The view of the Shenandoah Valley from Bird Knob, taken during the 2001 Catherine’s Fat Ass.

Keith Knipling

2023 Report

July 22, 2023  •  Luray, VA

70 starters, 70 finishers

Chelsea’s RD Notes

The 2023 edition of Catherine’s Fat Ass was held on Saturday July 22, and other some poor copperhead with the absolute worst luck, a great time was had by all. There were unseasonably cool conditions for the runners this year, with temperatures in the upper 60’s for the brief run director’s pre-race comments, and the 7 AM run start. Previous RD and event founder Jeff Reed commented, “second coolest Catherine’s ever!” He clearly was referencing the thermometer reading, but may have been commenting on the vibe of this year’s CFA.

Your 2023 Catherine’s Fat Ass Champeens! Anthony Wolosik and Blair Petrilli at the finish line party.

Cooler temps brought a large crowd this year. And those conditions led to some thoughts that the course records were in jeopardy. That was not to be; current course record holder Lance Dockery’s fast 4:30 finish time stands strong for yet another year.

Congratulations to Blair Petrilli! Blair ran strong all day, and took 1st place finish for the women in a time of 5:56. Blair has been rocking runs this year and will be fun to watch in her upcoming 100 in November! Martha Nelson wasn’t far behind, finishing in 5:58, making this one of the most enjoyable ultras she’s completed since the birth of her amazing son Bjorn, because she didn’t empty the contents of her stomach at all during the run. Afterwards was a different story, but Martha was pleased at this breakthrough regardless. Despite a sore ankle/knee and well, just 100 mile training right off another 100 miler, Heather Dougherty came in 3rd place with a time of 6:02.

The men’s field had a tight run all day. Anthony Wolosik and Steven Hanson battle for 1st for the beginning half of the course. Anthony eventually took the lead and finished in 5:09 for the first place finish. Bradley Hawley snuck up on Steven right at the very end of the course and they crossed the finish line together for a 2nd place tie in 5:35. Less than 1 minute later, Caleb Fowler crossed the finish in 5:35 (and 58 seconds).

“Frozen” Ed Furtaw at the finish with RD Chelsea Smith, and with his occasional trail companion on this day, fellow finisher Neisa Condemaita

Honorable mention: “Frozen” Ed Furtaw, a successful competitor during the early days of the Barkley Marathons, joined us for this event and kicked those mountains and rocks butt, finishing in 10:31! Ed is 75 years young and is now the most senior finisher of this course. Ed was one of FOUR runners in the 70-79 age group to finish this year’s run. An additional five runners in their sixties also got it done. The range of age for the 70 finishers ran from Ed’s 75 years down to Joshua Binder’s 24. Joshua was one of four runners in their twenties to finish, as that age group managed to match the 70-year-olds in the number of finishers.

The afterparty was a blast, while we celebrated multiple July birthdays (as the plethora of party hats in the following photos can attest). Those cool temps and yummy burgers kept everyone hanging around post run. I enjoyed catching up with friends and meeting new people. This is by far my favorite event the club puts on. Thank you to VHTRC for continuing to support these fun events.

Keep scrolling beyond the photo gallery below to find your results from this year’s CFA 50k!

As always, it’s the volunteers that make this run so amazing and run so smoothly. Please acknowledge the volunteer list below and thank them for their time spent making this summer run a success.

In a break from recent tradition, the course was NOT marked with green ribbons, but instead that VHTRC staple color of blue. Here Adi Smith displays her mastery of the slip knot.

Special thanks to the following volunteers:
Adalyn “Adi” Smith - Co-Director
Elias “Eli” Smith - Co-Co-Director
Dan Aghdam – course marking, set up/break down, hauling stuff, course clearing, solver of all problems.
Katie Keier – course marker, the hostess with the most-est; finish line captain; queen of the group selfies.
Brian McNeil - course marking captain
Bruce Tweedie - course marking
Carrie Drummond - course marker, Pitt Springs Aid Station Captain
Quinn McGlinchey - Pitt Springs AS
Critter McGlinchey - Pitt Springs AS
Larry Tumblin - course marking, Morgan Run Aid Station Captain, remover of fallen trees from the course
Quatro Hubbard - Catherine’s Furnace Aid Station Captain
Cara and Theo Mason - CF AS
Mitch Goldman - CF AS
Jeff Reed - Bird Knob Aid Station Captain
Emma Reed - BK AS
Jose Cardenas - BK AS
Tracy Cooley - BK AS
Alexandra Stone - Sweep
Ivory Lira - Sweep
Samantha Neakrase - Sweep
Deb Cawthorn - Sweep
Faith Hengesbaugh - Sweep
Todd Folmsbee - Grill Master
Jeni Dwyer - finish line
Pete Josendale - finish line
Isabel Josendale - finish line
Vivian Josendale - finish line
Finlee Josendale - finish line
Jayme Dubinsky - finish line
Sara Davidson - finish line
Larry Huffman - finish line

The finish line volunteers gather for a group shot prior to the arrival of the runners



1Anthony Wolosik30MDC5:09
2Bradley Hawley43MVA5:35
2Steven Hanson40MDC5:35
4Caleb Fowler27MVA5:35
5Christopher Moore37MVA5:40
6Will Voelzke46MVA5:41
7Aaron Shapiro39MMD5:42
8Jared Byrd39MMD5:49
9Blair Petrilli37FMD5:56
10Martha Nelson42FDC5:58
11Heather Dougherty37FDC6:02
12Mark Domanski43MVA6:12
13Joe Schramka54MDC6:13
14Justin Faul43MVA6:22
14Kevin Walker43MVA6:22
14Zach Weinberger35MVA6:22
14Christopher Zarate34MVA6:22
18Barry Hauptman60MMD6:23
19John Durkalski40MDC6:34
20Erik Price40MVA6:36
21Kathleen Cusick48FFL6:45
21Steve Hobeck63MVA6:45
23Jack Nguyen41MVA6:46
24Ali Mohammed45MMD7:05
25Christian Stanton49MVA7:16
26Scott Lee52MVA7:17
27Bruce Tweedie61MVA7:20
28Emma Dixon28FDC7:29
29Thomas Mauger65MWV7:30
30Emily Clay34FMD7:31
31Dani Sevel34FVA7:31
31Marc Griffin47MVA7:31
31Matt Smythe42MVA7:31
31Lance Dockery32MMD7:31
35Scott Ulrich50MNY7:34
35Eric McGlinchey49MVA7:34
37Kathleen Pauls39FMD7:36
38Jeff Lysiak59MVA7:42
38Barushi Amarasinghe48MVA7:42
40Marty Fox72MVA7:47
40Patrick Vaughan46MVA7:47
42Laura Bennett52FVA7:53
42Andrew Goldkuhle56MVA7:53
44Jimm Ouellette50MVA7:54
45Huanyuan Sheng47MVA8:01
46Gaetano Calla49MVA8:06
46Jeff Tessein36MVA8:06
48Mark Peyton49MWV8:11
48Joshua Binder24MWV8:11
50Jamie Greenawalt55FPA8:12
50Michelle Rindos48FVA8:12
52Costi Sifri56MVA8:15
53Gaynor Bourgeois54FMD8:25
53Laurel Lundstrom43FMD8:25
53Duy Truong38MVA8:25
56Bill Breidenstine57MPA8:26
57Adam Miller50MVA8:40
58Amy Zbikowski44FMD8:45
58James Wilson61MMD8:45
60Lou Brooks56MVA8:50
61Rob Tidwell53MVA8:55
62Elaina Stanton52FVA8:57
63Tin Luu42MVA8:58
64Stuart Brown72MVA8:59
64Fitzgerald Brown28MVA8:59
66Nate Mauger34MDC9:10
67Neisa Condemaita48FDC10:28
67Andrew Arbuckle48MDC10:28
69Ed Furtaw75MVA10:31
70Jeffrey Klemm72MVA10:52

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