Geoffrey Baker makes his way across Doll Ridge on the Tuscarora Trail during the 2017 Elizabeth Furnace 50 km.

Diane Behm

2017 Report

March 11, 2017  •  Fort Valley, VA

68 starters, 65 finishers


Here are the tentative results for the Elizabeth’s Furnace Fat Ass 50km run, held in the northern Fort Valley on Saturday March 11, 2017. Congratulations to the Watkins family for sweeping the top spots! Adam was first overall, and Robin was first woman and 7th overall.

It was an unusually cold day for this time of year, but the runners benefited from a day on a dry course with sunny skies to compensate for temps in the 20s and 30s, and some bracing gusts of wind at times.

A BIG thanks to the VHTRC for sponsoring this event, and to all the volunteers who came to give all or part of their day to support their fellow runners.

Final results with splits will be posted in a few days.

Other reports

Report from Jen Jacobs.


Photos from Paul Encarnación.


PlaceNameAgeSexHomeFinish / 31
1Adam Watkins37MDC5:08:13
2Dan Fogg32MDC5:17:07
3Brad Hinton40MVA5:28:53
4Jack Anderson34MDC5:32:00
5Jack Kurisky49MVA5:49:00
6Eric Harris44MMD6:00:00
7Robin Watkins33FDC6:00:36
8David Glaser34MVA6:22:00
9Windy Aziz40FVA6:30:00
9Erik Price33MVA6:30:00
11Kathleen Cusick41FFL6:38:00
12Mary Beth Strickler42FMD6:42:00
13Christopher Flint34MVA6:43:00
14Emily Clay27FMD6:47:00
15Grace Fisher36FMD6:55:00
16Scott Lee45MVA6:57:00
17Jamey Brumsey31MVA7:03:00
18Julian Jamison44MDC7:04:00
18Patrick Vaughan39MVA7:04:00
20Andy Peterson60MVA7:07:00
21Doug Massengale41MMD7:10:00
22Casey Fisher33MMD7:18:00
23James Nelson29MVA7:21:00
24Brian Carr41MMD7:33:00
25James Wilson55MMD7:35:00
25Travis Bertram44MVA7:35:00
25John Fitz42MMD7:35:00
28Amy Zbikowski38FMD7:37:00
29Roger Jensen66MDC7:42:00
30Michele Harmon51FMD7:47:00
31Meir Lewin29MMD7:48:00
32Alvin Lee42MMD7:49:00
33Paul Sherlock60MVA7:55:00
34Ron Eshleman48MMD8:00:00
35Andrew Thomas IV34MVA8:03:00
36Rob Tidwell46MVA8:05:00
37Jeff Pence58MVA8:06:00
38Jen Jacobs40FDC8:06:00
39Bryan Slotterbach43MPA8:11:00
40Carol Cohen40FVA8:14:00
41Paul Crickard63MMD8:21:00
41Art Perraud59MMD8:21:00
43John Peabody62MRI8:27:00
44Jeff Fiolek50MWV8:30:00
44Mark Peyton43MWV8:30:00
46Dawn Gray42FVA8:33:00
46Daisy Weill28FDC8:33:00
48Stephen Cooper62MMD8:36:00
49David Robertson64MVA8:37:00
50Bill Breidenstine51MPA8:40:00
50Jaret Seiberg47MMD8:40:00
52Zsuzsanna Carlson44FNJ8:44:00
53Jacqueline Ong56FVA8:48:00
54Diane Behm40FVA8:56:00
55Michael Campbell67MVA8:58:00
56Dave Yeakel Jr52MVA9:03:00
57Judith Weber57FMD9:20:00
57Hillary Peabody30FDC9:20:00
59Susan Gardner52FVA9:24:00
60Christine Schauerman51FMD9:28:00
60Tammie Wonning45FMD9:28:00
62Brian McNeill58MMD9:29:00
63Sarah Curtis35FVA9:33:00
64Bob Anderson70MVA10:26:00
65Alan Zwart46MDC11:01:00

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