there a lesson here?

It is impossible to do an event this big justice. There were so many stories, so many lies, so much cheating, so many Pennsylvanians.

James and Bill wade into the marina
James and Bill wade into the marina.

A big THANKS to Joe Clapper for all the work he does on this event. Putting on this event is not as complicated as BRR, but everything that has to be done is done, or arranged by Joe. His only screw up this year was to order enough pizza to feed the finishers at the Marine Corps Marathon. Joe, you are supposed to buy too much beer, not pizza!

Computer generated results with splits and age group standings appear below. Also, there really is a Santa Claus. What do you expect for your money or for your crappy handwriting?

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John Dodds’s report.


Before the start
Before the start.
The starters and the stream
The starters and the stream.
After the Water 1
After the Water 1.
After the Water 2
After the Water 2.
Elsewhere on the trail
Elsewhere on the trail.
Elite group and sign for horses to read
Elite group and sign for horses to read.
Tom Corris pictures #1
Tom Corris pictures #1
Tom Corris pictures #2
Tom Corris pictures #2.
Tom Corris pictures #3
Tom Corris pictures #3.
Tom Corris pictures #4
Tom Corris pictures #4.



1Aaron SchwartzbardVA255:15:00Wow
2Derick CarrVA415:17:27In Mourning
2Robin KaneVA395:17:27Sea legs
4Evan SandtVA335:19:00Top PA
5Frank ProbstVA595:26:00all wet
6Scott MillsVA515:29:00Short Cut?
7John AndersonVA405:30:00fast guy
8Michele BurrMD365:38:00salt fine
9Jaret SibergMD335:49:00top beer drinker
10Kevin BliganPA435:45:00all wet
11Mike CambellVA525:55:00beat me
12Mike WedemeyerVA275:55:00Handwriting help
13Jim CramerPA396:01:00best legs
14Billy LeseMD346:02:0065th ultra
15Joe ClapperVA446:05:57no comment
16Karen ShileyPA266:08:00Met Jose
17Harry SmithPA546:20:00not bad
18Mike GholsonVA476:22:45overdressed
19John NelsonVA526:23:00 
20Kevin O'ConnorVA626:25:001st old guy
21Mundy HackettMO326:28:20 
22John DoddsVA516:33:00no comment
22Gary KniplingVA596:33:00Go Air force!
22Linda WackMD466:33:00had to run with Gary
25Tom TraskVA566:38:00strong all day
25Wayne LaphamVA566:38:00almost beat Tom
25Don LookingbillPA426:38:00he's back
28Randy DietzPA526:50:00Bill's driver
29Bill Van AntwerpVA576:55:51goofy hat award
30David WiesenhahnVA416:56:00 
31David GaudetteMD457:04:00 
32Jef ReedVA437:07:001,745th race
33Julie McGheeVA297:10:00 
34Diana StumpPA367:14:001st Va run
35Rob SaranianoVA287:30:00where's Mel?
35Bill SublettVA457:30:00No water above ankles
37Jim CavanaughVA607:39:00not a day over 45
37Anstr DavidsonVA577:39:00never left trail
37Bill LaDieuPA527:39:00Go 'Cuse
37Charlie MiracleVA497:39:00I believe inà
37Terry OttinaVA357:39:00Last Canadian
37John SchwaleMD557:39:00 
43Don KresalVA397:45:00 
44Bob PhillipsVA477:49:00 
45Tom GardnerPA457:50:00 
46Bill WandelMD597:52:00swimming?
46Chris CouldreyMD287:52:00 
48Marge HughesDE408:12:00most enthusiastic
48John HughesDE428:12:001st ultra
50Bill Parlett, Jr.MD478:40:00Beat Phil
50Phil SilasVA498:40:00Still smiling
51Carolyn GernardVA549:26:25most persistent
 Victoria KendallVA5028 milesbest post race
 Kerry OwensDC3928 milesbest beer post race
 James MooresMD5828 milesBig River keeps on rolling
 Dave WeisND5428 miles 
 Amy BloomVA2926 milesnever got feet wet
 Tom SoderholmVA4926 miles 
 Steve PlattVA3226 milesback hurts
 Michael SchmitzMD4026 miles 
 Cris RiveriaDC3025 miles 
 Danny McDonnelllMD4426 miles 
 Maria BertucchiVA384 hours 
 Mark PrescottVA4322 milescoulda done more
 Christopher RivardMD2920 miles 
 Sally SmithVA2720 miles 
 Payton RobinsonVA4319 milesnipples are fine
 Caroline LeeanstearnsVA406 hrs 30 minhung in there
 Terri HandyPA3815 mileshow many PA runners are there?
 Tim StanleyVA4715 mileshe's back too
 Brian FillmonVA444 hours 
 Laura TaylorVA3614 miles 
 B. RabzmMD3714 mileshandwriting impaired
 Tom CorrisVA4911 MilesHelped everywhere
 Marty LindemannVA4110 milesThanks for everything
 Bunny RunyanVa6010 mileshappiest
 Paul ChristopherVA68??????Illegible Writing
 Scott MackenzieVA49Still missingwho knows

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