Geoffrey Baker makes his way across Doll Ridge on the Tuscarora Trail during the 2017 Elizabeth Furnace 50 km.

Diane Behm

2018 Report

March 17, 2018  •  Fort Valley, VA

75 starters, 62 finishers


Below are the results of the 2018 St. Patty’s Day edition of the Elizabeth’s Furnace 50k, held, of course, on March 17th, 2018. This was the 13th annual running of this VHTRC event. The EFA 50k is held on a colorful assortment of challenging trails around the historic Elizabeth’s Furnace along the Passage Creek, in the northern entrance area to the Fort Valley and the Massanutten Mountains.

First to the finish, in a sparkling new course record, was James Fogg. Dave Frazier had the previous best, and the only time under 5 hours (Dave’s 4:59:32 was in 2014). James rolled in nearly 7 minutes under that time! His finishing time was 4:52:55. It is tradition to mark a record in results with an exclamation point, and rarely is it more merited than in this instance. The Family Fogg has had some great runs at Elizabeth Furnace. James’s brother Dan Fogg was second to Adam Watkins in 2017, and Dan and James were third and fourth in 2016. Adam Watkins was second overall, in what is now the third fastest time in the history of this run. His time was 5:02:21. Adam spent a fair amount of time sprawled out on the trail, as evidenced by his strong Best Blood performance. Paul Jacobs finished third in 5:05:32 - now the fourth fastest time in the 13 years of the EFA 50k.

First woman to the finish was Kelly MacDonald. Her time of 6:15:29 was also good for 6th place overall. 2nd woman and 16th overall was EFA veteran runner extraordinaire Michele Harmon.


Quatro Hubbard’s photos, courtesy of of runners and volunteers


PlaceNameAgeSexHomeMudhole / 10.3Furnace / 21.8Finish / 31Comment
1James Fogg40MMD1:333:324:52:55!50k
2Adam Watkins38MDC1:383:325:02:2150k †
3Paul Jacobs39MDC1:383:325:05:3250k
4Mike MacLellan31MVA1:544:046:0150k
5Justin Faul37MVA1:504:196:1450k †
6Kelly MacDonald29FVA2:014:256:15:2950k
6Eric Harris45MMD1:554:016:1550k
8John Cassilly51MVA1:564:246:1750k
9Patrick Vaughan40MVA1:554:126:1950k
10Keith Knipling42MVA1:574:276:2050k
11Ryan Brown32MMD1:564:256:3450k
12Karsten Brown43MVA2:024:436:4650k
13Gavin Watson57MMD2:134:536:5550k
13Joe Schramka48MDC2:134:536:5550k
15Josh Howe39MVA2:004:397:0050k
16Michele Harmon52FMD2:185:067:2050k
17Olivier Leblond45MVA2:155:167:2150k†††
18Doug Massengale42MMD2:225:087:2550k
19Andy Peterson61MVA2:235:147:3050k
20Steve Barge51MVA2:195:137:3150k
20Stephen Yurek56MVA2:245:137:3150k
22Emily Clay28FMD2:165:207:3950k
22Casey Fisher34MMD2:215:207:3950k
24Dan Hawk45MMD2:235:227:4150k
25Guy Towler48MVA2:215:097:4550k
26Chris Pabian41MPA2:345:517:5150k
27Alvin Lee43MMD2:265:297:5950k
28Jamie Greenawalt50FPA2:265:358:0450k
28Larry Huffman57MVA2:265:358:0450k
28Bruce Tweedie56MVA2:305:358:0450k
31Art Perraud60MMD2:265:308:0550k
32Ashley Carr32FMD2:285:398:0650k
33Tom Simonds63MVA2:345:458:1550k
34Hompeng Komthirath43MVA2:255:308:2050k††
35Jeff Pence59MVA2:335:398:2750k
36Stephen Cooper63MMD2:325:518:3950k
37Michael Stefanon49MVA2:335:398:4050k
37James Miller53MVA2:265:468:4050k
39Samantha Pitts-Kiefer40FVA2:266:058:5750k
39Marty Fox67MVA2:456:208:5750k
41Tammie Garstecki46FMD2:266:119:0650k
42Brian Carr42MMD2:326:169:0750k
43Loel Romeo53FMD3:076:239:1050k
44Eric Thomson49MVA2:496:229:2050k
44Jon Jester58MVA2:536:239:2050k
44Joyce Fendley52FVA2:536:289:2050k
47Scott Martin56MNY2:426:249:2750k
48Gary Maier65MNY2:536:289:3750k
49Lindsay Burleigh38FVA2:435:319:3850k
49Ariana Sarar33FDC2:506:319:3850k
51Gary Bowman52MPA2:486:339:3950k
51Mandy Pierce43FPA2:536:339:3950k
53Sirisha Golla41FVA3:066:479:5650k
54Jeffrey Klemm67MVA2:516:4310:0150k
55Tracy Cooley45FVA2:466:3310:0750k††††
56Tony Escobar54MVA3:057:0510:2650k
56Shelly Cable48FPA3:057:0610:2650k
56Marwa Elsayed43FVA3:057:0610:2650k
59Bob Anderson71MVA3:087:0510:2950k
60Jimmy Roeder38MMD2:527:0810:4550k
61Judith Weber58FMD3:087:0410:4750k
61Alan Zwart47MDC2:557:1010:4750k
DNFTracey Thibodeau47FVA3:156:457:1823 miles
DNFAri Darmon34MVA2:507:13x23 miles
DNFEric Rohnacher39MVA2:526:50x22 miles
DNFRobert Grolemund49MVA3:157:047:1822 miles
DNFTracy Dahl38FVA3:117:30x22 miles
DNFBrian Schmidt49MVA1:403:414:0521 miles
DNFDan Aghdam49MVA2:21x5:3321 miles
DNFKevin Green45MMD2:25x5:5321 miles
DNFSara Fanous38FVA2:29x5:4421 miles
DNFJaret Seiberg48MMD2:42x5:4421 miles
DNFCarole Williamson56FMD3:07x6:5321 miles
DNFLarry Thibodeau49MVA3:15x7:0521 miles
DNFDavid Stauffer25MVA1:38x3:20road drop†††††

! — new course record
† — tie for Best Blood (in the view of the horrified volunteers
†† — Homer Komthirath covered the full distance of the EFA 50k, but accidentally took the “social loop” on the Sherman Gap/Shawl Gap side of the course (in other words, ran that section backwards).
††† — 1st in Bonus Miles: Olivier Leblond reported that he covered over 34 miles on the course
†††† - 1st woman in Bonus Miles: Tracy Cooley reported exploring the entire Sherman Gap pink trail including the little-used section that involves fording the Passage Creek and crossing the Fort Valley Road all the way to Bear Wallow and the Mudhole Gap purple trail.
††††† - Self Extraction Award: David Stauffer aggravated an IT band injury while stopping at the 1st Aid Station at the end of the Mudhole Gap trail. The fastest and easiest way out was on foot, back to Signal Knob parking by way of the entire length of the Mudhole Gap trail back to the Fort Valley Road, then up the road to the parking lot.

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