Commercial Sponsorship

A. Overview

The VHTRC is a non-commercial, non-profit, volunteer organization that is committed to trail running. Its relationship to commercial sponsors is important in preserving this non-commercial nature. Accordingly, the following guidelines specify actions that require VHTRC Board approval. Thus, the RD’s do not have the authority to independently take the actions listed below, but may take these actions upon receiving Board approval.

The guidelines listed below are not likely to create an appreciable number of consultations with the Board as they do not include actions that RDs in the past have taken with any regularity. When a relevant situation arises, the RD’s opinion regarding these actions is an important factor that should be fully explained and considered during consultation with the Board.

B. Guidelines

The following actions require board approval.

  1. Sponsor names or logos on race premiums.
    “Premiums” refers to the primary entry and finisher premiums and not to additional items provided by sponsors. For example, if a sponsor provides hats for each runner bearing the sponsor logo, these hats do not require Board approval as long as they are not the primary premium and do not have a VHTRC logo. Furthermore, premiums may bear a sponsor logo if the logo was on the premium originally and was not added for advertising. For example, if a shirt that is a race premium displays the manufacturer’s name in small print, the shirt does not require Board approval.
  2. Sponsor-related information on bib numbers.
  3. Participation in any race series.
  4. Any promise to display a sponsor’s logo or name in a particular manner in a VHTRC publication or on the VHTRC web site.
    Race directors can promise sponsors a note of thanks and a logo display on the VHTRC web site or in other publications. Any promise however, as to a particular manner of display will require board approval.
  5. Any promise to display a sponsor’s banner in a particular manner in association with a VHTRC event.
    Race directors can promise only to display a sponsor’s banner in association with a VHTRC event, and cannot promise a particular manner or location of display.
  6. Use of the VHTRC name or logo in a sponsor’s or business’s advertising, publication, or web site.

C. Conclusion

It is the responsibility of the RD to continue the VHTRC tradition of high-quality, yet primarily non-commercial events. The RD makes the vast majority of decisions pertaining to the event without Board approval. The Board is willing to provide input regarding other aspects of the event, but Board approval for sponsorship-related issues is mandated for the actions listed above.

Last updated December 16, 2019