View to the east and the Shenandoah Mountains, taken in the early miles of the 2014 run.

Keith Knipling

2023 Report

December 30, 2023  •  Luray, VA

47 starters, 43 finishers

Below are the results, splits and also the list of stellar volunteers for the 2023 Boyers Furnace Forty, held on the traditional Saturday between Christmas and New Year’s (December 30, 2023). Runners from eight states and the District of Columbia participated this year. As so often seems to happen for Boyers, the weather turned out to be pretty nice for a day-long romp in the Massanutten Mountains and around the southern portion of the Fort Valley. Starting temps in the low to mid 30’s eventually rose into the mid 40’s, with dry conditions and relatively little wind.

This appears to have been a delightfully uneventful BFF, with no reports of any serious candidates for Best Blood, or anyone getting dreadfully off course.

Happy birthday, Melissa!

Major kudos to the runners for doing their due diligence pre-race: clearly studying the course and downloading the .gpx data! With a nice assist to the Pretty in Pink course markings for this year’s run, deployed at key points along the road sections, particularly from Veach Gap to Woodstock, and then again from Moreland for the final closing miles down to the Four Corners and up to the finish line at Camp Roosevelt.

Congrats to the overall winner, David Yoder, who got his BFF sticker and some finish line chili after completing this challenging but beautiful course in 6 hours and 51 minutes. First woman to the finish, only DC resident to the finish, and 6th overall to the finish was Sarah Grant, with a great time of 8 hours even, just four minutes short of the current course record (7:56, set by Kelly MacDonald in 2018).

All the runners should be equally congratulated, but a particular standout performance was put in by Melissa Mejias. Melissa finished her 40 mile run on her 40th birthday!! Happy birthday, and many happy Boyers returns, to Melissa!

And we hope all of you will experience a happy Boyers return in 2024. Pencil in next year’s date, Saturday December 28th, for what should be the 18th running of the Boyers Furnace!

Run photographs supplied by a number of the day’s participants, with some particular highlights selected for a Photo Gallery on this page and above the results. Click on the photos below to see the full-sized versions in a slide show.


Other reports


43 finishers out of 47 starters, for a very strong finishing percentage of 91%

1David YoderM32VA6:51
2Jordan TroutM27VA7:09
3Josh FergusonM35MD7:15
4Matthew HarmsM36CO7:51
5Aaron EllisonM47MD7:58
6Sarah GrantF34DC8:00
7David PeppelmanM48MD8:00
8Erik PriceM40VA8:20
9Dani SevelF34VA8:27
9Zach WeinbergerM36VA8:27
11Jeremy HolderM51MD8:29
12David LandisM41VA8:55
13Zachary SeidelM35VA8:56
14Kyle LawrenceM39VA9:10
15Ali MohammedM45MD9:26
16Keith KniplingM47VA9:28
17Andrew Thomas IVM41VA9:31
18Jack NguyenM41VA9:34
19Vince RanganathanM25CA9:41
20Casey FisherM40MD9:45
20Joshua BinderM24WV9:45
22Christian StantonM50VA9:46
23Scott LeeM53VA9:50
23Adam DyasM47OH9:50
25Jakob DerenM26VA10:13
26Carol CohenF47VA10:22
27Huanyuan ShengM48VA10:24
28Kate MogaF55VA10:29
29Kevin JordanM46VA10:37
30Tony TaylorM53VA11:15
30John CalabreseM43VA11:15
32Bryan SlotterbachM50PA11:22
33Melissa MejiasF40VA11:31
33Larry TumblinM53VA11:31
33Charles SalsgiverM47MD11:31
33Drew NewtonM37VA11:31
37Tin LuuM43VA11:38
38Angela HuangF38VA11:46
39Bill BreidenstineM58PA11:51
40Sam CoynerM56VA12:04
41Edward LenoM56VA12:12
42Tom CallaM49NY12:15
43Quatro HubbardM63VA12:17

A special factoid aside: the 2023 last place finisher, Quatro Hubbard, was also the very first Boyers Furnace last place finisher, back in 2006! Quatro underperformed to the tune of 11 hours and 50 minutes in 2006, and his underperformance in 2023 was only 27 minutes slower (12:17).


Splits were taken at each of the three aid stations:
Veach Gap at mile 17 (all trail)
Woodstock Tower at mile 23 (all road)
Edinburg Gap at mile 31 (all trail)
The 40 mile finish was in the horse lot parking at Camp Roosevelt (all road)

1David YoderM32VA2:503:455:316:51
2Jordan TroutM27VA2:503:545:417:09
3Josh FergusonM35MD2:503:505:407:15
4Matthew HarmsM36CO3:144:226:167:51
5Aaron EllisonM47MD3:154:216:247:58
6Sarah GrantF34DC3:174:216:328:00
7David PeppelmanM48MD3:334:346:328:00
8Erik PriceM40VA3:334:406:418:20
9Dani SevelF34VA3:334:476:498:27
9Zach WeinbergerM36VA3:334:476:498:27
11Jeremy HolderM51MD3:214:376:408:29
12David LandisM41VA3:214:457:088:55
13Zachary SeidelM35VA3:414:537:008:56
14Kyle LawrenceM39VA3:216:147:139:10
15Ali MohammedM45MD3:424:577:239:26
16Keith KniplingM47VA3:535:147:309:28
17Andrew Thomas IVM41VA3:405:017:249:31
18Jack NguyenM41VA3:415:097:379:34
19Vince RanganathanM25CA4:125:357:519:41
20Casey FisherM40MD4:125:358:069:45
20Joshua BinderM24WV4:125:358:059:45
22Christian StantonM50VA4:075:357:589:46
23Scott LeeM53VA4:145:357:599:50
23Adam DyasM47OH4:095:317:509:50
25Jakob DerenM26VA4:145:458:0510:13
26Carol CohenF47VA4:305:488:2010:22
27Huanyuan ShengM48VA4:185:458:2510:24
28Kate MogaF55VA4:225:558:2610:29
29Kevin JordanM46VA4:376:028:3810:37
30Tony TaylorM53VA4:306:068:5111:15
30John CalabreseM43VA4:306:068:5211:15
32Bryan SlotterbachM50PA4:506:239:0511:22
33Melissa MejiasF40VA4:586:329:1511:31
33Larry TumblinM53VA4:356:158:5711:31
33Charles SalsgiverM47MD4:586:259:0911:31
33Drew NewtonM37VA4:396:159:0911:31
37Tin LuuM43VA4:536:279:2211:38
38Angela HuangF38VA4:536:299:1911:46
39Bill BreidenstineM58PA4:406:199:1511:51
40Sam CoynerM56VA4:426:299:2612:04
41Edward LenoM56VA5:116:449:4512:12
42Tom CallaM49NY4:536:339:2312:15
43Quatro HubbardM63VA5:127:009:5712:17
NopeKyle SmithM33VA4:536:539:56DNF
NopeAndy PetersonM67VA4:336:15xxDNF
NopeAshley CarrF38MD5:087:00xxxDNF
NopeChris PabianM47PA3:50xxxxxxDNF


It takes a village to make these events work, and thanks to the following villagers for their great work at the 2023 Boyers Furnace Forty! Special thanks to race day Master of Ceremonies, and RD Emeritus, Tony Escobar!

Boyers Volunteer 2023Role/Roles
Dan AghdamFinish Line Captain
Erin AltemosSweep
Keavy BaylorWoodstock
Carol CohenEvent RD
Tony EscobarRace Day RD
John HordEdinburg Co-Captain
Charlene HowardEdinburg Co-Captain
Josh HoweVeach
Jon JesterVeach Captain
Moose LarsonWoodstock Captain
Cara MasonVeach and Finish Line
Bill PeltonWoodstock
Andy PetersonFirewood
Adam RasmussenEdinburg
Chelsea SmithFinish Line
Elaina StantonFinish Line
Tonnie WarfieldCourse Marking, Start
Tony TaylorFirewood Magic

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