Geoffrey Baker makes his way across Doll Ridge on the Tuscarora Trail during the 2017 Elizabeth Furnace 50 km.

Diane Behm

2008 Report

March 15, 2008  •  Fort Valley, VA

55 starters, 36 finishers


NameSexAgeStateSidewinderEliz. FurnaceOverall TimeEF 50K Comment
Sean AndrishMale38VA1:113:465:29:22Bloody knees. First day back on rocks in months. Fell several times; still under 5:30
Keith KniplingMale32DC1:113:465:29:22Still unbeaten in mountainous Fat Ass races; crushed course record
Steve CoreMale41VA1:114:005:57:32Running better without the mustache; just behind the big guns; broke previous course record
Greg ZarubaMale41MD1:124:126:14:46Held off Clapper with a strong finish
Joe ClapperMale49VA1:214:226:20:38Where's Zaruba?
Michele HarmonFemale42MD1:224:226:23:05Women's winner - worked hard and paced to an excellent finish by Brother Joe
Michael SchusterMale34VA1:124:146:24:52Can't keep up with his dog
C.J. BlaggMale41VA1:174:216:28:32Another in a long string of strong performances
David GarmanMale46MD1:274:106:31:30Excellent run - first into Furnace aid station after Minnie
Mike HuffMale40VA1:194:256:34:58Strong debut at EFA
Marlin YoderMale55VA1:224:437:01:32Yet another Super Masters win
Jamey GroffMale32VA1:224:447:02:52Definitely back in the groove
Brian WilsonMale34VA1:244:407:24:47Heading to the Top Ten list with a bullet
Warren EvansMale34MD1:435:197:33:11Another strong debut at EFA
Fernando GarciaMale31VA1:285:107:40:14Survived big loop with Gary
Eric McGlincheyMale34VA1:325:107:40:14Also survived big loop with Gary
John NelsonMale58VA1:275:087:46:48Hopelessly lost and took others with him
Challen EdwardsFemale41VA1:405:297:57:31Got stronger and more color coordinated as the day went on
Marti KovenerFemale43MD1:325:298:06:49Was comprehensively Sniped
David SnipesMale40VA1:325:298:06:49Was comprehensively Kovenered
Ted BielawaMale37VA1:435:298:07:13Ran in good company all day
Frank ProbstMale64VA1:395:298:17:36Took best blood on a day with many competitors
Eva RosvoldFemale34MD1:275:598:23:08Hopelessly lost but still finished a Horton-length 50K
Mary CampbellFemale40VA1:466:028:54:48New Women's Half Marathon RD was strong and steady all day
Tony EscobarMale44VA1:236:078:54:48Prepared with map, turnsheet, female pacers & a growler of good stout
Ernesto CasarezMale51MD1:426:199:05:57Made it look easy all day
Charlie MiracleMale54VA1:486:089:10:44Clearly runs much faster when clad in Catawba lemon grass
Barbara IsomFemale60MD1:576:259:12:03Couldn’t catch Charlie on the small loop
Vicki KendallFemale55VA1:576:259:12:03Reformed the Sisterhood
Lisa JohnstonFemale43MD1:496:259:12:03Joined the Sisterhood
Sharon LapkoffFemale55MD1:496:259:12:03Drove pace car for Sisterhood
Carole SmithFemale53MD1:496:259:12:03Rode shotgun in pace car for Sisterhood
Ed RangelMale31MD1:466:219:40:29Conned into making EFA his first ultra when told it was good "beginner's 50K"
Dawn MichelFemale37VA1:456:259:59:03Sooo wanted to stop at 22, but gutted it out to finish
Farouk ElkassedMale58VA1:456:359:59:03The Imam of Fort Valley - back from injury
Carolyn GernandFemale59VA2:027:2210:48:33Consistently beat time goals
Gary KniplingMale64VA1:285:10 Got in his miles before finding a sports bar for VT vs. UNC - 26.5 miles
Ron ElyMale37MD1:416:30 Good training run - 23 miles
Linda GaudetteFemale44VA1:486:35 Waiting for her husband to reappear on course - 23 miles
David PinnickMale51VA1:398:11 Hopelessly lost, but reunited with lost lobster claw glove cover - 23 miles
Minnie SchusterFemale4VA1:114:07 Pulled from course at Furnace aid station while running fourth; fond of Slim Jims - 22.5 miles
Jen JacobsFemale31DC1:436:54 Having a strong winter of racing - 22.5 miles
Tom CorrisMale54VA1:28X Decided mid-race to work Mudhole Gap aid station - 21.5 miles
Bob PhillipsMale52VA1:46X Good to have the Bull Run Run RD back on the trails - 21.5 miles
Carl CampMale47DE1:46X Stomach went south - 21.5 miles
Kirstin CorrisFemale37DC1:55X Newlywed bliss - 21.5 miles
Justine MorrisonFemale27DC1:27X Hopelessly lost on side trip to West Virginia
Adam MathesonMale28VA1:28X Hopelessly lost on side trip to West Virginia
Glenn LandisMale32VA1:42X Ran fast enough to get ride home from race winner
David GaudetteMale50VA1:42X Hopelessly lost
Tom GerhardtMale56VA1:49X Disappeared - later found at hospital getting stitches
Ryan CarterMale31DC2:38X Hopelessly lost on combination Moonlight Run & Elizabeths course
Dan MackebenMale48VA2:38X Hopelessly lost on combination Moonlight Run & Elizabeths course
Ed DemoneyMale74VAX5:17 Day 1 of Reverse Ring '09 training - a Sherman Gap out-n-back - 14.9 miles
Charlie ToddMale56MDXX The master of the fried egg and cheese sandwich enjoyed Sherman Gap loop - 9 miles

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