Minutes from June 12, 2023 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on June 12, 2023. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held by video conference.

Called to order: 7:05 pm

Adjourned: 8:07 pm

Board members present: Tracy Dahl, Sara Davidson, Jon, Jester, Keith Knipling, Chelsea Smith

Others present: Sheila and Brett Martin

New business

Holy Cowans Gap Recap

Sheila and Brett have decided to step down from directing this event. It would be better suited for someone more local to that area. Things to consider for this event – permitting needs to be completed by September and the Pavilion reserved by June 30th.

Past and Upcoming Events

  • Catherine’s Furnace 50K – July 22
  • Women’s Half Marathon Training Runs – August 6 and August 19
  • Martha Moats Baker – August 12 
  • MMT debrief – July 10 board meeting
  • Trail Work – Still trees down in multiple areas, considering dates for possible trail work

Ring and Reverse Ring Event Directors

Unanimously approved Daisy Weil and Lauren Gabler as Ring race directors
Unanimously approved Daisy Weil and Jesse Fuller as Reverse Ring race directors

Summer Club Party

Previously called “Volunteer Party” to be scheduled August 26 or September 16. Location suggestions are being explored and will be determined at the next board meeting on July 10th.

Possible idea: Gear swap and/or shoe recycle.

Other business

  • Gender ID Policy – in progress
  • Backyard Run – Tracy Cooley is working on approval and/or permission from the park.
  • Fishhook 45k – pushed to 2024
  • Next meeting will take place on July 10th

Submitted by Chelsea Smith.

Last updated July 12, 2023