VHTRC Policy on Provision of Items

Adopted: September 11, 2014   •   Revised: December 10, 2019

The Virginia Happy Trails Running Club (“VHTRC” or the “Club”) is an Internal Revenue Code section 501(c) (3) tax-exempt charity with the mission of fostering amateur athletics. Specifically, the Club promotes running on dirt trails by putting on runs and supporting others who do the same. The sale of items at a profit is not the Club’s business. However, as an ancillary part of furthering its tax-exempt running mission, the Club provides certain items at cost to participants in its events as well as to Club members to enhance the running experience and foster member camaraderie. The provision of items will only be in conformance with the principles below.

  • The VHTRC does not purchase anything with the intent to sell to the general public.
  • The Club provides items at or near cost in the following situations [see below for explanation of “at or near cost”]:
    • Club-related items:
      • Transactions must occur at VHTRC events, runs, or activities or gathering of Club members;
      • Anyone participating in our events or activities — member or not — may purchase club-related items.
    • Event-related items:
      • To entrants or finishers;
      • To volunteers, crews, pacers and similar;
      • Transactions must occur only at the event itself.
  • Types of items:
    • The nature of the items provided is generally up to the race management or Club Board of Directors. Items must, however, relate to the event or the Club and enhance the experience of participation in the event or Club.
    • No items shall contain sponsor names or advertising except for the manufacturer’s name or logo if it came already affixed.
  • “At or Near Cost”
    • No item will be acquired for the purpose of, or with the intention of, making a profit.
    • The price of an item will be set with a goal for the Club to break even on the sales of all items in a group. The price should include a reasonable provision for shipping, screening, loss, leftovers, etc.
    • After all items in an acquisition batch are sold or otherwise disappear, the Club should have, overall, broken even or come as close to doing so as is reasonably possible.
    • Leftover items that were originally acquired to be provided as premiums for entrants or finishers may be sold for any amount at or below the cost of acquisition or may be given away as gifts under Section E below.
  • Gifts
    • The above policy requiring that Club items be sold at or below cost does not apply to items that are acquired with the intention of being given away or awarded. Club property, however, should only be given away with the approval of an appropriate Club official.
    • The price of items may not be increased to subsidize gifts of some of those items. The cost of gifts should be borne by race entry fees, Club dues or other Club funds.

Last updated December 16, 2019