The view of the Shenandoah Valley from Bird Knob, taken during the 2001 Catherine’s Fat Ass.

Keith Knipling

2019 Report

July 27, 2019  •  Luray, VA

72 starters, 64 finishers


Preliminary results of the 2019 Catherine’s FA 50k. A huge thanks to run director and circus ringmaster Dan Aghdam for putting on such a great run! And thanks to the Weather Gods for allowing the run to be conducted on an unseasonably comfortable late July day. Sunny, ultimately somewhat humid and warm, but overall a nice day for a run in the southern section of the Massanuttens. It was a particularly nice change from the 110+ heat index day that runners had endured a week earlier at Catoctin, Conococheague, Vermont and other runs in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Congrats to overall winner Mario Raymond, and the rest of the men’s top five podium. made up of a hard charging Bryan Lam, Erik Price, Jesse Fuller and Justin Faul. Women’s winner BJ Shannon came in 12th overall, and the rest of the women’s podium consisted of hard drinking Emily Clay, Dani “the Devil” Sevel, Chris Fogg, and Wendy Valdes.

And a solid 10 mile loop by Frito Cooley. Now, sit - stay!! Good dog.


PlaceNameAgeSexHomeFurnace Aid #1Morgan Run AidFurnace Aid #2FinishComments
1Mario Raymond47MMD1:472:133:175:11 
2Bryan Lam37MDC1:562:243:315:19 
3Erik Price36MVA1:562:243:295:34 
4Jesse Fuller36MVA1:562:243:315:37 
5Justin Faul39MVA1:542:223:315:40 
6Matthew Smith40MVA1:492:173:225:51 
7Kai Filion40MDC2:112:393:555:53 
8Ryan Moore34MMN1:592:303:506:01 
9Erick Kuhlmann32MVA1:562:233:386:03 
10Jose Cardenas31MVA2:002:343:536:08 
11Keith Knipling43MVA1:592:333:546:16 
12BJ Shannon42FDC2:102:363:586:16 
13Matt Christovich40MVA2:002:363:566:19 
14Jeffrey Garstecki50MMD1:582:333:516:22 
15Brian Compagnone45MVA2:042:373:576:27 
16Nick Drozdiak37MDC2:152:484:206:38Old Course
17Erin Altemos45MMD2:152:484:126:40 
18Rick Bennett38MVA2:192:574:186:45Old Course
19Greg Jackson40MVA1:562:263:546:49 
19Joe Schramka50MDC2:152:494:196:49 
21Emily Clay30FMD2:293:024:276:51 
22Keith VanGraafeiland38MVA1:562:253:326:52 
22Nate Mauger30MDC2:263:004:216:52 
24Rick Henry34MVA2:002:343:536:53 
25Scott Crabb47MVA2:152:504:206:56 
26Marty Fox68MVA2:172:504:236:58 
27Justin Hersh44MMD2:052:414:107:07 
27David Cavey45MVA2:192:484:187:07 
29Scott Lee48MVA2:413:154:447:14 
30Dani Sevel30FVA2:233:054:367:26 
31Hompeng Komthirath44MVA2:263:104:377:33 
32Mark Reif41MVA2:263:104:477:48 
33Bret Kinsella50MVA2:263:054:417:50 
33Christiana Fogg41FMD2:313:124:547:50 
35Marvin Leventer55MMD2:313:064:547:54 
36Bruce Tweedie57MVA2:363:154:588:03 
37William Crimmins26MCO2:243:094:488:06 
38Don Riley56MMD2:393:174:558:08 
39Bill Breidenstine53MPA2:363:155:048:18 
39Wendy Valdes39FDC2:263:034:478:18 
41Janine Harris39FDC3:133:525:268:24 
42Tom Mauger61MWV2:323:115:128:30 
43Aramis Perez32MMD2:383:185:048:33 
44Gaynor Bourgeois50FDC2:443:295:188:39 
44Laurel Lundstrom39FDC2:443:295:188:39 
46Travis Bertram46MVA2:363:195:218:41 
47Alex Harris29MMD3:184:106:028:51 
48Stephen Wancowicz47MMD2:443:525:308:55 
49Jamie Greenawalt51FPA2:513:455:439:02 
49Shelly Cable49FPA2:513:455:439:02 
49Dawn Gray45FVA2:513:455:439:02 
52Tammie Garstecki47FMD2:513:455:439:12 
52Sirisha Golla43FVA3:063:485:439:12 
54Brady Haycock39FDC2:483:435:369:21 
54Serhot Ozturk38MMD2:493:425:369:21 
56Laura Bennett48FVA2:534:006:029:22 
56Holly Franz48FVA2:534:006:029:22 
58Sam Coyner52MVA2:393:255:179:28 
59Carole Williamson58FMD3:254:106:069:33 
59Sisou Armstrong45FMD3:254:106:069:33 
61Sherry Ruffner-Slack46FVA3:194:126:119:42 
61Melanie Barron42FVA3:194:126:119:42 
63Bob Coyne72MMD3:134:006:059:46Early Start
63Brian OConnor54MMD3:134:006:059:46Early Start
NopeSarah Capostagno28FMD2:393:194:557:29Pink Trail
NopeBrian Schmidt51MVA1:472:18xDNFRide Back
NopeKevin Walker39MVA2:112:42xDNFRide Back
NopeMichael Campbell69MVA2:56xxDNFRoad Return
NopeJeremy Gray45MVA3:14xxDNFOut-n-Back
NopeTracey Thibodeau49FVA3:21xxDNFOut-n-Back
NopeRobert Grolemund50MVA3:21xxDNFOut-n-Back
NopeLarry Thibodeau50MVA3:21xxDNFOut-n-Back
WoofFrito Cooley3FVAX0:281:34DNFLeashed

Last updated December 16, 2019