Minutes from August 8, 2022 Board Meeting

These are notes from a meeting of the VHTRC board of directors held on August 8, 2022. These notes summarize the topics that were discussed and the decisions that were made. If you have a question or comment about this meeting, please send an e-mail to the board members.

Meeting held by video conference.

Called to order: 8:05 pm

Adjourned: 9:30 pm

Board members present: Tracy Dahl, Jon Jester, Keith Knipling, Chelsea Smith

New business

Minutes from July 11 meeting

The Board reviewed the minutes from the July 11 meeting. Tracy motioned and Keith seconded to approve the minutes. They were approved unanimously.

Filling the Board vacancy

Seven club members expressed interest in serving on the Board. After discussion, Keith motioned and Tracy seconded that Sara Davidson be selected to fill the vacancy on the Board. She was approved unanimously. While seven highly qualified candidates made this decision difficult, that so many people stepped forward was noted and appreciated.

Catherine’s Fat Ass

Chelsea gave an update on Catherine’s Fat Ass, which was July 23. 127 people signed up. 52 showed up. There were 25 volunteers, who marked the course and ran the aid stations. The event was on budget.

Kevin’s rock

Tracy gave an update on the engraved stone for Kevin Sayers. The cost of the engraving is roughly $650. Tracy motioned that the Board approve this purchase and Jon seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. Tracy will coordinate picking up the rock and getting it to Kevin.

Upcoming events

Tracy touched on the upcoming events:

  • Martha Moats is August 13
  • MMT trail work penciled in for August 20
  • The Ring is September 3
  • Big Schloss Trail Work is September 3
  • Party is Sunday Sept 25

Submitted by Keith Knipling.

Last updated September 27, 2022