The view of the Shenandoah Valley from Bird Knob, taken during the 2001 Catherine’s Fat Ass.

Keith Knipling

2022 Report

July 23, 2022  •  Luray, VA

56 starters, 52 finishers

2022 Catherine’s Fat Ass winners Joe Crawford and Nora Jodrey

It was another HOT year for Catherine’s Fat Ass. The run began at 7am and the air was thick with humidity. As the runners climbed up Bird Knob to their first aid station, the temperatures rose into the 90s. We are extremely thankful to the many volunteers who worked to keep this event successful and the runners hydrated. Of the 25 volunteers we had this year, many worked multiple positions.

Congratulations to top finishers Joseph Crawford, Erin Kelman, and Anthony Wolosik, all finishing under 6 hours. Joseph Crawford took first in just 5:06. Our female podium winners include Nora Jodrey, who also finished in under 6 hours with her first ultra and took first place by over 40 minutes. Jana Fridrichova, who did an additional 4 miles after missing the turn onto the Purple trail after flying through the Bird Knob aid station #1, fought her way back to the front of the pack, taking 2nd. Emma Fields and Cat Hinkle tied for 3rd, despite this being their first time on Massanutten trails (they mentioned it was rocky). Honorable mention goes to James Jordan for toughing his way through his first ultra as well. It was on his bucket list to complete an ultra before his 30th birthday. James, I think you have time to complete another. Come back and join us!

The after party, as always, was a huge success and we were able to break down after all the runners had finished and get out of the parking lot just before a big storm rolled in. Thanks again to the CFA participants for running, volunteering, cheering, and/or supporting this weekend. We hope to see you next year for the run on July 22, 2023!

Special thanks to retiring Run Director, Dan Aghdam, for all of the support this year as I take over the reins. I know I have big shoes to fill keeping this event as exciting as you have made it.

Photos - Jamie Greenawalt (Furnace Aid Station)

Photos - Charlene Howard (Bird Knob Aid Station)

The starting field
Danny Gracias readies the Catherine’s Furnace aid station


1Joseph Crawford36MVA5:06 
2Erin Kelman45MMD5:27 
3Anthony Wolosik29MDC5:38 
4Kyle Imhoff31MVA5:45 
5Bradley Hawley42MVA5:53 
5Vladimir Martinez-Jimenez37MVA5:53 
7Nora Jodrey25FMD5:541
7Aaron Shapiro38MMD5:54 
9Erik Price39MVA6:10 
9Lars Hasseler38MVA6:10 
11Michael Harms39MVA6:14 
12David Peppelman46MMD6:31 
13Randall Orr39MVA6:33 
13Jose Cardenas34MVA6:33 
15Jana Fridrichova43FMD6:372
16Derek Kennedy27MVA6:50 
17Patrick Early43MVA6:51 
18Itaru Fujieda46MMD6:52 
18Justin Faul42MVA6:52 
20Ali Mohammed44MMD6:58 
21John Durkalski39MDC6:59 
22Alexander Schnoeller46MTN7:10 
23Mark Domanski43MVA7:12 
24Emma Fields42FVA7:313
24Catherine Hinckle36FVA7:313
26Marty Fox71MVA7:33 
26Keith Knipling46MVA7:33 
28Dani Sevel33FVA7:35 
29Dagmar Paul37FVA7:38 
30Marc Griffin46MVA7:39 
30Matt Smythe41MVA7:39 
32Matt Burke34MMD8:064
33Brian Chiles48MVA8:11 
34Gaynor Bourgeois53FMD8:15 
34Daisy Weill34FDC8:15 
36Eric McGlinchey48MVA8:23 
37Patrick Lichy43MVA8:33 
38Travis Bertram49MVA8:41 
39Jimm Ouellette49MVA8:47 
40Jeff Reed62MVA8:545
41James Miller57MVA8:56 
42Amy Zbikowski43FMD9:04 
43Tracey Thibodeau52FVA9:21 
43Stuart Brown71MVA9:21 
43Fitzgerald Brown27MVA9:21 
46Ram Oruganti52MVA9:27 
47Crystal Koch46FVA9:50 
48Vickie Bryant52FVA9:51 
49Sam Coyner55MVA9:53 
50James Jordan29MVA10:046
51Doug Kelly56MVA10:16 
52Jeffrey Klemm71MVA10:37 
NopeGuy Towler53MVADNF7
NopeCarol Cohen45FVADNF8
NopeHeather Dougherty36FDCDNF9
NopeKatie Burke44FMDDNF10

1 - First female, and her first ever ultra!
2 - 2nd female, despite 4 bonus miles
3 - Cat and Emma finished tied for 3rd female
4 - Missed turn onto purple/ 2 bonus miles
5 - Nice race by the race’s founder!
6 - His first ever ultra!
7 - Said “nope” to climbing the evil purple switchbacks; took a hard right and finished by way of pink trail, instead
8 - Opted out of Morgan Run fun/did Furnace out-n-back for 20 miles
9 - Bad ankle; opted out of Morgan Run for 16 miles - Good luck at Eastern States!!
10 - Dropped at Bird Knob 1 and instead helped with finish line set up

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