Geoffrey Baker makes his way across Doll Ridge on the Tuscarora Trail during the 2017 Elizabeth Furnace 50 km.

Diane Behm

2014 Report

March 16, 2013  •  Fort Valley, VA

74 starters, 53 finishers


Below are the results of the 9th annual running of the EFA 50k. Thanks to all of the runners and volunteers for participating on a beautifully sunny and comfortable late winter day. Congratulations to the finishers, and in particular our new course record holder, Dave Frazier, who was able to break 5 hours on this very challenging course. The women’s field was led by Angela Russell. Best blood was definitively won by Birgit Mitchell, and First Aid Awards were won by three runners who helped ensure Birgit made it back to Elizabeth Furnace. Magellen Awards were won by a number of runners for missing the same ridgeline turn. They can be determined by a close examination of the splits between the first and second aid stations.


Paul Encarnacin’s photos.


FinishNameSexAgeStateA.S. 1A.S. 2Finish
1David FrazierMale28VA1:273:174:59:32!
2Brian GreeleyMale30MI1:453:435:20
3Brad HintonMale37VA1:433:495:31
4Justin ContoisMale34VA1:353:465:44
5Kyle LawrenceMale29VA1:353:525:55
6William WeidmanMale30VA1:443:536:00
7Greg ZarubaMale47MD1:443:536:04
8Jack KuriskyMale46VA1:454:026:04
9Joey CohenMale30DC1:594:246:31
10Ginn WhiteMale38MD2:154:486:33
11Chris McIntoshMale40VA1:434:006:39
12Gavin WatsonMale53MD2:034:296:40
13Andy PetersonMale57VA2:124:406:51
14Angela RussellFemale37MD2:124:406:53
15Joe SchramkaMale45DC2:074:406:53
16John FitzMale39MD2:225:057:22
17Ronald GreenMale46MD2:164:487:26
18Ernesto CasarezMale57MD2:255:197:49
19Mitchell PotterMale60VA2:165:167:57
20Michael HannonMale49MD2:245:337:57
21Gary LukacsMale56PA2:185:238:01
22Jack ChildersMale53WV2:406:008:02
23Stephen CooperMale59MD2:185:218:06
24Paul CrickardMale60MD2:245:248:06
25Sheri FiolekFemale36WV2:405:488:08
26Rick ThompsonMale49MD2:165:528:12
27Alan LagonMale44MD2:415:378:14
28Jeff BestMale52VA2:205:388:14
29Stacy GautschFemale43PA2:305:398:23
30Mike FrankMale45MD2:305:398:23
31Tim GavinMale46MD2:305:398:23
32Michael GildeaMale49VA2:405:458:27
33Jana SniderFemale35MD2:445:558:28
34Scott MillarMale45MD2:476:188:28
35Fred FialcoMale40MD2:135:528:30
36Jeff PenceMale55VA2:145:528:30
37Carolyn WilsonFemale54VA2:315:428:32
38Katie RaezerFemale45PA2:315:458:32
39Sara FanousFemale34VA2:315:438:34
40Dan AghdamMale46VA2:536:008:37
41Bernard PesjakMale44VA2:036:198:38
42Rob TidwellMale43VA2:305:438:39
43Bill BreidenstineMale48PA2:405:488:39
44Tom SimondsMale59VA2:335:458:55
45Tony EscobarMale50VA2:255:448:59
46Zsuzsanna CarlsonFemale41NJ2:476:039:01
47Ed WalshMale65VA2:386:029:09
48Farouk ElkassedMale64VA2:486:139:14
49Lisa JohnstonFemale49MD2:486:189:20
50Alan GowenMale64MD2:426:189:31
51Paul BassetteMale56VA2:266:0510:01
52Chris FarmerMale34MD2:466:4510:14
53Judith WeberFemale54MD2:536:5010:15
DNFNatalie KennedyFemale46VA2:446:238:59
DNF - 23Dave HerringMale43VA2:035:45xxx
DNF - 23Douglas HusseyMale49WV2:405:46xxx
DNF - 23Bill SusaMale51MD2:425:59xxx
DNF - 23Jen PageFemale41VA3:006:59xxx
DNF - 23Cherry GrassiFemale41VA3:016:59xxx
DNF - 23Katie KeierFemale43VA3:016:59xxx
DNF - 23Robert GaylordMale65VA3:006:59xxx
DNF - 23Francesco SmithMale59MD3:016:59xxx
DNF - 22Birgit MitchellFemale42MD2:125:52xxx
DNF - 22Diana WiddowsonFemale47PA2:386:28xxx
DNF - 22Aaron HastingsMale42MD1:576:37xxx
DNF - 22Alan ZwartMale43DC2:476:40xxx
DNF - 22Brian O'ConnorMale48MD2:596:40xxx
DNF - 22Bob CoyneMale67MD3:017:00xxx
DNF - 21Kevin GreenMale41MD2:24xxxxxx
DNF - 21Mark MckennettMale35MD2:24xxxxxx
DNF - 21Gary KniplingMale70VA2:34xxxxxx
DNF - 21Eric ThomsonMale45VA2:42xxxxxx
DNF - 21Nathan VasherMale28VA2:42xxxxxx
DNF - 21John GuendelsbergerMale62VA2:49xxxxxx

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