Policy on the SWAG Committee

Adopted: February 10, 2011

From time to time, VHTRC apparel, gear, and other paraphernalia, will be made available to club members and club non-members who participate in our events. The selection, design, and procurement of this swag will be the responsibility of the Swag Committee. Furthermore, if our race directors want to take advantage of this valuable resource, the Swag Committee will also lend its expertise in selection, design, and procurement options to the directors of our various events.

The Swag Committee will be an extension of the board of directors. The Swag Committee will consist of a Board member and several club members who will be chosen by that Board member, and will serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Board committee member alone will interact with the Board and event directors on behalf of the Committee.

The Committee will act at the direction of the Board, or at the request of an event director. The Swag Committee will determine either amongst themselves, or with input from other club members, what type of swag, in their best judgment, after weighing varied options, they believe club members want to either purchase, want to receive for free, or want to receive as race premiums. The Committee will share its preliminary concept in broad terms with, and consider input from, the Board. Once input from the Board is received, and a concept is approved, the Swag Committee will move forward independently to bring the concept to reality. Once the swag item and design are agreed upon within the Committee, the Committee will determine the best way to procure the swag before presenting its overall recommendation to the Board. The Swag Committee proposal shall include at a minimum the swag item description, design, color, size, quantity, source, and cost. The Board will then vote up or down on the proposal presented to them by the committee.

Our swag shall reflect the unique and high quality attributes the VHTRC is famous for. We want to give away, and offer for purchase, things participants really want. This may include, but not be limited to, and listed here just for example, apparel, bags, hats, key rings, mugs, or whatever other types of items committee members determine recipients of the proposed swag really want to have made available to them. These items will enhance the VHTRC unique high quality brand, and will help to maximize our event participant’s experience.

Insofar as apparel is concerned, the Swag Committee will determine the apparel is a high quality product the club can be proud to offer. Unless they are extraordinary, “off brand” apparel items are probably not acceptable. The Committee will explore styles and colors for several different brands, and determine sources, pricing, and availability. The Swag Committee will do all in its power to determine how apparel fits real people so that sizing is a known commodity. This is very important since sizes among manufacturers, and even within some individual manufacturers, vary a great deal. The committee will then have this detailed information ready to present to the board for approval, or to the event director who requested the committee’s input.

The purchase of swag may be made by either the Swag Committee, the Board, or an event director. Event directors retain the ability to spend their approved budget in any way they see fit, but no purchases of swag by anyone else may be made without approval by the Board.

Last updated December 16, 2019