Support for Non-VHTRC Trail Runs

Adopted: October 1, 2006   •   Revised: September 1, 2013


We intend that a portion of the Club’s financial reserves be distributed to events and activities that benefit the trail running community outside of our own VHTRC activities. We solicit requests for financial support from those organizers whose events and activities fall within the guidelines presented in the Q&A format below. The resources to fund this policy come from membership dues and the entry fees of runners in the club’s three “big” events, Bull Run Run, Massanutten Mt. Trails 100, and the Women’s Half Marathon.


Our goal is to further low-key trail running and to support those individuals putting on trail events for fun rather than profit.


Our policy is set out below in question and answer format. This policy covers financial support. It does not cover support in the form of lending club property.

What events will we consider supporting?

We will consider supporting low-key training runs, trail work parties, and trail run events with no entry fee or a small entry fee ($25 or less). We will not generally give money to events put on by for-profit organizations, or with entry fees over $25. Our support is not meant for any event where those involved in management will receive money from entry fees other than to reimburse out of pocket expenses.

What makes an event eligible for funds?

The event must be public — publicized at least on the VHTRC listserv or on a public Web site. It must be open to all, but it may have a size limit on the entry field, and there may be qualifications for participants (“not for newbies,” “prior experience on this trail required” etc.). The field may be limited to VHTRC members only, but we are not encouraging that. Organizers may give early, private notice of the event to prior participants as long as there is an opportunity for new people to enter. We don’t want to support “private” events.

The event must be primarily on trails. It need not be all on trails.

The event should be located within the “commuting” area of the majority of club members, but we will consider requests from events further away if the fields of participants have a large percentage of VHTRC members or runners who were entrants in VHTRC events.

We will consider the timing of the event seeking funds. A scheduling conflict is not an automatic disqualifier, but we do not want to be seen as supporting events that compete with other popular events.

If the request is for more than the minimum training run money, we may consider the demonstrated competence of the requester to put on a good event.

How much money will we give?

The standard amount for a training run is $25. We would consider more if the organizer is planning extra aid or post-run refreshments. For events, the support is usually between $200 and $400 depending on several factors. Some, but not all of those factors are: total number of participants, number of VHTRC participants, and amount of aid or post-run refreshments supplied.

In determining the level of support, the number of expected participants will be a significant factor. Support will not exceed $500.

How must you use the money?

We just want you to put on a good event. We will not look over your shoulder to see how you used the money. The best use of our money would usually be for improved aid station support and post run refreshments. The worst use would be for t-shirts or awards.

We expect that you will comply with the relevant rules of the owner of the land over which you will run. Our relationship with the authorities that control the land we use is very important to us.

Does your event become a “VHTRC event” if you take our money?

No. You are responsible for putting on the event. We just gave you some money. You are not a VHTRC event. You may thank us publicly if you like, but we don’t want to run your event for you. Please don’t imply that we have responsibility for your event.

Do you have to give us a post run report?


How do you apply for money?

Just send an e-mail to the club president. Tell him about your event. If you have had the event before, he probably knows about it and you need not explain it to him. Tell him how much money you want. There is no form to fill out.

How will we treat your request?

If the request is for less than $200, the club president can approve your request and have the club treasurer send you a check. If the request is for over $200, the request will go to the VHTRC board for action. If the president disapproves a request, you may ask that the matter go to the Board for review.

How much money have we allotted for this program?

We do not have a set amount allocated to this program. Our experience is that we can easily fund the requests we receive. There is a chance we will have run out of money for this purpose when you ask, but that is unlikely. We consider funding low key runs a high priority use of the club’s funds.

What about solo runs?

In the past, the club has supported solo, multi-day runs when they were of significance to the membership. There are several factors that bear on whether we would support such runs in the future, and it is difficult to articulate those factors in advance. Any request for support of a solo or small group run will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the full Board.

What about a situation not covered by or otherwise not clear within this policy?

Any such issue will go to the VHTRC board for a case-by-case decision. The Board reserves the right to amend any policy here and to override any provision here on a case-by-case basis.

Last updated December 16, 2019