View to the east and the Shenandoah Mountains, taken in the early miles of the 2014 run.

Keith Knipling

2007 Report

December 30, 2007  •  Luray, VA

13 finishers


 Entrant NameDistanceTime
Full course Aaron Schwartzbard406:47
 Rob Barnes407:42
 Rob Richardson407:42
 Amy Sproston418:191
 Marlin Yoder408:20
 Mike Priddy408:25
 Jamey Groff409:24
 Challen Edwards409:25
 Quatro Hubbard409:40
 Ryan Carter4010:33
 Tony Escobar4010:38
 Anita Finkle4010:41
 Carter Wiecking4010:41
Alternative CourseKeith Knipling42.68:262
 Michele Harmon419:553
 Joe Clapper419:553
 Kerry Owens4010:194
 Bob Combs4010:194
 Jaret Seiberg4010:194
 David Snipes4112:565
 Mathew Anderson4113:045
Short Version Carolyn Gernand3713:05
 Mike Schuster336:55
 Jennifer Ragone316:55
 Andy Anderson316:59
 Bryan McNeil317:43
 Paul Sherlock317:55
 Brian Schmidt23
 Steve Core23
 Sophie Speidel23
 Alex Papadoulos23
 Rob Mischiant23
 John Nelson23
 Natalie Kennedy23
 Mike Burr20
 Carole Smith20
 Sharon Lapkoff20
 Sean Andrish17
 Russ Evans17
 Scott Crabb17
 Bryon White17
 Ed Cacciapaglia8
 Gary Knipling5

1 = Right Course, wrong turn
2 = Origional Boyers Course
3 = Kennedy Peak, Woodstock Tower
4 = Taskers Gap ATV Trail
5 = Mine Gap Trail

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