The view of the Shenandoah Valley from Bird Knob, taken during the 2001 Catherine’s Fat Ass.

Keith Knipling

2017 Report

July 22, 2017  •  Luray, VA

57 starters, 45 finishers


Results of the 16th annual running of that mid-July Virginia Classic: the Catherine’s Furnace Fat Ass 50k, held on Saturday July 22, 2017 in the southern section of the Massanutten Mountains, between Luray and New Market.

PlaceNameAgeSexHomeFurnace Aid #1Furnace Aid #2FinishDistanceComments
1Adam Watkins37MDC1:352:564:3950kBB
2Zack Walter35MWV1:352:574:5050kBB
3Amy Sproston43FOR1:493:175:0950k 
4Trevor Baine35MDC1:493:175:1050k
5Matt Wilson55MPA1:533:305:4450k
6Christopher Dempsey40MVA2:073:546:0050k†/B
7Matt Christovich38MVA1:593:476:1750k 
8Todd Ellick34MVA2:164:046:3250k 
9Daisy Weill29FDC2:164:106:3450kT
10Kelly MacDonald28FVA2:003:556:3850k†/CAT²
11Ryan Brown31MMD2:064:016:3950k†††††/CAT²
12Jeffrey Klein39MVA2:144:096:4550k 
13Sonja Wilkey47FVA2:254:236:4750k 
14Justin Hersh42MMD2:114:186:5750k 
14Erick Kuhlmann30MVA2:234:276:5750k
16Rebecca Weast29FVA2:224:247:0050k††
16Jason Farr39MVA2:224:247:0050k 
16Gregory Loomis43MVA2:154:247:0050k
19Joseph Nah45MMD2:214:287:0150k
20David Cavey43MVA2:154:137:1150k
21Mark Keats37MVA2:214:277:1350k 
21Erik Price34MVA2:264:277:1350k
23Eric Harris44MMD2:024:197:1650k 
23Michael Campbell67MVA2:294:317:1650k 
25Jason Counsman31MMD2:184:257:2250k 
26Martha Wright56FVA2:294:317:3050kS
27Aramis Perez30MMD2:194:317:3650k 
28Scott Crabb45MVA2:154:257:4150kCAT²
28Bernard Pesjak48MVA2:254:397:4150k 
30Sarah Ouadah26FMD2:344:477:5450k 
30Jen Jacobs40FDC2:324:507:5450k 
32Betsy Nickle33FDE2:254:478:0650k 
33Marty Fox66MVA2:475:088:1050k 
34Katie Walker29FVA2:495:208:1850k 
35Michelle Rindos42FVA2:495:168:2250k 
35Carolyn Wilson57FVA2:495:168:2250kA
35Ted Bielawa47MVA2:355:088:2250k 
38Jill Jacobs50FMD2:535:128:3450k 
38Eve Mills51FMD2:535:128:3450k 
38Kate Tepas41FMD2:535:128:3450k 
41Michael Gildea53MVA2:375:088:3950k 
42Brady Haycock37FDC2:375:108:4150k 
42Serhot Ozturk36MMD2:375:108:4150k 
44Jeremy Gray43MVA2:385:099:0750k 
45Judith Weber57FMD3:015:429:1650kCAT²
NopeMicah Weisenberg31MMD2:42X5:0425 milesÜ
NopeCharlie Joyce47MMD2:44X5:1920 miles 
NopeSarah Smith44FMD2:43X5:3820 miles 
NopeLisa Johnston52FMD2:43X5:3820 miles 
NopeLarry Ferguson41MVA3:03X6:4620 miles 
NopeMichael Jury42MVA3:03X6:4620 miles††
NopeLarry Thibodeau48MVA3:23X7:0620 miles 
NopeGary Knipling73MVA2:39X5:0819 milesÜ
NopeMarwa Elsayed43FVA3:00X5:5119 milesÜ
NopeTracey Thibodeau47FVA3:00X5:5119 milesÜ
NopeMatt Kidwell30MMD2:48X5:5819 milesÜ
NopeKathleen Cusick42FFL2:22X5:48 
NopeFrancesco Smith62MMDXXX15 milesÜ/†/Y

Here are the Comment column’s keys:
CAT2 = Catoctin and Catherine’s 50k back-to-back finishers
† = Yellow jacket/wasp sting(s) (multiples noted where known)
Ü = “Über” (received a ride back to the finish from an aid station/course)
B = Bear sighting(s)
S - Snake sighting
Infinity Symbol = distance not calculated
T = Turtle sighting
A = Ant attack on Ant Road
Y = Yawn (slept in, missed start, but came out to log miles on course)

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