The view of the Shenandoah Valley from Bird Knob, taken during the 2001 Catherine’s Fat Ass.

Keith Knipling

2021 Report

July 24, 2021  •  Luray, VA

72 starters, 67 finishers

After taking a hiatus in 2020 for the Covid pandemic, Catherine’s Fat Ass returned for 2021. It was a rather triumphant return, at that. Run day featured some of the mildest weather in recent memory for this mid to late July ultra calendar staple. The runners took advantage and seemed to really enjoy being back on this challenging course, with over 90% finishing. Congratulations to the men’s podium finishers: Aaron Shapiro, Andy Stravers and Matthew Smith, all of whom finish in under 6 hours. The women’s podium features Heather Dougherty, Blair Petrilli and Emily Warner, all of whom finished in the top ten overall and also within three minutes of each other!

But there were so many winners on this day. In particular, the Beagle Group needs to be acknowledged. Several runners encountered three stray beagles on their climb up the Purple Trail after their second pass through the Furnace aid station. Seeing that these were not hunting dogs but instead young dogs that had been abandoned in the woods, these runners were determined to bring them out so that they could find a better fate. Jimm Ouellette not only gave up his hydration pack for use as a beagle papoose for the female in the greatest distress, but had to give up his run as a result. The others, including Sara Davidson, Joseph Nah, Laurel Lundstrom, Gaynor Bourgeois, and Deb and Leah Cawthorn, eventually carried or led all three back to the finish. Jimm had contacted the local Page County no-kill shelter for pickup and a required five-day quarantine prior to adoptions. Rumor has it that runners plan to adopt the CFA beagles, if a planned local joint adoption that would keep all three pups together does not pan out.

Big thanks to a great crew of CFA volunteers who manned the four aid points along the course, helped mark and sweep the trails and then put on the traditional post-race cookout party-in-the-parking lot at the finish!

Check back for more details and the run splits later this week; please email Q if there are errors in the tabulated results.


Prelim results - final results with splits and report up later this week.

1Aaron ShapiroM37MD5:23 
2Andy StraversM44VA5:26 
3Matthew SmithM42VA5:50 
4Eric HarrisM48DC5:5112 minute chip time
5Heather DoughertyF35DC6:10 
5Jared ByrdM37MD6:10 
7Shawn CisselM35MD6:12 
7Blair PetrilliF35MD6:12 
7Keith VanGraafeilandM40VA6:12 
10Emily WarnerF37VA6:12 
11Josh GilbertM46VA6:20 
12Bradley HawleyM41VA6:21 
12Nathaniel HawleyM50WV6:21 
14Brian CompagnoneM47VA6:25 
15Erick KuhlmannM34VA6:37 
16Greg JacksonM42VA6:54 
17Bruce TweedieM59VA7:00 
18Marty FoxM70VA7:03 
19James DeckerM46VA7:17 
20Chelsea SmithF34VA7:21 
21Daryl BrubakerM40VA7:21 
22Emily ClayF32MD7:22 
22Daisy WeillF33DC7:22 
24Kimani LongM47NC7:24 
25Michael SalsgiverM41VA7:26 
26Marcel LettreM48MD7:33 
27Mark ReifM43VA7:39 
28Karly KnechtelF27VA7:51 
29Matt ErbM43VA7:53 
29Carol CohenF44VA7:53 
31Joel McmullenM35VA7:55 
32Claudia Guerrero BarreraF41VA7:56 
32Nigel BavinM58VA7:56 
34Francisco ByrneM27VA7:59 
34Jeff ReedM61VA7:59 
36Sydney PesettiF24VA8:00 
37Helene StrutkoF42PA8:07 
38Elsa AraujoF43VA8:11 
39Christian StantonM47VA8:15 
40Barbara McMullenF30VA8:16 
40Alex StoneF39DC8:16 
42Deb CawthornF50VA8:29 
43Peter DiakM42MD8:29:30 
44Leah CawthornF25VA8:30 
44Sara DavidsonF38MD8:30 
44Joseph NahM49MD8:30 
47Laurel LundstromF41DC8:31 
47Gaynor BourgeoisF52DC8:31 
49Rob KolbM53VA8:35 
50Aramis PerezM34MD8:47 
51Fitzgerald BrownM26VA8:48 
51Stuart BrownM70VA8:48 
53Tracey ThibodeauF51VA8:57 
53Jon JesterM62VA8:57 
53Stephen CooperM67MD8:57 
56Dawn GrayF47VA9:02 
57Amanda LichyF43VA9:08 
58Ram OrugantiM51VA9:09 
59Bryan SlotterbachM47PA9:11 
60Bill BreidenstineM55PA9:12 
61Sabrina Kingston-MilesF53MS9:26 
61James MillerM56VA9:26 
63Leigh WeilF42DC9:28 
64Jeffrey KlemmM70VA9:51 
65Sirisha GollaF47VA10:21 
65Sherry Ruffner-SlackF48VA10:21 
67Judith WeberF61MD9:49Ran the old CFA course+
 Jimm OuelletteM48VADNF25+ miles
 Jeremy GrayM47VADNF24.5 miles
 Robert GrolemundM52VA6:2920 miles
 Larry ThibodeauM52VA6:3520 miles
 Katie BurkeF43MDDNF10 miles

Last updated July 25, 2021